Little Bones also stealing other sims creators alpha channel for her hair

Following the previous post, we just got whispered that not only is Little Bones stealing Stealthic’s sims alpha, she is also stealing other sims creators alpha for her hairs as well.

Also below is a clearer version . What is actually baffling is that she doesn’t even edit or modify them, she literally takes them and put it on her texture and start selling the hairs. There are other hairs which are also similar but designers names are not identified at the moment as so many hair available in the sims.

The Big Questions: Why did she have to do this when she’s a big store owner is Second Life? Somethings we just never understand.

Lory Kezenn publicly declared Lisa Walker a “Copyboter”

We got whispered that Lisa Walker has been “unmasked” by Lory Kezenn owner of Tres Beau Makeup after several long conversations and fights in a private chat in Social Media.

From the Facebook post, seems Lory has warned Lisa severally to stop and now Lory is forced to publicly declare Lisa Walker as a “Copyboter”.

Lisa Walker is known for copying many stores like Studio Exposure, Tres Beau, Scandalize, Yolo, L’etre/ Doux, New Faces etc.

Lisa Walker under the copybot fire again!!

This is the Lisa Walker month😊 as some days ago ,she was accused of stealing ideas , brand images etc. from Tres Beau Makeup. Few days later, in the Lisa Walker groups, she decides to reward her customers by gifting them with load of makeups (which by the way is still available in the group 🤣 😉)

Despite these actions, residents are still pointing their fingers at the facts that she must have also copied similar skin from New Faces which was released earlier in the year.

Lisa Walker, you are been judged by SL Residents
new skin

Resident react to Scandalize new release item at Shinny Shabby Events

Seem Scandalize is getting it all good and hot this week,while other residents are ohh and ahhhh and wow over the new release items from Scandalize at the recent Shiny shabby events , a particular resident is pissed over the fact that this new release is a copy of past release from blueberry

“I have nothing against Scandalize but it is visible that she copies the clothes from Blueberry and Addams. Scandalize copies and makes some changes in the clothes, but in the last dress, nor physical modification did, simply changed the texture. I’m going to open my store and I’m killing myself watching videos, tutorials on how to make mesh clothes because I want to be original. I have to be original. Copying the clothes of others is very easy, but I find it completely unfair to spend hours or days sitting in the chair working and modeling their clothes.”

Scandalize -Shinny Shabby

Hmm will Blueberry call this a copy as they are obviously friends or lets just say both designers copy from the same source. 🤔🤔

And just last week Yanikka – owner of Scandalize was also in a drama episode with owner of Cosmopolitan event over word said and unsaid in the group which resulted in scandalize store been ejected from the Cosmopolitan event.Yanikka1