Thalia Taselian AKA Heckroth’s Hypocrisy between Love, Fame and Keeping her Brand name πŸ™„

We have observed that after our last post which suffered a series of DMCA take down πŸ™„that Thalia has gone ahead to separate her brand name “Thalia Heckroth” from her frivolous love life, new name in Flickr is called “Thalia Taselian”and has also further taken the pain to upload all her love pictures with  hubby Brandon Taselian into this new profile in order to Frolick without the guilt to herself or her brand. Good for her as she cannot have a sexy,nude photo or outright erotic photo on her brand name and claim  to represent an educated and respected professional in her community who builds a positive reputation πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
The annoying question on everyone’s lips is why then go ahead and favorite or comment on your hubby’s photo with your brand name and yet for nude to semi nude photos of you on his Flickr you simply fav or comment with Thalia Taselian.
Guess you are ashamed to associate with your hubby in all levels, or you love your brand so much but you want the frivolous life style at the side 🀣. Just keep it up and doesn’t it seem like a whole rule of game and most definitely a stiff relationship with so many rules to live by for a simple game of love and relationship πŸ€”πŸ˜œ

Hikaru Enimo exposed by Cosmopolitan Owner – Corina Wonder πŸ™ƒ

Who is Hikaru Enimo? Is this an elaborate lie to condemn the popular photographer and model? You be the judge.

Ok so seems that Hikaru Enimo want to mess with me. Well go for it girl
This is real Hikaru Enimo
Yes ugly, dirty 45 years old cat lady. Mother of poor kids, wasting her life on SL, Manipulator, sick psycho, going really far for few flickr likes and much ego and ass stroking. Turning gays to straight ppl without them even knowing.
Well miss Zurai Dah Sarip get off my back cos you know I know too much to mess with me.
Her first SL account..Natasja Schumann
First blog
First flickr


Full gist and comments below

New Couple Alert : Fingol and Niani in New Love β€οΈπŸ˜Š

Fingol Greyhaven  now has a new love Niani Resident which they both publicly express on Flickr and that obviously means  Serei  Guena is out.

By Your Side! ... by Niani

Poor Serei wrote these words on her Flickr post “The saddest thing in a treason is that never comes from our enemies but from the people who had the most confidence” hmm yet everyone seems to know that Fingol does this to all his ex-women.

With all my Love β™‘

And his popular phrase which he constantly and repeatedly says to his new girlfriends

Mi Vida! 

It’s incredible (again!) the waves of feelings coming from this picture. 

Your soul is beautiful. It is so beautiful.

And I feel to be living a dream together. Day and Night.

Your gift to me is not only this picture, or any other one.

You have gifted me with the most precious present that a man can receive. Your Love, and it says everything.

I Love You, with all my Heart β™₯

Tender and Loving kiss my baby β™₯β™₯β™₯

Meet Rosehanry!

Lets use this opportunity to meet one of Second Life finest : Rosehanry.
Who once claims she is deep in love with Bram
and shockingly was once Bella Ambrosio who was deep in love with Soul
And also married to Katie!!

and also married to Ben!

Final Verdict : She’s been having a really busy Second Life πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
Images : Flickr and Flickr

Denial has lead Bootney Blessed and Stella Mahogany down the Aisle!

Denial has Β finally lead these two down the aisle. On several occasion we have been whispered that our previous post on these two was a slander and Stella has made it a constant duty to tell her friends that the blog was only out to slander her and Bootney. She once told her friends that she would never date the ex of Neva because she considered both Bootney and Neva friends.


She even disclosed how she used to live on the Neva’s sim and how kind the two of them treated her. That they were all good friends and hung out together. She was adamant saying all the rumors were lies.

From the mails we received, her friends seem to have defended her but in the end we suppose she was the LIAR. A Whisper once ask this question to us ” I am not sure how a friend can date another friend’s ex but this is SL right?”

We are so glad she answered her very own questions: This is SL😊.

Images : Flickr and Flickr

EllaSparkss and Brandon Taselian Rumored to have Broken Up..

We got whispered that Brandon Taselian and EllaSparkss are no more an item. Ella removed his pick and words she wrote about him from her profile while Brandon simply just placed a link to Youtube which supposedly say how he is.



But Ella picture on Flickr says a lot about the situation but both seem to have dedicated their time and energy to play it out for everyone to think they are still together on Flickr. We just watch and see how long their games go on and anyone who has the juicy detail should come whisper.


There is a New Baby in town – Hikaru Enimo very own Marcusgay, Mr. Lambert move over😊

Hikaru Enimo and Marcusgay Lefevre seem to be the new couple on the block, they have both been seen sharing intimate moment on Hikaru’s Flickr pages – perfect picture baby.. yes baby .. Love it baby … *rolling eyes*πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.


Seems Mr.Lambert – Owner of Essences who was the former ohh baby, yes baby has moved on or is Mr. Lambert actually Marcusgay in disguise *coughs*.

Image : Flickr

Mara Charisma and Zedekiah Partnership seem to be Over, Done, Finish ….πŸ˜πŸ™„

Mara Charisma who was partnered with Zedekiah, it seems their relationship has gone bad very quickly.
Mara isnt taking this so well as she displays her disgust at him on her Flickr pics.

We got whispered that not long ago, Mara badly wanted to get down with Magivor who was having a secret affairs with Pixie Poison which Mara was not happy about at all.

Who will be the next…?πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ

Images : Flickr and  Flickr and Flickr