4 thoughts on “Resident gifted Alice Arun Flickr Pro due to her constant panic attack over her Flickr Status.

  1. Every one knows that Alice is one of the most entitled, toxic, and attitude-filled people of the grid. She’s a creator in SL, she does her blogging, which she is probably given most of the things she blogs, free and she still feels entitled to beg and whine about her Flickr. The damn bitch can afford her own. No one is twisting her arm to blog or to even be on Flickr, that’s her own damn choice.


  2. No one was forcing her to have a Flickr account. No designer in SL forces their bloggers to have a Flickr account either. Basically, no one is forcing her to blog at all, for crying out loud. I need to hook up with that sad sack who offered to buy Alice a Pro account. I have a load of shit to dump that I need someone to buy and she’s just the person!


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