Amanda Brooks recounts how Inertia Founder of Neverfar scammed her Lindens for nothing done..

Another scoop on SL Con-artist/thief.

Original post with photos and screens exposing Inertia Neverfar for her stealing

amanda -vs-neverfar

More information found here :

Video evidence debunking the constant harassment excuse she tried, proving again Inertia Neverfar is a liar and scam artist prove she continues to lie. She said I did nothing but nonstop harass her on her holiday. That I continuously harassed her. Which she posted in reply to flickr post I made as well (don’t bother editing or deleting, it’s been screenshot Neverfar Landscaping, Neverfar.)

Flickr responses to the mule Inertia Neverfar herself; girls out of her mind

The Truth -

15 thoughts on “Amanda Brooks recounts how Inertia Founder of Neverfar scammed her Lindens for nothing done..

  1. yes there are many out there like that.. i had someone that was like this .. they said they would take on the project but never did.. after weeks of waiting.. its horrible when you have a dream and idea and waiting for someone to do it for you… but in the end i found someone .. and she is amazing and love my home now.. her work was beyond what i expected.. .it just took a while to find her but was worth it.


  2. As a previous client of hers, I can say that this interaction from Inertia is spot on. She is rude and acts as if your a total bother when you are paying her hundreds of dollars. A full sim costs a fortune and what I was left with was a sim I couldn’t even walk through due to how poorly it was landscaped and rocks or land used that I would fall through and gaps and items floating. Safe to say I went with someone else the next time. She also had rules about what she didn’t want mixed with her landscape which was never agreed upon before she received payment. There are a lot of words to describe her. She ranks right there with Pupito of Chapter Four if you know what I mean.


    1. Good to see someone confirm her character. She speaks of all these clients that love her but not one has come to her defense. I think they stay silent because they rather stay clear of this girl. I know I was told the price changes if you make your home public vs private. Who changes their rates if you make your place public?

      I feel she deserves a full refund, the full 35k.. this girl is disgusting


  3. I am so sick of people who run businesses in Second Life but are completely unprofessional assholes. Yet, they expect someone to just give them their money. And it’s completely disgusting when there are people who see the evidence and witnessed it in front of their face. Yet, they wanna defend these assholes to the bitter end.


  4. Has she treated any of her other customers/clients badly? I think it’s a bit much going out with a claim that she’s a scam artist, based on what appears to be mis-communication between you. Whatever happened between you, I think this should have been handled privately and not be made public. I would certainly want more evidence of someone’s GENERAL scam acitvities before I issued a warning, as their SL business could be an important part of their RL income, and who wants to ruin someone’s RL income for anything other than serious scam activities or deception?


    1. I don’t agree. Each client is on an individual basis. Did you go to the original link and read the WHOLE interactions. That girl did nothing but reach out to this person with a easy to answer question, Neverfar girl responded in an unprofessional manner, client responded maybe best to part ways and seeing that working together would not work. Even said that she could keep 13klinden for what she did. Which come on, you have to agree that’s shit work for 3month timeframe.

      Also, go check out her landscaping page. She calls her client a broke ass roach and many other unnecessary things.. who does that? She even in one comment called her client a scammer, but her client paid in full for services not provided.

      She should of refunded the girl when they were in private. She is disgusting. And it should effect her income if she stealing from anyone. I went through the flickr and everytime she tried to put an excuse to why she can keep the money, her client showed proof that she was lying. Her reason changed EVERY time for being a thief.

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      1. The only thing the professional is guilty of here is being rude and aggressive in her answers. This is not a scam. A scam is when you illegally trick people out of their money so it’s a serious accusation. The agreement was broken by the customer on grounds that doesn’t qualify her for a refund, as the professional did not violate the agreement. She knew that the professional would be busy in RL and wouldn’t be able to finish the landscaping until in the new year, and she said “no rush”, every time it was brought up – at least in the chat logs that have been made public. Then I find it highly questionable (and manipulative) that the customer later publishes screenshots of the little work the professional had made on the parcel to “document” that the professional had been lazy (as in not slaving away), when she had informed the customer of the long timeline and the customer had agreed. The professional offered to finish the landscaping as originally agreed upon, despite their differences, so she didn’t just take the money and ran. However, the customer declined the offer and wanted to dictate new terms than those the agreement was intially based on. As much as I have sympathy for the customer’s loss of money, she is going too far by calling the professional a criminal in public forums. The only thing she can accuse her of is being rude and difficult to work with.


        1. It was a scam because she did not complete the work she stated she would start 3 months prior and kept putting it off and making excuses. She also took on additional jobs but continued not to complete that one. She also wanted full payment for something she hadn’t done and didn’t seem to have interest to complete


        2. Well seems like you and her alone are left thinking otherwise. And my oh my look another speaking on her character. She’s far from a “professional” as you state over and over again. As a store owner I would expect you to know bullshit when you see it. Instead you are trying to be a savior to someone who has STOLEN money from another. No didn’t when someone COPYBOTS and sells your items, stealing your income.

          She is a scammer, a THIEF, and done for. She already has you Con’d. lol And who the hell want’s to work with someone like that. Refund the girl and do the right thing. If she called me a roach (a racial term) I’d be damned to work with her. Fuck her. Fuck you for thinking it’s ok to continue working with a nasty ass racist like herself.


        3. Teresa, it’s commendable that you are defending her and yes, this situation that has happened is pretty messy, but Inertia herself brings this on. If you go to the facebook link that is in this thread, you will see that Inertia likes to post public shaming as well. She did it to her landlady, when her things were returned. Am I siding with the landlady? No, I don’t know the situation fully there but this is about public blasting. Inertia may not like it when it’s done to her, but she is not above doing it to someone else, if she feels she is wronged. As for her work and the situation that is going on with the other resident, the professional thing to do in that case, would have been to give some type of refund back. The reason I say this is because there is no way that the work is going to get done fully, so she’s not going to be doing the full job on that sim. Part of the blame is in Inertia’s lap here, since her responses to her customer were arrogant, rude and she was being evasive on what was being asked of her, in the beginning. The customer was asking a simple question and Inertia was being arrogant about it. A simple answer, that was straight forward and honest, would have been in her best interest. With all that has happened, communication has fully broken down now, so for her to come out and say she will still do the job, after all the things that have been said by both parties, is just not realistic. The client did say that since there was some work done, she should get paid for that, gave a number she was satisfied with, which was a reasonable amount. Keep that amount and give the remainder back, closing out the contract basically. Right now, she did not fulfill the contract out to it’s full conclusion and there is no way of fulfilling it, with the way things now stand. It would have looked more professional for Inertia and the client would have at least some satisfactory closure on this, at least one that she was willing to do that was reasonable. In the end, Inertia did post about this, did use a racial slur in her response, and conducted herself in a manner that was not professional, in the least. Her end conduct, supports the clients claims even more, lending more support towards what the client has said on Inertia’s conduct and behavior.

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    2. Then by all means, you should hire her. I have a feeling you havent really read through this. The only thing I see the Amanda doing wrong, was paying that much money upfront to begin with. The other woman was a completely insane.

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