CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE !!! Being nominated is an amazing accomplishment here at SAFAS because the nominations are made by the citizens of Second Life. Each year we will host a major awards program to recognize those individuals who are an integral part of the SL Fashion and Arts community, and who have advanced the Fashion and Arts world of SL through their contributions, artistry, and achievements.

▶ ▶ Awards are given to each Top Nominee’s (Silver Award Trophy), and our WINNERS receive the coveted (Gold Trophy). In the event of a tie, the Winners received the exact number of votes and those Winners will receive the Winners award package.

▶ ▶ ▶ Winners each year are extended a personal invitation to be part of our Board of Governors and automatically be granted notice posting rights. .

Ladies and Gentlemen, with 11,120 individual votes cast we are thrilled to announce ….


▶ Favorite Radio DJ = Esme Capelo

▶ Favorite Venue DJ = Cecil Jarman

▶ Favorite Venue Host or Hostess = Heart of Passion (Alwaysonit Resiedent)

▶ Favorite Music Venue = Frank’s Jazz Club – Nanceee Dante (nanceee.sinatra)

▶ Favorite Singer = * TIE * Djembe Dragonfire (cute4kink), oksanasedia Resident – Goddess Oksana (oksanasedia), and jaynine Scarborough

▶ Favorite Media Stream Provider = iShout (Nikolai Hansome)

▶ Favorite Dance Animations = Move (Modest Composer)

▶ Favorite Choreographer = Delaney Jenson – Virtuoso Performing Arts (delaneyjenson)

▶ Favorite Dance (Troupe) Performers or Show = Theatre on the Hill (Oliver Elton)

▶ Favorite Theatre Performance / Show = Moulin Rouge (Xanthia Lisle)

▶ Favorite Theatre Supporting Actress = WildSummer Destiny – Theatre On The Hill

▶ Favorite Theatre Supporting Actor = Immerdar Fredriksson – Theatre On The Hill

▶ Favorite Theatre Actress = Oliver Elton – Theatre On The Hill

▶ Favorite Theatre Actor = Yanneck Docherty – Theatre On The Hill

▶ Favorite Theater / Production Venue = Moulin Rouge (Xanthia Lisle)

▶ Favorite Costume Designer – Theatrical Production = Hethwen Collinwood – Theatre On the Hill – Diva’s Show

▶ Favorite Dance/Photography/Media Tool = Spot On

▶ Favorite Stage or Theater Set Design = Theatre On The Hill (Oliver Elton)

▶ Favorite Photographer = Skip Staheli

▶ Favorite Machinima Artist = Peet Auer – SL4Live TV

▶ Favorite SL Recorded Show = The 2018 Mr. and Miss Metaverse Pageant – SL4Live TV – Peet Auer

▶ Favorite SL Radio Station = SL Live Radio – (Esme Capelo & Thorn Andel)

▶ Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical = L’homme Magazine (Hikaru Enimo)

▶ Favorite Artist = Wicca Merlin

▶ Favorite Fashion Designer (Designer of the Year) = Giz Seorn – GIZ SOREN

▶ Favorite Male Mesh Body Store = Signature (Raph Dirval)

▶ Favorite Female Mesh Body Store = Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

▶ Favorite Male Avatar Component Store = Wren’s Nest – Wren Noir (Wrennoir Cerise)

▶ Favorite Female Avatar Component Store = Lelutka (Minnu Palen)

▶ Favorite Male Skin Designer = Stray Dog = Gac Akinaux (Gac Akina)

▶ Favorite Female Skin Designer = Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)

▶ Favorite Men’s Formal Apparel Designer = Deadwool (Masa Plympton)

▶ Favorite Women’s Formal Apparel Designer = * TIE * Heth Haute Couture (Hethwen) & Dead Dolls (Kiddo Oh)

▶ Favorite Men’s Casual Apparel Designer = Gabriel (Takuya Jinn)

▶ Favorite Women’s Casual Apparel Designer = Blueberry (blueberryxx)

