Little Bones also stealing other sims creators alpha channel for her hair

Following the previous post, we just got whispered that not only is Little Bones stealing Stealthic’s sims alpha, she is also stealing other sims creators alpha for her hairs as well.

Also below is a clearer version . What is actually baffling is that she doesn’t even edit or modify them, she literally takes them and put it on her texture and start selling the hairs. There are other hairs which are also similar but designers names are not identified at the moment as so many hair available in the sims.

The Big Questions: Why did she have to do this when she’s a big store owner is Second Life? Somethings we just never understand.

Lory Kezenn publicly declared Lisa Walker a “Copyboter”

We got whispered that Lisa Walker has been “unmasked” by Lory Kezenn owner of Tres Beau Makeup after several long conversations and fights in a private chat in Social Media.

From the Facebook post, seems Lory has warned Lisa severally to stop and now Lory is forced to publicly declare Lisa Walker as a “Copyboter”.

Lisa Walker is known for copying many stores like Studio Exposure, Tres Beau, Scandalize, Yolo, L’etre/ Doux, New Faces etc.

Reverie Busted For Using PreFab Mesh for their Arcade Release!

Earlier today we got whispered about some huge drama with Reverie and some Mesh designer on both Plurk and Flickr which even lead to some residents initially suspecting  this was a copybotter offering free download of suspected copybot items.


When this was initially posted on the various social medias, the title and description of the post was called “download free” with “link soon” but later this was changed.Also comment made previously by Wayne Carr – Reverie’s CSR  and also Paola’s boyfriends was deleted from the posted.Well this must be some massive drama which was both publicly and privately managed.


See Flickr complete post below


The big question that keeps nagging on everyone mind is -What is Reverie actually using for their Arcade Release?Is it Prefab Mesh?

Source :Flickr and  Plurk