Resident and The Sugar Garden Store owner fights over nipple alignment

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11 thoughts on “Resident and The Sugar Garden Store owner fights over nipple alignment

  1. Much as I don’t understand this customer’s insistence she get updated appliers, this store owner isn’t a very nice person. She’s rude anytime she feels slighted even if it is just saying you like their products but cannot always afford them. A compliment is a compliment, and people who gush about a person’s products are quick to give their friends endorsemengs which lead to cash for this designer. Discriminating just because you dislike a person’s opinion or belief is poor buisness practice if they aren’t hurting anyone. Block on the main account and leaving any correspondence with a CSRbot or store manager is a lot more ethical and less likely to burn future customers or their friends.

    Ellie forgets that people are human. She’s unnecessarily harsh banning people from her store, often silently shadowbanning them and leaving them to discover the truth.She won’t even check if they are in any of her store groups, allowing them to be spammed and enticed only to feel the crushing blow of not being able to return to the store.

    I understand she is busy often and can become overwhelmed, she is human after all, but her attitude burns customers who will go to other stores quickly. I know many who actually won’t touch her store or anyone associated with her store because of her rudeness and lack of ethics. She isn’t required to respond, but a firm response of “I am unable to update these appliers at this time, but I will note this one needs updating when I get the time again,” is less likely to upset customers than being passive aggressive. Its not like people can’t use alts to gift themselves things or but her gacha. The bans are just arbitrary snootiness for the sake of snootiness.

    This is an opinion and genuine interaction with this store owner. She is not friendly. She is not understanding. Buying from TSG is do so at your own risk in my opinion, and I have not been to her store since. Glad my gut instinct was not to return.

    Let me be clear here, I understand this woman was aggressive, but when you love a skin you love it so mucn the thought of it not working is heartbreaking especially when you cannot afford another.

    It isn’t slander to have a genuine gripe with a store owner – she could have turned this around and made it a great PR experience. She chooses to act this way and her customers white knight her without truly getting to know her. Buyer beware.


  2. I went to the girl facebook – she is a troublemaker! I bet she harasses other creators – I just blocked her on fb, I wish I knew her name inworld so i could block her as well.


  3. I bought from TSG and I can tell you she’s a good store owner. I’ve known her since she had her old store called ” Suga “. Never had any problems with her or her products. This customer is harassing her and needs to stop. She is not a shitty owner and when I had problems she never was rude to me.


    • When these people consider this a “deplorable situation” where they have a “right” for all appliers and all future updates, they need to rethink where their priorities lie. There is no guarantee in SL for anything. No designer absolutely has to create and release updates for anything. Many do it because they have the time and energy to keep up with the multitude of mesh bodies available but they’re not required to. At any point when a customer demands anything to this extreme, they are not a customer but a bully. Most reasonable people just move on to another designer who would better accommodate them, rather than obsess over something so ridiculous. I would not be surprised if this avatar is banned from other skin stores after this.

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    • Screenshots are not slander. Let people make their own opinions on the matter. Don’t white knight anyone. You may find out they have skeletons in the closet too.

      Not everything is black and white. This person very well could have been at their wits end with a designer who has poor support. I don’t know the girl, but I know the store owner.


      • It’s happened way too often on this site so this isn’t an isolated incident. It’s one thing to post a conversation and let the reader form their own opinion but it’s another to try and sway the reader with the headline. That’s what is happening here and what I’m referring to as slander.

        However, as a reader forming her own opinion – the buyer appears to be a lunatic. I’ve had similar experiences with sellers and not only did I not go off the deep-end, I find it extremely in poor taste to air it on Facebook or other social media just to garner allies. That’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Thank you so much for sharing your own insight and opinion too. 😁


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