Little Bones explains her side of the story in the Little Bones/ Stealthic Drama

Little Bones

Source: Flickr

15 thoughts on “Little Bones explains her side of the story in the Little Bones/ Stealthic Drama

  1. Only acceptable response to content theft accusation is posting your work and wip files. Anything else means you are lying out of your ass. Anyone believing the stories is just as much of a moron. If you own the rights to it, you will have the files necessary to prove it.


    • I wouldn’t post my files but I sure as hell would post enough point of difference references or WIP samples to prove my originality. It’s a point of pride and any original artist can easily do this from their saves along the process.


      • That’s what I mean, snapshot of your wip files to prove your work is yours. Not the actual files lol that would be very counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.


  2. Anyone making negative comments on a post like this needs to look at themselves in a mirror. Nothing, but meaningless internet trolls trying to smear names.


    • Stop licking LB’s asshole and accept the fact she/he is a thief. Also anyone that believes this mythical response which took 4 or 5 days to brew after being caught red-handed with solid evidence must have very low IQ and be gullible enough to believe ANYTHING.

      Also, I know plenty of head designers on SL that have “teams” they assembled with people they know from RL. And some of these head designers HAVE hired their RL friends or family members who might have little or no designing experience in which the original designer trains or guides them for use in SL. Additionally, a lot of these new team members are clueless about “copybotting” or even coming close to thinking about stealing textures from other game resource websites unless the head designer hinted them to these thieving ideas in the first place.

      After reading some of the comments below of LB participating on copybot websites, I would definitely boycott this designer even more if they end up coming back.


    • People who do not agree with a response are not ‘trolls’. I shall use the same lame response back to your comment. Anyone believing the LB statement is a twatt.


  3. If she had to clear out all her masks then they weren’t original, any of them. You know what you’ve made yourself and what you haven’t, for sure. And if you keep good records, what you have bought rights to or downloaded while abiding by people’s usage TOS. Only people who steal and snatch shit Willy Nilly from everywhere on the web don’t know the sources of what they have. Sloppy at best, theft at worst and way too focused on elaborate explaining, blaming others instead of a simple apology and follow up with just flying right. Too many people never forgive but lots of people will if the creator humbles themselves and fixes their mistake by doing right.
    Guess we’ll see.

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  4. Little bones and moon creator hang out on copy bot forums. Of course they steal. Even little bones was called out for using daz3d items. How is this now becoming relevant information? Everyone been knew.


  5. My two cents on a response like that: Liars tend to give long responses, full of unnecessary details, because if there are a lot of details, it must be true, right? Wrong! They’re overdoing it and that’s what reveals them. If someone else used the textures without the creator’s knowledge, why not just say that in a few sentences, instead of explaining the work process and mentioning who were involved and why and what they did? What liars apparently don’t know, is that lots of people are willing to forgive and forget, if they demonstrate that they have enough balls to admit their mistake and take responsibility for it, instead of lying their asses off.

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    • I’m Teresa Matfield in SL btw, if anyone should wonder who I am. I’m not afraid of stating my opinion and stand behind it with my SL name.

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  6. Now, conveniently, they are a “team” of people who have never joined SL (MIND YOU). This statement alone shows how much of a liar this person truly is. SO, since the person who used intellectual property of another creator without permission doesn’t have a presence in SL what it is supposed to happen? They should go away with that? Why not handing their RL name to Stealthic’s owner so he can decide what he wants to do with the information? But this is not possible because, MIND YOU, there is no “friend” and there is no “team” and there is nothing but a bunch of lies that, MIND YOU, took a week to be made up.

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  7. The response took that long as she was making a good enough excuse. As if LBs is a ‘team’ and you’ve not checked where they gather sorces of work before releasing, just carry on happily using the work you’re producing and hope no one notices. She/he was happy enough to call out David Cooper/L’Etre for stealing and almost instantly but LB have made Stealthic and customers wait too long for even a decent response. Considering LBs knows what its like to be stolen from you’d think they’d instantly cover all bases and not leave a ‘team’ error to happen so easy. It’s a well written and polite, almost innocent response but its utter BS.

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