Little Bones also stealing other sims creators alpha channel for her hair

Following the previous post, we just got whispered that not only is Little Bones stealing Stealthic’s sims alpha, she is also stealing other sims creators alpha for her hairs as well.

Also below is a clearer version . What is actually baffling is that she doesn’t even edit or modify them, she literally takes them and put it on her texture and start selling the hairs. There are other hairs which are also similar but designers names are not identified at the moment as so many hair available in the sims.

The Big Questions: Why did she have to do this when she’s a big store owner is Second Life? Somethings we just never understand.

New Year Drama -Diversity Magazine’s Image Blatantly Stolen by Kultivate Magazine…😂😂😂😂

This New year is turning out really right 😂😂😂. Posted on Facebook by Ava Jhamin / Trinity Aironaut both accusing owners, publishers and editors  of January Issue of Kultivate Magazine – Johannes1977 and Eleseren Brianna of stealing one of  the images previously published in the October issue of Diversity Magazine – Publisher Ava Jhamin. Below is the image stolen and a lengthy chat conversation on Facebook which we couldn’t screen grab.. So hurry read all the juicy speech before it get deleted  😂😂😂.

Image Blatantly Stolen

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but there is a big difference between Imitation and outright theft of one’s image. This is exactly what the Magazine Kultivate did with an image I was hired to create for the October issue of Diversity Magazine ( Publisher Ava Jhamin) located here:…/…/l_amour_diversity_magazine_iss_8_oc/38. In the January Issue of Kultivate (Owners, Publishers and Editors Johannes1977 and Eleseren Brianna) here:…/docs/kultivate_magazine-january_201…/226 you will see a very poor quality of my image literally stolen via print screen from my Flickr page. They were not given permission to use this image, nor were they given an original copy, from me, to use. They did not download it from my page as that is prevented via my settings. They did not ask to use the image or warn me that they were. It is not and never has been their property to use. It was actually Diversity Magazines property. For the record, beyond being in their group which I have since left, I never worked on or for Kultivate. I do not take credit for the poor quality of their stolen image.
As a photographer in SL, our images are very important to us. It is our product and using them without permission or recompense is by definition stealing. Belonging to a group is NOT an unspoken right to troll our Flickr pages and take what you please. Putting my Name to an image as poorly defined as this Damages the Magazine but more importantly to me, it DAMAGES MY REPUTATION AS A PHOTOGRAPHER!
In the real world, an issue like this would bring about legal action. Any honorable Magazine would know this behavior is deplorable. If a Magazine doesn’t have the talent to create their own work then they should close their doors or hire the people they need to do the work, the one thing they should never do is live off the backs of other Creators work.

Legal actions and threats coming soon from  Kultivate  Magazine* rolling eyes*



Source : Facebook

Copybot Drama – David Cooper (Owner Doux) drops Video on how to make hair to prove a point that Hervé Faenzo (Owner Murray) claims are wrong!🙈

This copy bot drama has been on full blast all through the weekend where Hervé Faenzo (Owner of Murray) has been sending out texture proof  with clips of past conversations on her Facebook page to prove that David Cooper (owner of Doux ) actually copybotted both  Murray and Rowne.The story out there is kind of complicated as everyone has an opinion on what is going on with these two designers.

Whereas on David’s Facebook page he seem too quiet or probably post and delete them and act all quiet 😊 . Then wakes up after a flu and decide to finally silence all my dropping a video on how to make hair 😂. Guess it your turn Murray to drop a video 🙈.



The whisperer’s thought – Does a video really clear the underlining fact that he actually did copy those hair? or is Murray overacting on something that could easily be a coincidence.?

The entire stories and comments are on their Facebook pages :  Herves and David

Side Gig : For those trying to make hair you can watch the free video by David Cooper on making Hair LOL