Level’s event CEO Jaay attacks a blogger for requesting reason for improvement after blogger rejection


29 thoughts on “Level’s event CEO Jaay attacks a blogger for requesting reason for improvement after blogger rejection

  1. Why couldn’t they delete the note card. Why couldn’t they just block her so she doesn’t contact them. Why couldn’t they just ignore her? I’ve watched talked and worked on Second Life for 8 years. Any time even though it says do not contact such and such as the reason for us to say no before we hire you. They still get asked why because the person wants to improve themselves. What’s the problem with improving yourself? Then she didn’t ask why she got rejected she got us were to improve herself. And every time even when I get rejected I usually contact them and go where can I improve myself can I reapply again at a later time. And everytime I either ask or been asked I’ve been extremely nice to them about it and explain to them what they can do to improve themselves no matter if it’s their Avatar or their attitude

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    My thoughts on the matter:
    Let the Level Event and staff reap what they have sown. Saying it was a misunderstanding and trying to make Bella apologise is sick. They all went gangsta in comments to other threads acting very hood and unprofessional to the point that designers pulled out of the event is what they deserve. Bloggers are due complete respectful behavior not verbal abuse from the start then taking it further even…. I have no words for Jaay and Lovely…. none of this whole ordeal was ever joking around. You cannot misread what they said. You cannot misunderstand it either. It was very clear and hostiley unprofessional. I say let them reep it alllll because it was duly deserved. I will always stick up for the bloggers in situations like this one.– AmandaMagick

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  3. Remember when david cooper cooybotted like everything? The fall out was real. It was everywhere for weeks.
    No one gives af. Hes back in events his sim is rammed. Level event wont be harmed no matter how many bloggers cry.


    1. That is where you are wrong. Level IS feeling the consequences to their actions and then Lovely’s lie afterward, claiming that everything was just a misunderstanding. The fact that quite a few people are comparing Jaay with Pupito is already a bad sign, especially since Jaay left Pupito’s events due to this very same bad behavior that Pupito use to do. Now, Jaay is doing the same thing he did, which is hypocritical of her, to say the least. Pile on top of that, that idiot Lovely who just made the matter 10x’s worse with her screwed up attitude and calling everyone vulgar names. Yeah, this is going to haunt them for a long time and honestly, it should.


  4. Here are the full facts as they happened:

    -The blogger applied, was rejected. The application made no mention of not contacting the staff.
    -The blogger sent a notecard to the Level Event staff (shown above).
    -The blogger then posted the following on her facebook:
    -People commented, calling the Level Event staff’s response rude and unprofessional.
    -In response, the owner of Level Event lashed out on her own Facebook with a bunch of abuse hurled about the blogger’s avi, etc then deleted it but someone had already taken a screenshot of it (shown above)
    -Another blogger posted about it on their own facebook and the level Event’s HR person commented with name-calling and general trolling and baiting, which made people even angrier.
    -A couple hours later, the Level Event’s HR person contacted the blogger and asked them to remove the posts. Then posted this misleading message on their own facebook, which enraged people even further

    To date there has been no acknowledgment of how the Level Event staff handled the situation.

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  5. The original notecard clearly states not to contact a team member yet punkarella did anyway. While the reply from Jaay was unwarranted, harsh and totally unprofessional – punkarella only helped to cement their decision. She can’t follow directions! But as we all know, everyone feels “entitled” and rules don’t apply to them. blah blah blah


        1. Wrong again. She never said she felt entitled to an answer. The staff’s response made her worried that she did something wrong.


            1. So what you’re telling us is that you don’t know the blogger personally or the definition of the word ‘implied’. Got it.


            2. You need a dictionary man.
              She never expressed having a right to any special treatment or ANYTHING else but a normal, human, polite answer. Which anyone in this world is deserving of, thus this not being entitlement: i got news for you, we live in a society and usually the right thing to do is being polite if someone is polite to you and did nothing wrong to you. And if you don’t get this and you think being polite is an entitlement and not a basic human right, boy i’m so sorry for you.
              She expressed WORRY that she MAY HAVE SAID SOMETHING WRONG since she was granted an unprofessional and somewhat rude reply. THAT’S NOT entitlement.
              Please do yourself a favor and study some word definitions for your own sake.

              Fuck man, human decency is just long gone it seems….

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        2. She politely asked for feedback for her own improvement. That is different from demanding an explanation for the rejection.
          Merely contacting them is not entitlement, it depends on the intention… which you should know, given how hard you kept arguing on that one lol


    1. The original APPLICATION did not mention anything about contacting staff. When Punky was rejected, she sent a NC asking how she could improve, so some constructive criticism. When you read that NC, you have to read it from bottom to top. Jaay’s comment is in response to Punky’s question, not the other way around. As for your comment earlier about Punky acting entitled, there was no sense of entitlement anywhere in that NC or Punky’s post.


  6. So, a few things here:
    – It says “do not contact our staff” but she wrote to them anyway.
    – She wrote to Niki and yet it was Jaay that responded.
    – The tone of her note was polite and straightforward. Absolutely no reason to be responded to with an attack.
    – Given the “do not contact our staff” bit, the notecard should have been ignored.
    Could have/would have/should have. In the end, this is highly unprofessional and not to mention rude of Jaay.

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    1. That was the answer, the original was the Punkarella where she ask for a feedback… Bloggers Managers and store owners used to reply in the same Notecard that you send to them when you need ask something. So the anwer was rude and unprofessional.


    2. The “do not contact staff…” was a REPLY to the original question. You may not send a lot of notecards or email to know this, but standard form is to add your reply to the top of the original message. It was not stated before hand to not contact staff with questions.


    1. Lmao they don’t even try to change a bit their ghetto slang to hide behind a comment. Seriously, I never met someone as mean and frustrated as Lovely. Jaay is a whole other thing, I wouldn’t buy a needle that is associated with her name or her dirty group of idiots.


    2. If you go by this logic then the blogger has every right to ask for feedback. She is going by her rules of sl just like every content creator goes by their rules as well.


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