Yanikka Resident owner of Scandalize and 7 more stores seizes @tres chic event and is strongly attacked for speaking ill of other designers to be removed from the main events.

14 thoughts on “Yanikka Resident owner of Scandalize and 7 more stores seizes @tres chic event and is strongly attacked for speaking ill of other designers to be removed from the main events.

  1. Quoted by someone on DAZ3d forums. “One of the biggest issues with Second Life right now is that there is a LOT of copyright content being illegally sold for real world money. Several games companies have already taken legal action to prevent their character models bring distributed freely on the market as Avatars or pets.
    The original idea of Second Life was to encourage creativity, and get the players to build their own assets. That’s why the initial ‘prim’ system was devised. It’s was only later that it opted for full mesh imports due to increased demand. And that’s when the trouble started.

    It’s important to understand that content purchased on the store isn’t owned by you. It’s owned by the creator and Daz 3D, if they’ve bought the rights. You have the permission of the owners to use it for many different purposes, but distribution is rarely allowed. So, to say that SL would give you full ownership would be a misunderstanding. You still don’t have full ownership, as that’s solely with the content creators.”


  2. Still waiting for Renderosity and Daz 3d content creators to file that lawsuit. I think it’s illegal to resell products coming from Renderosity and daz3d on to second life. There is no way scandalize is rigging that herself. No proof of that as of yet. No WIP photos like real content creators do. Why? Because she ripping it from other content creators from daz3d and Renderosity. And I’ve read their terms of usage. They do not want their content on second life. I’m surprised they aren’t seeing this now. No one is bringing this to their attention. I’m about to post this on Renderosity forums. But knowing she may be on there and try and make some bullshit excuse.


  3. What moron wrote this whisper? “No doubt this woman wants to take over SL monopoly.” I think what you’re trying to say is designer wants to create a monopoly in SL and even still the accusation is inaccurate. Just like always your readers are getting half a story written by simple idiots. How about try your hand at some actual truth? Do some honest to god investigative journalism and get all the sides of each story to make this website something substantial, not just a less active version of SL secrets.


  4. Actually, these companies, just use her to rig and some other shit. She also does the AD posters for many companies in SL, that is why most of the posters at these events look the same. She uses the same model, from DAZ 3D for all of them. These people clearly make the mesh themselves, but as far as textures, rigging and ad photos, I think she does that. I am not defending her, I am just saying, that she is practically doing it all, for these people.


  5. It is a total truth a long time ago I had noticed all these stores all advertising styles are very similar even the clothes are so similar the designs really are rags with different textures wow


  6. All the shit she brings out – on her many brands – are from CGTrader type sites anyway – she dont make the shit she churns out she just downloads and rigs the shit n sell it on. LOL.


  7. Well Yannika if your going to monopolize the market at least make what consumers are wanting. Which is less trash slut and more chic classy. Also way to many dresses. Dresses are to easy its not good work to only make dresses.


    • And all always same style and same texture hud. Boooooriinggggg . Needs to agree with @G , complete. Yanikka , also less same style stores too. Customers are not stupid .


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