20 thoughts on “Alice Arun straighten the path of a Resident who tries to bring her down

  1. I’m pretty sure Lulu, Alice Arun, Princess, Haha, Anonymous, My English is not perfect too with ” little brain is all the same person..

    How sensitive Alice is it wouldn’t surprise me if it was you. Pathetic. Same mannerism.


  2. I didn’t know that Sarah Rose Summers has been playing SL lol. I want to say to some of people who’s going strange like “Princes”, ” Let us show your perfect Latina or Chinese or Japanese (?) or sort of them. Otherwise, shout up the mouth and don’t play all about world wide online game.


  3. To speak a mediocre English means that your mother language is different. So you’re actually speaking two languages. Which makes you a way much smarter than this so called princess whos talking only English and even that English she talk is not correct grammatical. But that’s ok, the size of her brain is visibly (100 times) smaller than her ass.


  4. Can’t help but to laugh when Alice Arun is looked to as social justice warrior. You do know this is Alice’s status post right.. Where’s the whole conversation in which this part was screened from? Why can’t we see what ALL happened?

    Does the post still exist or did it magically get deleted with only this and whatever story she spins on it?

    See Alice is known for opening her repulsive ass mouth, back-tracking, and then becoming the “victim” in it all. So this her attempt to get everyone to side with her (ESPECIALLY THE LATIN COMMUNITY). Why else would someone feel the need to continuously use it (that’s how you sell something, repetitive usage).

    She thinks people hate her because she’s a “successful “Latin” blogger”. No, they dislike you cause all the other reason. I believe Princess description of Alice was quite accurate. She always mentions living in 3rd world, talks about not being able to afford anything, asking for lindens, and on many occassions I witnessed other screens and such on these gossip sites where she does bully and then become victim within the same hour.

    lol, Alice the social justice warrior… hahahah get the hell out of here with that..


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