Mandala claiming Copyright on Real Life items 😡

What can we say when a designer who is inspired by a real life item copies that item to the dot and then claim copyright in Second Life.

We can see that Mandala is hanging that copyright police all over the walls in his shop (two times on the same wall) , in his profile, allover marketplace and GOD knows where more when in fact most of his items are perfect copies from famous RL brands🤔😏 such as Dior items as shown above in the picture.

See who got used by Linden on the Second Life Marketplace advert without Proper Recognition 😳😶!

If you log into the Second Life marketplace, you will be faced with these well taken photos of beautiful ladies in lovely glasses – Statement Shades .. Good One Linden👍🏻


But owner of Z O O M glasses whose photo was used also in this lovely displays posted this on Facebook.

Marketplace, usa a foto que foi feita pra minha loja, voce clica nela e vai pra onde? Vai pro marketplace de qualquer loja que vende óculos, menos pra minha 🙁

Translated : Marketplace, use the photo that was made to my shop, you click it and go to where? Go to the marketplace of any store that sells sunglasses, less for my🙁

Really Linden!, How can you just use a resident like that? His item not even displayed in the Featured items and barely anything on First and Second Page .. Hmm.. Better work on this mess!!

Source : Facebook


Marketplace Gacha Resellers, Creators Vs CopyBotters – GACHA or No GACHA?

The heat is on, Creators are getting angrier over the fact that their Gacha items most especially the Rares are been sold on Marketplace by Copybotters for less than the actual price of the item and this has been creating a great deal of dispute between marketplace authentic resellers,creators and residents who buy the stolen items.

GachaMachinesBy ShoKenin.png

Alice posted on her Facebook page some few days ago trying to appeal to the public not to buy gacha item from Marketplace but directly from the Designer. Some residents and Resellers are not buying into this as they spend huge amount of money only just trying to get the rare in the case of the residents and the Resellers trying to sell off their huge buys. See more details below or see the link to discussion on Facebook.

MP Gacha Reseller-Copybotter.jpg

Source : Facebook

Image : Flickr