▶ Favorite Shoe Designer = N-Core (Claire Messenger)

▶ Favorite Male Hair Designer = No Match (n0match)

▶ Favorite Female Hair Designer = Truth (Truth Hawks)

▶ Favorite Nightwear, Lingerie, or Hosiery Designer = Erratic (Erratic Rain)

▶ Favorite Adult Avatar Accessories Designer = The Code 5 (KellyLingus)

▶ Favorite Male Fashion Accessories Designer = Mandala Jewelry (kikunosuke Eel)

▶ Favorite Female Fashion Accessories Designer = Swallow (Swallowy)

▶ Favorite Jewelry Store Designer = * TIE * Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery (Belle Roussel), and Heth Haute Couture (Hethwen)

▶ Favorite Pageant Crown Designer = Heth Haute Couture (Hethwen)

▶ Favorite Tattoo / Body Art Designer = White ~ Widow (Julie Hastings)

▶ Favorite Cosmetics Designer = SlackGirl (SlackGirl)

▶ Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Male = Lapointe & Bastchild (Paul Lapointe)

▶ Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Female = Blueberry (blueberryxx)

▶ Favorite Blogger = LuceMia (lucemia)

▶ Favorite Shopping Event = Collaborate88

▶ Favorite Hunt = Twisted Hunt (Vasha Martinek)

▶ Favorite Fashion Stage / Set Design / Runway = Metaverse & Co. – Sci-Fi Stage

▶ Favorite Fashion Runway Show or Production = Metaverse Modeling Agency – The Future of Fashion

▶ Favorite AO Creator = Vista Animations

▶ Favorite Pose Maker = Dahriel – Posesion

▶ Favorite Past Queen / Miss Pageant Title Holder (of All Time) = Mimmi Boa – Miss Virtual World 2009

▶ Favorite Past King / Mr. Pageant Title Holder (of All Time) = Caesar Langer – Mr. Virtual World 2015

▶ Favorite Current Queen / Miss Pageant Title Holder = Selene Snowpaw – Miss Metaverse 2018

▶ Favorite Current King / Mr. Pageant Title Holder = Tony Lee Heron (dragonguyuk) – Mr. SL 2018

▶ Favorite Pageant Contestant Male (Holding a current title) = Aaron Milles (aaronmillermilles) – Mr SL Italy 2018

▶ Favorite Pageant Contestant Female (Holding a current title) = Queenbrat Bracken – Miss Virtual World Ireland 2018

▶ Favorite Pageant = * TIE * Miss Virtual World & The Mr. and Miss Metaverse Pageant

▶ Favorite Modeling Instructor / Teacher = * TIE * Anastasia Mahogany – Metaverse Modeling Academy & Kryptonia Paperdoll – SCALA Modeling Academy

▶ Favorite Modeling Academy or School / Instruction Course = *TIE* Catwalk, Metaverse Modeling Academy, and SCALA Models Academy

▶ Favorite Modeling Agency = *TIE* Catwalk, Metaverse Modeling Academy, and SCALA Models Academy

▶ Favorite Male Newcomer Model (Modeling less than 1 year) = Aaron Milles (aaronmillermilles)

▶ Favorite Female Newcomer Model (Modeling less than 1 year) = CheyenneS

▶ Favorite Male Fashion Model = * TIE * Hikaru Enimo, Peter Carter, & Rodrigo Colt

▶ Favorite Female Fashion Model = * TIE * Morgan Whitfield (mmorganwhitfield) & Anastasia Mahogany

All Nominee’s and WINNERS will receive their awards within the next 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone who voted, to our research team, and our sincere congratulations to each of our Nominee’s and Winners on thier work and achievements throughout the last year. We hope to see each of you again next year for the 2019 SAFAS Awards.

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Bang! Miaa Rebane loses her hand Ouch!!

The whisperer is back. Some wanted us out of the face of Second Life, we are back and more stronger.

Miaa Rebane in as much as we love you so much, please accept our sympathy on the loss of your hand but you still look hot as always.


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