Colivati beauty gets trolled by SL Mesh Head Lovers in the new Colivati Skin -Lip Advert

Colivati is NOT having a good day.Earlier today, SL Mesh Head Lovers posted an ad for the new skin from Colivati and it doesn’t seem to go very well with some of the followers as they post various meme to describe the skin. This has been shared many times over social media not because people like the skin but as a funny memes and a contest to see who can come up with the funniest caption for the ad.

SL Mesh Head Lover made a live test to show that this skin can be worn with different heads and still look lovely.

What really is going on? Is it bad photography taste or we don’t bother to wear demos and see if it works with our various mesh heads or we just want to have a fun day at the expense of someone hard work?



Thalia Taselian AKA Heckroth’s Hypocrisy between Love, Fame and Keeping her Brand name πŸ™„

We have observed that after our last post which suffered a series of DMCA take down πŸ™„that Thalia has gone ahead to separate her brand name “Thalia Heckroth” from her frivolous love life, new name in Flickr is called “Thalia Taselian”and has also further taken the pain to upload all her love pictures with  hubby Brandon Taselian into this new profile in order to Frolick without the guilt to herself or her brand. Good for her as she cannot have a sexy,nude photo or outright erotic photo on her brand name and claim  to represent an educated and respected professional in her community who builds a positive reputation πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
The annoying question on everyone’s lips is why then go ahead and favorite or comment on your hubby’s photo with your brand name and yet for nude to semi nude photos of you on his Flickr you simply fav or comment with Thalia Taselian.
Guess you are ashamed to associate with your hubby in all levels, or you love your brand so much but you want the frivolous life style at the side 🀣. Just keep it up and doesn’t it seem like a whole rule of game and most definitely a stiff relationship with so many rules to live by for a simple game of love and relationship πŸ€”πŸ˜œ

Scam Alert – Yuuki Bookmite and Photo Edit goes Missing !

This facebook post was from August torii -Owner of Club Havoc to warn friends about Yuuki Bookmite scam tactics.. Beware

Alright so I’m going to put this out there because I feel like I’ve been scammed honestly.

More than two months ago (Nearly 3) I commissioned Yuuki Bookmite (SL name not sure of fb name) to do a photo edit for me. At the time she had a long list of people in front of me, but the DAY I contacted her she messaged me and within a few moments I was getting my picture taken. She asked for the money upfront as ” that’s her policy”.

She then told me to keep checking the status of the picture in her profile ( )

ScamAlert-Yukki Bookmite

I was last on her list that the time, the gyazo above shows the list as it is now, but then I was about 14th or so on her list. I kept watching, I paid for the picture, I was excited, I’d seen this girls work and fell in love. Slowly she chipped away at that list until It said I was number 1 on her list. That was more than a MONTH ago.

I contacted her a month ago for a more personal status as it had already been a month and a half since I’d heard from her. She told me to wait, that it was coming. I’m normally a patient person so I said okay and went about my business.

Since then I have tried contacting her twice more in which she never responds. I’ve sent her messages and a NC. I have finally just said fuck it, because it’s been nearly 3 months now that I have not gotten my picture. My avi has changed multiple times since then and even if she DID get it back to me it wouldnt look like me anymore. So I told her I wanted a refund of the money that I paid her and I’ve still not heard a word from her. I’m sure the other people on her list that she’s taken money from hasnt gotten their edits back either.

Moral of the story… Dont trust people. I know WHY people ask to be paid in advance, but this is so unprofessional that it’s ridiculous. She should really be ashamed of herself. And if I can stop one person from contacting her about an Edit then I think this post did it’s job.

Be wary.

August torii

Source :Facebook

David Cooper owner of L’Etre Slams New Bodies

Now the storm is finally over and David Cooper – L’Etre just slammed all new bodies for both the men and women as seen on his Facebook and Flickr page.

L’Etre new body appliers!

L’Etre has updated its body appliers! The male body appliers will include shaved and hair in chest versions for the body availables. The female body appliers include a regular body and a push-up option.

In case you were an owner of L’Etre body appliers simply come by and get a redelivery so you can get a good matching with the new body releases there will be in the future!

Ladies and Gentlemen See your new bodies.

L'etre newBodyApplier.png

More : Flickr and Facebook

Hikaru Enimo exposed by Cosmopolitan Owner – Corina Wonder πŸ™ƒ

Who is Hikaru Enimo? Is this an elaborate lie to condemn the popular photographer and model? You be the judge.

Ok so seems that Hikaru Enimo want to mess with me. Well go for it girl
This is real Hikaru Enimo
Yes ugly, dirty 45 years old cat lady. Mother of poor kids, wasting her life on SL, Manipulator, sick psycho, going really far for few flickr likes and much ego and ass stroking. Turning gays to straight ppl without them even knowing.
Well miss Zurai Dah Sarip get off my back cos you know I know too much to mess with me.
Her first SL account..Natasja Schumann
First blog
First flickr


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