Store Owner bans Resident for camping, Resident to pay 2000Ls to get back

A skin store placed  a camp chair with surprise item-100L giftcard. Resident has been camping to collect balance to buy skin pack,which costs 860L. Resident also had 300 L giftcard from said store,which was group gift and added that to current balance.
Resident camped a couple of times,and due to lag sometime crashed when it just 4 mins left on chair, and re log and sit again to camp. Said Resident does not disturbed anyone to camp and doesn’t camp 24/7.
2 days ago, Resident was banned from group and store. Resident tried to contact with friend,who is also mod there she ignored him ,but later answered and talked to Resident, like Resident was the ugliest person in the world.
Conversation below :
[2019/08/15 01:37] mod : hey
[2019/08/15 01:37]me: why i was banned from skins store?
[2019/08/15 01:38] mod -: i think , that is something you might want to ask izara
[2019/08/15 01:39] me: you wanna say you don t know
[2019/08/15 01:39] mod – : I know .D but it is creator store and I didn’t do the ban
[2019/08/15 01:39] me: why you can t say when?
[2019/08/15 01:39] mod – : OK, what did u do in store?
[2019/08/15 01:40] me: em.i was camping sometimes,lol
[2019/08/15 01:40] mod – : how many giftcards did you take?
[2019/08/15 01:40] me: so it s because of giftcards?
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod: How many did you get?
[2019/08/15 01:41] me: maybe 14
[2019/08/15 01:41] me: or 16)
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod –  : nope,* creator name* can check that
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod: how many ppl we have in group?
[2019/08/15 01:42] me: idk
[2019/08/15 01:42]mod): over 60 k
[2019/08/15 01:42] mod: so, do you think it is nice to camp a giftcard out so many times, while others don’t get any?
[2019/08/15 01:43] me: 1) i don t camping 24/7. 2)i m not online 24/7. and  every time i sit, NO ONE was around.3) when i log off, i m offline for more than 10 hours, so i don t camp
[2019/08/15 01:44] me: 4)i m not only one who camped more than once.5) you saw me where and other mods,anyone said anything ?no
[2019/08/15 01:44] mod: well u did get lots of giftcards and that she didn’t put 1 for each only, wasn’t meaning, that it is nice to take all this lindens
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod): I had no idea what is in the chair, i didn’t camped at all so how can i know?
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod: we don’t get extra infos
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod: it only says surprise box to me, that’s it
In fact Resident did not disturbed anyone to take cards, and still Resident was treated by mod and owner,like they stole their store.
Store owner told Resident that he took 30 cards,which is not true, because i bought only 2 skin pack 1700Ls both together and body applier 450Ls, so maximum got 20-21 cards. and also bought shape from this creator at sale, and 2 skin colors appliers, spent there just 200Ls, but owner says Resident steal money from her.
If store owner bans you from store,will you pay 2000Ls to be back?