We’re hitting rock bottom as the new Blueberry Mesh Head and Skin create controversy

It’s obvious, by now, that someone is pushing the hype around this particular person to the max for profit, but if you all exited fan girl mode for a second you’d quickly realize how ridiculous the whole thing is.
You like what she sells? Fine, go shop, but starting a cult of personality is a tad too much.

Cult of personality is creating an idealized, heroic, and worshipful image through unquestioning flattery and praise, and it’s exactly what’s happening right now in SL.
If you dare to say something against Queen BB you get labeled as envious, jealous, a liar etc. But if you praise her you’re part of the group, you are accepted and loved and if you praise her long enough she herself may even like your posts!

She= someone who owns a virtual store that sells 3D content in an in world game.
Not Mother Theresa. Not Marie Curie. Please, put things in perspective.

Resident react to Scandalize new release item at Shinny Shabby Events

Seem Scandalize is getting it all good and hot this week,while other residents are ohh and ahhhh and wow over the new release items from Scandalize at the recent Shiny shabby events , a particular resident is pissed over the fact that this new release is a copy of past release from blueberry

“I have nothing against Scandalize but it is visible that she copies the clothes from Blueberry and Addams. Scandalize copies and makes some changes in the clothes, but in the last dress, nor physical modification did, simply changed the texture. I’m going to open my store and I’m killing myself watching videos, tutorials on how to make mesh clothes because I want to be original. I have to be original. Copying the clothes of others is very easy, but I find it completely unfair to spend hours or days sitting in the chair working and modeling their clothes.”

Scandalize -Shinny Shabby

Hmm will Blueberry call this a copy as they are obviously friends or lets just say both designers copy from the same source. đŸ€”đŸ€”

And just last week Yanikka – owner of Scandalize was also in a drama episode with owner of Cosmopolitan event over word said and unsaid in the group which resulted in scandalize store been ejected from the Cosmopolitan event.Yanikka1

Question to SL Frees & Offers group : Why are Gifts sold at 75 -90L?

Second Life Residents who are in SL frees & Offers Group have been complaining about the attitude of this group and the use of the word “gift” to lure residents to items that are actually sold for a certain amount as against been free. Some days ago Sun HC Quillian posted the below comments on her Facebook. It is obvious designers,event organizer as well as group owners are beginning to get on the nerves of Residents.. Be warned!!

SL FREES & OFFERS once again forbids people to have a simple conversation, as to WARN other residents of gifts that are chagred 75 and 90 L at the Garage Fair. “The First Amendment (Amendment I) no prohibition on the freedom of speech”. Yes they do think they are godly above the law. And rude on top of that. I do not like to have a harness on my mouth on littlerally anyting I say. I am out of that group. Keep your gifts. Other groups have kindness, that is far more important. The gifts are getting worse by the day anyway. And people who post gifts, sorry but the group has such a bad reputation overall, not sure why you bother. I am not stepping into a store with that logo anywhere anymore.