Owner of Anatomy – Alucard Tepes busted for infringing on other artists’ work 🙈

Alucard Tepes (ArcangeIV Resident), Owner of ANATOMY (Previously the owner of OYNX, ZENKAI KRAFT, DRAGUN) has been caught infringing on other artists’ work for their logos and “WIP” images and submits prefab mesh items to original mesh events claiming them as their original work. This user has been caught multiple times for similar actions which has always led to a re-branding. Currently, he is in the process of re branding again.
(Original Work + Usage Terms)
(How Alucard responds to criticism over the album art)
They try to claim they contacted the artist for the album cover, hoping it would satisfy the accusations; but only admitted in an IM with a user who questioned them that they never asked for permission after it was pointed out the original artist does not allow their work to be used for commercial use.
(Another logo for ANATOMY)
(When zoomed in, the rose is covered in watermarks)
Alucard claiming a commercial 3D asset advertisement is their own “WIP” image:
(“WIP” Image for ZENKAI KRAFT)
(Render advertisement from 3DSky)
Alucard using both images and fonts/logos from other artists for their Krampus round of “The Summoning” event:
(“The Summoning” Advertisement)
(Art stolen from Phill-Art on DA)
(Logo and fonts taken from this website)
(The event’s rules, emphasis on the irony)
These are works Alucard has submitted to “original mesh” required events under false pretense:
(Unholy Horns – ANATOMY vs Prefab – MIllionheels Resident)
(Bird Catcher Cage – OYNX vs Prefabs by Raindrop Lowbeam)
Alucard called out previously for unoriginal mesh in events under the DRAGUN store name:
More Info : Plurk

Candydoll vs Spoiled store brouhaha😳

Damiana created her own status, to rebuke the comments that were made by Rebeca Dembo, In Rebeca’s thread, Damiana did attempt to deny and defend herself against the copybotting accusations that Rebeca aimed at her and her store, but it appears that Rebeca does not like when someone attempts to do that, since she erased Damiana’s comment from her thread. In response, Damiana created one of her own on her page, regarding the accusations and showed proof that the suits, though similar have some differences as well.

The original creation from Rebeca Dembo was made approx. 3 years ago. Her outfit was fairly simple. Damiana’s has more detail to it, the front of the suit does actually sit differently, with a breast covered, unlike Rebeca’s which had both breasts bared. Also, Damiana’s does have the more detailed back zipper on it and does sit better on the hips, compared to the version that Rebaca originally created. The shoulder strap is even set up a little different, the one that goes over the shoulder, compared to Rebeca’s, which is slightly falling down the arm.

Rebecca Candydoll post

Little Bones also stealing other sims creators alpha channel for her hair

Following the previous post, we just got whispered that not only is Little Bones stealing Stealthic’s sims alpha, she is also stealing other sims creators alpha for her hairs as well.

Also below is a clearer version . What is actually baffling is that she doesn’t even edit or modify them, she literally takes them and put it on her texture and start selling the hairs. There are other hairs which are also similar but designers names are not identified at the moment as so many hair available in the sims.

The Big Questions: Why did she have to do this when she’s a big store owner is Second Life? Somethings we just never understand.