Owner of WOW Skins blatantly bans people associated with other skin stores

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES: Sawsan SecretSpy (a.k.a Zrelli Iris Imene), owner of WOW Skins doesn’t want anybody affiliated with the competition in her groups or shopping in her store. She cites the reason being to “prevent drama”…

Screenshot of the following private conversation with a customer, but here she is admitting that it has not been altered:

Private conversation with a customer:

Amanda Brooks recounts how Inertia Founder of Neverfar scammed her Lindens for nothing done..

Another scoop on SL Con-artist/thief.

Original post with photos and screens exposing Inertia Neverfar for her stealing

amanda -vs-neverfar

More information found here : https://bit.ly/2AuPdHl

Video evidence debunking the constant harassment excuse she tried, proving again Inertia Neverfar is a liar and scam artist prove she continues to lie. She said I did nothing but nonstop harass her on her holiday. That I continuously harassed her. Which she posted in reply to flickr post I made as well (don’t bother editing or deleting, it’s been screenshot Neverfar Landscaping, Neverfar.)

Flickr responses to the mule Inertia Neverfar herself; girls out of her mind

The Truth -

Does Scandalize emulates Blueberry designs?

We got whispered and it seem some resident are not happy about similar designs been produced from Scandalize and Blueberry, see below

Hello. i wanted to turn your focus on very ugly thing. Blueberry did a Witch gacha set for epiphany in 2016. Here is the Link :  



Now 2 years later Scandalize does a VERY similar gacha set for the Octobers Round of Arcade. Even the ad is strikingly similar. Link Below:


Not to mention other blueberry designs Scandalize has tried to copy lately and even used similar DAZ models. One would think in the sea of ideas and different DAZ models why she chose to emulate Blueberry so closely? Is this Scandalize throwing a middle finger at BB for not being invited into Uber while Sophia was still in Ubers management?