Jian Creator got scammed by the Organizers of the Arcade event



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18 thoughts on “Jian Creator got scammed by the Organizers of the Arcade event

  1. Show the Arcade statement response and Ashurs 2nd response to get the full picture so far. There are three sides to every story, his, theirs and the truth. He didn’t ask for payment, he told them to pay whatever and he was happy to be in their event. They state they paid him 25k and gave him perks with extra machines. That is insanely underpriced for his work, but that was his own issue for not asking for more and having a contract in place.


  2. I used to adore Arcade and blow tons of Lindens on it and these last few rounds it’s like 2k and be done with it. The quality isn’t there. The fees they placed on designers also soured me because it ran off creators.


      • He gave them his scripts, under whatever agreement they had at the time. He changed his mind and now wants the rules changed. Sounds more like indian giver. Theft would mean Arcade owners stealing his scripts, that was not the case, he gave it to them.

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        • Anyone who still uses that term for a person who reneges on an agreement is clearly oblivious of a lot more than the horrible dishonesty that is displayed in their actions towards Jian.

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        • I think you read the ‘whisper’ wrong. He clearly did not agree to let them give his code to another coder to profit off of. He was never paid for his code, which means it was STILL his. There was no contract. No legal agreement that states he ‘gave’ them to them. My understanding is that he was willing to NOT be compensated to hold all rights to HIS code. HIS code, which means HE put the time and effort into HIS code.
          Not this coder they decided to pay thousands of dollars to to keep under an NDA, lie and manipulate Jian’s already completed code to work with a HUD for their benefit. He was WILLING to let them use his code. NOT give to someone else to profit of. Please tell me you don’t believe this is one in the same. Artists should be able to retain the rights to their work.. Not see someone else take a painting they already painted, toss a couple drops of paint on it and sign it with their name and claim it is theirs’ to profit off of.

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          • I find it hard to believe that someone who claims this is his business and life would give away his work with no written agreements in place. Sounds more like a group of friends broke up and everyone wants to take their toys back. A year ago when all of this started as he says it did, is when arcade started taking a % and blueberry and couple of others pulled out of arcade. Looking at who is championing his case (sophia harlow) and her ties to blueberry it makes a lot of people wonder. October (the time he claims he finally had enough) also just happens to be the month arcade had their special round to stick it to epiphany. Who’s side sophia and blueberry who are championing his case have been on in this dispute?

            When you put everything on a timeline, and read beneath the surface you very quickly realize there is a lot more to this story.

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            • What you are saying is a lot of thinks and ifs and maybes. None of which I personally saw or have seen.
              I’m saying from this whisper, Jian has clearly put it all in a timeline and from these facts it’s VERY clear that he didn’t agree with what they were doing and didn’t agree with his work being used by someone else to profit from. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this.
              You are saying you think it’s okay for another coder to make thousands of dollars off of someone else’s work? Really? Nevermind all the background stuff you are putting together in some conspiracy with opinions and what ifs. Just from the basic knowledge we have here. NOBODY should have their work stolen from them and NOBODY should think it’s okay to steal someone’s work and profit off of it. He said no. END OF.


          • I think it’s true what you say. I think the oddness is that they were obsessed with building a Pocket Gachas style HUD and sticking it on his work. That’s where the whole thing went weird.


  3. I’ll never understand why people choose to air their SL dirty laundry and bash people publicly with the excuse that they’re only clearing the air and telling their side of the story. NEWSFLASH – We don’t give a crap and you should stick with your first instinct to ignore it.


    • Honestly, you wouldn’t defend yourself if very influential ppl in SL are passing ncs around blaming you for something you didn’t do? Yeah, right. He handled this insanely professionally, imo.. Even for the years he wasn’t compensated for his work.
      This is his business. Not just a game, like it is for most of us. Reputation matters in most businesses, in case you didn’t know.

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      • First of all, no I wouldn’t air it publicly. Why? I wouldn’t be so stupid to put myself in that position in the first place. This person willingly gave up his/her script. He/she admitted that so don’t even argue. It was only when he/she found out it was being used/altered that the hissy fit started. I never would have given it away period. Problem solved!! Do you think Bill Gates would be one of the richest men on earth if he gave away his Microsoft code to someone because they asked (even in good faith)? If you’re going to be in business you have to have some level of intelligence and never trust anyone!


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