Bella Drakon Ivanovic of La Bella Boutique caught stealing

Sunday morning 20 October, several posts appeared on SL Secrets showing side by side comparisons of Bella’s items with identical items made by multiple creators in the Sims4. Few hours later, she posted this on Facebook:


People called her out in the comments, naming the creators she allegedly stole from and she responded by accusing the apparel store Addams of doing the same thing, but the screenshots she posted proved her wrong and one person told her they were currently in DM with at least one of the creators she had stolen from. She promptly deleted the Facebook post.

Then she went on Facebook Live. Here is a screenshot of the video, which she has since deleted.


Here is a transcript of that video:

“Hey everybody, I am sharing my, I’m talking from my avatar today because in rl I don’t feel good. So, I’m, I don’t feel good, it’s Sunday, it’s 6 pm and, um, I really don’t feel good. So, my appearance is not well (chuckle)
So, I am doing a video today about what happened with SL Secrets and I’m just gonna come out and say it and I don’t wanna, and this’ll be the end of whatever I’m going to say and after this, I am closing down everything.

So, I am taking mesh classes. I have done mesh classes. I have even paid a creator and she has talked to me over Discord and she is teaching me mesh. I am learning rigging, I am learning everything. I am a new mesh creator for second life. In the past I used to use templates, okay? And I still use templates, okay? So, SL Secrets, whoever that asshole is and whoever turned me into SL Secrets is there and they have shown a lot of my previous creations that I have said that is mine. So, I have taken creations from Blueberry and all those other creators that Gaea has said and other creators have said. Yes, I did. I am saying it, yes I did, But I did it for a reason. I wanted to (thank you) I wanted to see what it feels like to be an original mesh creator and I wanted to get caught. That is (chuckle) believe it or not, I wanted to get caught. Why did I want to get caught? People ask, because I wanted to do an experiment and if you want to believe me or not, this is the absolute reason.

First of all, I want to apologize to all those Sims creators, I am taking down all your items from my store, I did not put anything up in my store. I did ask event creators to remove me from their events and I am not putting anything up for sale, I am taking it all down from my flickr and from my Facebook. They are not my creations, they are of Blueberry and all those other creators. So they are not mine. I do create for the Sims, I’m not a big famous really well known creator and I have lost a lot of my creations because I have gotten problems with my computers already so you know, lose your hard drive, lose your stuff. And that has happened to me.

So, I am not any of those creators that people have said. So I want to apologize to everybody that has bought my stuff, to everybody that I deceived, I lied and I connived. I do apologize and I’m taking those things down. They are not my creations they are not me they are not original mesh and yes I’m saying this so, I am leaving all events that I’m in, I don’t want to participate in any events any more. I am shutting down La Bella boutique and I am leaving SL (chokes up). So, thank you….to everybody that has been with me.

All I’m gonna say is that its not fair to come after me, to call me a thief, to call me a liar, to call me anything. If you see that post from SL Secrets, I’m not the only creator who has “stolen” items from RL items. But yet I’m the only one getting attacked. Why? Because I’m not a big name. There are people out there….(choking up) there are people out there that has blatantly copied other creators…and I’m gonna name one, I really don’t fucking care, I’m gonna name one. – Lisa Walker. She has blatantly copied from other creators many of those creators are on my list, but yet, its okay for her because she gets into Uber, she gets into Arcade, she gets into I don’t know what the fuck she gets into. She gets into big things and she has been blatantly copying other skins and other creators but its okay for her, it’s okay for her to be in SL. It’s okay for her to be loved and cherished and supported. Its okay. So, I’m not Lisa walker and girl, I’m sorry I’m mentioning your name but its the absolute truth. But you are okay to do it. It’s okay for you to do it. It’s okay for you to be a copybotter. I didn’t copy anything, I just downloaded other people’s products.

But….and I have said I’m sorry, Gaea, but Lisa Walker is still up, that’s what I’m saying. Lisa walker is still – she can just – she in Arcade! She’s in big events and she has blatantly copied many of those creators on my list. So, it’s okay. I, like I said, Gaea – I stole things and I apologize and if you got to the beginning of my video, I said I’m taking everything down. And I’m leaving. For the love of you guys, I’m leaving and I’m shutting down everything. So thank you. Its not right to do this, you’re right its not.

If….just Google, Gaea, Google! Lisa Walker, SL Secrets, Lisa Walker the Whisperer. But its okay for her! It’s okay for her to do it I’m not selling anything any more and I’m leaving all events, Gaea. As I am shutting down my store. I am leaving. So thank you, everybody….so thank you everybody and thank you for being a part of my store when I was just a template designer because that’s a sin (sobbing) that is a sin. So I am just leaving. (Sigh) NO, Gaea, I wanted to be public since SL Secrets made it public! No! It’s been public. It’s been public. No. I am – thank you, everybody. And goodbye.”


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