Candydoll vs Spoiled store brouhaha😳

Damiana created her own status, to rebuke the comments that were made by Rebeca Dembo, In Rebeca’s thread, Damiana did attempt to deny and defend herself against the copybotting accusations that Rebeca aimed at her and her store, but it appears that Rebeca does not like when someone attempts to do that, since she erased Damiana’s comment from her thread. In response, Damiana created one of her own on her page, regarding the accusations and showed proof that the suits, though similar have some differences as well.

The original creation from Rebeca Dembo was made approx. 3 years ago. Her outfit was fairly simple. Damiana’s has more detail to it, the front of the suit does actually sit differently, with a breast covered, unlike Rebeca’s which had both breasts bared. Also, Damiana’s does have the more detailed back zipper on it and does sit better on the hips, compared to the version that Rebaca originally created. The shoulder strap is even set up a little different, the one that goes over the shoulder, compared to Rebeca’s, which is slightly falling down the arm.

Rebecca Candydoll post

7 thoughts on “Candydoll vs Spoiled store brouhaha😳

  1. the model is same one,resmeshed in zbrush and then she added some wrinkles and detail and made a different texture(map) ,impossible to show its a copybotted model because topology isn’t same one.


  2. Rebel Pill and Spoiled are the same store. Just a head’s up. She likes to pretend they aren’t, but yeah they are. Sad though that Spoiled/Rebel Pill is basically paying someone ELSE to do the work. Why in the world are “creators” coming into second life and acting like it’s their stuff and in reality they are only marketing it. Such a freaking shame. I hope she paid her mesher good money.


    1. welcome to second life 75% of creators pay meshers / riggers 😀
      david heather, candydoll herself for 2 years , etham and many many more…
      that´s how the real life business works as well .. people hire people


  3. LMAO! Spoiled actually says in the convo she used Candydoll so that her mesher could copy it with a few small changes. Defend her and y’all are sounding like Republicans defending Trump. Spoiled Store = Soiled Store


  4. Rebeca Dembo should be ashamed of herself for wasting people’s time. She even admits the topology is different and that she doesn’t think her DMCA will work. The meshes don’t look alike even at a glance. She’s just upset someone made something similar to her incredibly basic “design”.

    Get over yourself, girl.

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