Hikaru Enimo exposed by Cosmopolitan Owner – Corina Wonder 🙃

Who is Hikaru Enimo? Is this an elaborate lie to condemn the popular photographer and model? You be the judge.

Ok so seems that Hikaru Enimo want to mess with me. Well go for it girl
This is real Hikaru Enimo https://gyazo.com/bd9a099d9ad78ac673ce595ff66a840b
Yes ugly, dirty 45 years old cat lady. Mother of poor kids, wasting her life on SL, Manipulator, sick psycho, going really far for few flickr likes and much ego and ass stroking. Turning gays to straight ppl without them even knowing.
Well miss Zurai Dah Sarip get off my back cos you know I know too much to mess with me.
Her first SL account..Natasja Schumann
First blog http://natasjaschumann.wordpress.com/
First flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/natasja_schumann


Full gist and comments below

Ever Amaranthine has a new beau – LUX .. what went wrong with Dusty?😳

Ever and Dusty relationship is over as Ever Amaranthine is seen to flaunt a new beau – Lux who is more generous with featuring her on his Flickr post than her and Dusty likewise with another called Yala. BUT one must wonders what must have gone wrong between her and Dusty Pedroia – all those pictures , long dramatic comments 🙄 and big plans of getting married and now he’s dumped her and got someone else called Yala or probably she’s moved on so quickly?


They both seem to carry it well as she still leave her long and lengthy comment on Dusty Flickr post as well as the new Girlfriend Yala and vice versa 🙄

Images : Flickr and Flickr

EllaSparkss and Brandon Taselian Rumored to have Broken Up..

We got whispered that Brandon Taselian and EllaSparkss are no more an item. Ella removed his pick and words she wrote about him from her profile while Brandon simply just placed a link to Youtube which supposedly say how he is.



But Ella picture on Flickr says a lot about the situation but both seem to have dedicated their time and energy to play it out for everyone to think they are still together on Flickr. We just watch and see how long their games go on and anyone who has the juicy detail should come whisper.


Rose Highwater Fallout with Samanda, Closes Black Basalt Sim and Stella Mahogany is the new BFF!

We just got whispered that there seems to be some disagreement between Samanda Eddingham and Rose Highwater  which we are still yet to get the juice on *winks eyes * and strain ears to hear all the juice. Due to recent fallout she decided to closed her Black Basalt sim as seen in her display on Flickr.
Stella Mahogany  (the latest in a long line of ladies to be woo’d by Boo! – Bootney Blessed) has taken the bold step to become her bff since Sam seem not to be available or interested!
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