Powder Pack mutes dissatisfied customer over missing items in this month round from designer – Mai Bilavo

This is the designers season :-). Someone whispered about the amazing subscription box: Powder Pack.
This month of the Powder Pack was dedicated to Lelukta’s Head cosmetics and items were delivered on time, the 17th. Instead of receiving a complete box for this round,a designer item was missing : Mai Bilavio.
Residents took to the Powder Pack’s group to ask why the missing item? The response was always same “items should arrive soon”, that apparently Mai Bilavio’s designer has a real life problem. Corridor rumors state that her laptop was stolen and her dog ate her homework etc.
Fast forward to the 6th day, customer who paid for this moth rounds already fuming took to the powder pack group chat to express their grievance, but this didn’t seem to play out well as the powder pack team obviously was on the side of their designer and apparently muting dissatisfied customers
Enjoy the read

Conversation with a Powder Pack Team’s member. A intern without a doubt ^^
Conversation with the PR. What a joke!PowderPack7

7 thoughts on “Powder Pack mutes dissatisfied customer over missing items in this month round from designer – Mai Bilavo

  1. I really don’t understand the whole PP thing. I bought like 3 packs last year and stopped. I usually just find one or two things I like in the whole pack so buying the whole pack with other brands I don’t like is a waste of money. I get that this Niki person is upset but seriously comparing to Sephora to pixel make up is ridiculous and sure, you’re paying RL money to buy SL make up.. I don’t get it.


    1. Not only that. A lot of designers are getting lazy with their work. Their makeup is starting to look trashy. I bought the April pp and it was just horrible. Only a small few of the makeup was even note-worthy. I cannot stand when a lot of designers use photoshop to make the makeup look good. when you apply it your avatar it looks like total 2 dollar whore trash. Makeup should look good in high or low graphics. But I guess you get what you pay for.


    1. Keme Salali is one of Catwas CSRs, it doesn’t surprise she acts like a bitch in other groups too. Designers need to hire better PR persons lol


  2. PP is a ripoff anyway. I paid the full price for the first one I got and loved it. Then I paid in advance for the 2nd one and it was during the summer. Every last one of those makeups was in WINTER colors! Seriously? I’ll never do it again. Better to get something on the open market…at least you will know the designer didn’t phone it in.


  3. I say if a designer misses the deadline. They should be removed completely from the pack and The price for the pack should go down. They shouldn’t get their cut in missing a deadline. If they work on second life like its a business. Then they should ” handle ” it like a real business. You miss a day or two of work and that day was an important meeting. Guess what? You don’t know what goes on, you don’t know who gets cut from the job or anything. I can understand real life happens. Shit happens. Mai Bilavio should have told them to remove her from the whole PP completely. And PP team should’ve put someone else on the pack or just lower the price of that back for that month.

    Customers pay for that pp with real life money especially the amount they charge after the 6th day. So I believe they have a right to complain. This is why people should just stop supporting things like this. Make their own makeup. Or they will continue to be disappointed by these sl brands and group collabs.

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    1. That’s so true! Especially that now Powder Pack is selling an incomplete box for 3K L$. What a shame!


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