Little Bones also stealing other sims creators alpha channel for her hair

Following the previous post, we just got whispered that not only is Little Bones stealing Stealthic’s sims alpha, she is also stealing other sims creators alpha for her hairs as well.

Also below is a clearer version . What is actually baffling is that she doesn’t even edit or modify them, she literally takes them and put it on her texture and start selling the hairs. There are other hairs which are also similar but designers names are not identified at the moment as so many hair available in the sims.

The Big Questions: Why did she have to do this when she’s a big store owner is Second Life? Somethings we just never understand.

GA.EG Owners says Catwa can not claim the property of these SL UV Maps


We recently received intimations and threats from Catwa Clip and at the end a DMCA!

She accused us to have copied the UV of her heads.
This is TOTALLY WRONG and we wanted to show you the topography of our UV as well as those of Catwa … so that you can compare them and form your own opinion.

The majority of the heads creators based their UV on the standard Second Life ones (and Catwa too). Catwa can not therefore claim the property of these UV which are in fact the property of Linden Lab. In spite of that you will be able to note that our UV topography is very different than the Catwa one and can not be called a copy. We let you judge by your eyes…
We made a second skin layers in our Rick Bento Mesh Head and ADAPTED OUR OWN UV to be a bit more compatible with the skins made for Catwa but these UV keep our own topology and are not a copy.

In fact all this was made for more compatibility between heads, skins and cosmetics and for more choices for the customers…

We want to point out that wanting to oust all competitors by all means (threats, intimidations and lawsuits) to gain a monopoly is really not glorious. This is not a good philosophy and this is not ours. At the end, this kind of behavior can drastically reduce the liberty of creativity on SL. Will there be tomorrow only one creator able to create heads on SL ? Personally, we prefer to work to improve more and more our products and features.

Thank you all for your support and intellectual honesty in the comments on the various publications of CATWA Clip (publications deleted since, it’s a pity).

We also bring all our support to Akeruka who is currently undergoing the same attacks.
We also support the initiative from Omega who is working for more appliers compatibility.

We will keep you informed of the next steps…


GA.EG Facebook

David Cooper -Owner of L’Etre Fights Back with DMCA Counter Notification👍🏻

This was posted some few days ago on David Cooper’s Flickr and Facebook pages.The real battle just began. 😊

Dear customers 

In view of the events that are taking place lately, although we are not in favour of creating any kind of controversy/drama, and considering that my main motivation in Second Life is to create; we feel obliged to inform our clients and followers of the continuous persecution to which we have been subjected during the last months.

Yesterday it was necessary to remove some of the creations from the store due to a recent DMCA notification filled against us by another creator. Those creations will remain removed from the store until the problem has been resolved.

At this point the case is in the hands of our legal cabinet and there has been already sent a DMCA counter-notification to the alleged creator. They already have all the files of our products so they can set up the case and thus be able to compensate the situation through a compensation for the damages caused.

The identity of the complainant is currently unknown, but as soon as Linden Lab notifies me of the decisión taken, the necessary procedures will begin to resolve the case in Court.

Until then, everything will continue as usual and we will continue creating new items for our precious customers. We will keep you informed.

Thank you so much for all your support and understanding.

L’Etre TEAM.


En vista de los acontecimientos que se están dando últimamente, aunque no somos partidarios de crear ningún tipo de polémica y teniendo en cuenta que nuestra principal motivación en Second Life es crear; nos vemos en la obligación de informar tanto a nuestros clientes como a nuestros seguidores de la continua persecución a la estamos sometidos durante los últimos meses.

Ayer fue necesario retirar de la tienda algunas de las creaciones debido a la reciente notificación de un DMCA por parte de otro creador. Estas creaciones seguirán retiradas hasta que el problema haya sido resuelto.

A estas alturas el caso se encuentra en manos de nuestro gabinete jurídico y ya se ha enviado un contra DMCA al supuesto creador. Ya disponen de todos los archivos de nuestros productos para que puedan poner en marcha el caso y así poder compensar esta situación a través de una indemnización por daños y perjuicios.

Actualmente se desconoce la identidad del denunciante, pero tan pronto como Linden Lab me notifique de la decisión tomada, comenzarán las tramitaciones necesarias para resolver el caso en los tribunales.

Hasta entonces todo seguirá con normalidad como hasta ahora y seguiremos creando como de costumbre. Una vez el caso sea resuelto realizaremos las comunicaciones necesarias.

Muchísimas gracias por todo vuestro apoyo y comprensión.

L’Etre TEAM.