Owner of Avi-glam in shock over first encounter with copybotter

Source : Flickr

35 thoughts on “Owner of Avi-glam in shock over first encounter with copybotter

  1. Avi-Glam does NOT steal from others. To be honest they don’t have to. Their work speaks for themselves AND for all the buyers who know the quality they put in everything they make. Avi-Glam eyes themselves look truly “real” and that is where I mostly buy all my eyes and stuff from. You don’t have to be an expert to know and SEE that the eyes ARE Avi-Glam’s and NOT the copiers. You know how to tell when someone is guilty of lying? They get belligerent and have a “NEED” to lie even more in their statements they make and the preverbal “I don’t have to explain myself” or the “That’s all I have to say about it.” They remind me of Mollie Sugden: Mrs. Slocombe from BBC’s Are You Being Served when she said ” And I am Unanimous in that!. ” Avi-Glam will ALWAYS make the best stuff out there and the so-called “designers” theink they won’t get caught. You do and you WILL. So stop, it just makes you look bad and gives you and your business look as stupid as what you do. You STEAL from others hard work and lol make REALLY obvious mistakes and then wonder why you get caught! ” And I am Unanimous in that!. “, Gypsy Mactavish.


  2. This website is fucking retarded. You canโ€™t read shit when people reply to a comment.
    Fix that shit and maybe youโ€™ll be viewed as much as SL Secrets.


  3. Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts โค Le meilleur de Second Life and commented:
    Copy-botting is BAD. It is extra bad if you have limited photoshop skills. To the train eye so to speak, I can see that these are in fact the same eye. The copy-botter blurred, PS corrected, and put a bad eyehine on then claimed copyright in the same similar way to call this their own. My trained eye says they stole….. Avi-Glam has beautiful eyes and when you steal, claim and sell… that is not very pretty.


  4. It might be they used the same texture source… I’m pretty sure the original texture was not created from scratch but was downloaded from somewhere.


    • how are you pretty sure? do you know personally how the creator does her eyes? Even if they had used the same source textures, it is impossible to end up with the same details exactly in the same spots, same size and same shading. Did you even bothered reading her post and look at the side by side comparison? You should be very ignorant to say it’s just the same texture source.


      • You get from the net a photo of an eye… simple like that… same eye, same details in the same spots… I’m just speculating… but nobody creates a texture of an eye by drawing it. You either take a photo of an eye yourself or you find something on the web. Both of them share the same base texture… with some slight differences in tone and reflection. Could be copybotted or not, just raising the question.


        • Let me clear out your doubts ๐Ÿ™‚
          1. Yes, more people can take a photo of an eye from the internet, the same exact eye and use in their creation, simple like that.. However, when you edit it in photoshop, and make an applier you can’t end up with the same texture pixel by pixel. Even if you had similarities in details, they cannot end up in the exact same spot (unless you use already made templates, which I do not) . Without stealing them, you can not reproduce any of my eyes like that, even if you try for the next 100 years, even less ending up with the same texture by mistake. You can ask anyone slightly familiar with ps or sl designing and they will say the same thing.
          2. You can search the whole internet for that eye texture and you won’t be able to find it. It is my original texture made by me and not downloaded from any other places.
          I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but after presenting the evidence I am baffled that such an obvious copybot case is meet with such excuses, while my work is belittled and insulted as “just textures copied from the internet”, when I do eyes for the last 7 years. Let’s feel sorry for the thieves, justify their actions and diminish the actual designer because all we see is the finished product and not the many days of hard work that went into the original.
          It is ridiculous that I have to explain myself and this is gonna be my only message here trying to do so.

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  5. They are totally different eyes! and TSpot you might want to make sure you create ALL your full perm items yourself before throwing stones.


  6. I’m sorry this has happened to the designer and I completely understand her reaction. Not only did the copybotter steal from her – she also shamelessly uses her brand to sell the copybotted material. I’ve seen this happen before, and I think that if a person already copybots, they will do other shady things too, because nothing is sacred to them. It’s a shame that it’s so complicated to take a copyright infringed item down through LL, and it doesn’t prevent the person from doing it again. I think the only thing we can do as creators is to make these people’s names public with documentation for their actions, and warn others that way.

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