Maitreya set to release the V5 Body 😜

Maitreya Lara Latest update sent in the Group Notice

We are very close to release Lara mesh body update V5 (yayyyyy!)

We are sending this remote redelivery HUD ahead of time. So you have it ready for use when the update is released. It will be a matter of days now.

When the update is out this HUD will allow you to request a delivery from your home sim. Please do not come to the Maitreya store to use the store redelivery for the update, because of the sim limit.

Watch this group for the release announcement!


10 thoughts on “Maitreya set to release the V5 Body 😜

    1. its like the Bakes on mesh hud, but instead of that, the person is updating the whole body. so when you get the update from the store, yu don’t have to worry about anything and we might even get more suprises


        1. 90% of what i wear is bakes on mesh, the only ones that isn’t, is attachments, neko ears, tail, head, body, rings, necklaces. skin, tattoos, etc like that, all bkes on mesh. I think it makes it so much easier to wear waht we want, without worry about ‘limitations’


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