Owner of WOW Skins blatantly bans people associated with other skin stores

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES: Sawsan SecretSpy (a.k.a Zrelli Iris Imene), owner of WOW Skins doesn’t want anybody affiliated with the competition in her groups or shopping in her store. She cites the reason being to “prevent drama”…

Screenshot of the following private conversation with a customer, but here she is admitting that it has not been altered:

Private conversation with a customer:

19 thoughts on “Owner of WOW Skins blatantly bans people associated with other skin stores

  1. Its not about how the skins look, its about wow skin’s owners behavior. Whether you like their skins or not, no need to trash them. its bad manners.


  2. WOW Skins look like they were made by a drag queen for drag queens. Fucked up faces. Reminds me of those CStar skins from some years back. Drag Queen Skins. They’re horridly made and She gives loads away because they look like shit. I’m surprised she still manages to sell them. They look ugly.


    • LOL i remember cstar… cringeworthy. But in my opinion. Both skin stores are shit. WoW reminds me of Cstar dragqueen shit. And Se7en reminds me of the hold skin from the early 2000’s. Jesus none of them know how to put “detail” in their skins. They are probably using old templates from SL stores long gone.


  3. She’s delusional and paranoid. Total psycho. Definition of drama. Exposed herself to the public. Not many brain cells. Foot in throat. lol Her skins are crap and still paints garish cheap looking makeup on the skin. People with poor taste are her customers. I did a hunt at her sim last yr, hoping she improved over time but no sadly not. She is the noob queen and newbs flock to her, including old newbs who never evolved from Classic and Slink hands. 😀


  4. Spies? do WOW skins people ever hear of alts? If there are such things as spies in a skin group that did not evolve and makes you look like a second life avatar from 2005 – they probably use alts… 7 deadly skins make shit skins as well, the male body is so awful and the skin tones make you look dirty. I think both stores should go spy on good skin stores to see how the good skins are made :p


  5. She has the right to ban them as it’s her group, but banning them because she wants to avoid drama in the future, seems to be causing drama in itself. Banning a competitor and/or their staff because they’ve had problems in the past would be more understandable to me, but hey.. they can just join with an alt if they really want to spy, so why even bother 🙂


  6. So basically se7en Deadly skins employees are joining WoW skins group? What would that do that in the first place if they got their own skin store? Makes no sense to me when they have their own store and group. I think she has a right to be worried.


    • So because they make skins or work for someone who makes skins, they’re not allowed to enjoy skins made by other people? Ever? That makes no sense.


    • Staff members can be bloggers, can be photographers there is more than one thing to do in a staff group. Saying this is comparing bloggers from your fave head designers saying they aren’t allowed wearing another or being in any other head group. Not only a lil over controlling but also yea, a desperate attempt to stir up sh!t where there wasn’t anything. To refuse people in a group is ludicrous, to accuse of spying is absolute psychosis. If an example to previous copying was able to be shown as proof to why, i’d understand but this is someone who doesn’t have this with her and is putting stories in the paper herself instead of letting facts speak for themselves. This is a paid sub, if you want the right to autoboot from your group then keep it free or 1L. if you want to have people pay, you dont get to pick and chose unless a serious issue comes up, not in prevention of one… that just makes you sound nuts.


    • You’re kidding, right? Sawsan has been a delusional crackpot for years. She convinced herself ages ago that everyone is jealous of her and trying to copy from her. The only drama that there is, is from this woman. Her skins are basically stuck back in around 2010 and she has not changed them up since then. I was in her group ages ago, way but finally left due to her ego and drama-infested attitude. All her claims of trying to avoid drama are bogus. It always feels like this is her way of trying to remain relevant, in a world that has left her behind, long ago.
      It’s been years now but if I recall correctly, she is the one that started the whole issue with people being in her group, that also belong to certain other skin groups.


      • The only reason she has so many fan girls is because she gives away skins. Some people just don’t want to pay for quality and will flock to her trash.


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