Resident reveals how she was scammed at L`etre Store

7 thoughts on “Resident reveals how she was scammed at L`etre Store

  1. A lot of these people are also apart of my current issue as well, and I am chasing them out one by once; I hope this soon gets fixed and people can see who is and who isn’t a problem. I hope the right people get banned, and permanently.everything has a source for like that, and I know it; it’s not paranoia; it’s just fact. that’s theft- and illegal.


  2. you got caught by one of the skimming scammers , totally invisible avatar wearing a payment prim right in front of vendors, they have hit quite a few stores including well known body creators , be careful and check who you are paying


  3. Today at Kinky event group there was a person with the Doux – L’etre name and just joined to sl , so tells enough . With faked scammed account + faked MP link . LL must react on these scammers abd absolutely each and everyone must let them know .


  4. Be sure to report this to Linden Labs. They probably won’t respond . People have reported scamming by the DMC store for 10 years and LL won’t act. But people need to keep the pressure on. L$ is not a closed currency, it is linked to RL currencies and this is not acceptable.


  5. People were in group complaining about it. The store owner probably won’t do crap about it. Barely does crap to fix his jacked up hair issues. He is responsible for what happens in his store, but most likely will shrug and say be sure to not get scammed yourself. He’s used to scamming people by using copybotted skins so works well with his brand.


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