“Unfortunately we look to real life design…” Owner of Scandalize educates a resident over the copied design from Vinyl

10 thoughts on ““Unfortunately we look to real life design…” Owner of Scandalize educates a resident over the copied design from Vinyl

  1. the thing is that most designers in SL like Scandalize dont create anything. She just buys Meshes (which are also available on Marketplace) and just creates designs and colors. This is why you see the same clothes at many shops. Just find the cheapest one LOL


  2. I just don’t think this is a big deal. New styles in rl are mirrored in shops around the world – as long as you don’t claim that your boxy handbag is Kate Spade, then you’re fine. Same in SL. As long as it is not copybotted, or somehow otherwise stolen (not techy here), I don’t care. I care if it’s rigged well, has textures/color palettes I like, and doesn’t lag me out and everyone else with its complexity. People are obsessed with “original” labels in sl as if they were buying actual valuable items. People (customers) all over this site and virtual secrets(especially them) LOVE pointing out how much one slutty dress looks like another slutty dress, but have no idea where the mesh from either designer came from. Again, it seems more like manufactured outrage for attention and internet validation. I do feel sorry for designers, though, that have had their actual original designs stolen, and I wish them well in getting justice. But if you design a nice pair of boots, work hard on sculpting it by hand, or whatever, and then another designer comes along and hand makes one that is similar, but has a color palette or texture I like better, guess which one I’m buying?


  3. Everything and everyone on second life is a cookie cutter piece of shit and everyone wants to sell you something because theres nothing else to do on the game but pixel sex and shopping for fake pixel shit. Everyone on Secondlife needs to be punched.


    1. Not always. I go to the clubs. Prefer the clubs and rarely change my Avatars look. There could be a handful of us out there that goes because of medical reasons or just reasons of interactions of sorts.

      I can understand wanting a relationship out there in any form, same as having a kid. But some of us, goes for the fun and enjoyment of the platform as a pixel virgin

      The clothing needs to be more male though. Female clothing is still dominating the market.


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