Store Owner bans Resident for camping, Resident to pay 2000Ls to get back

A skin store placed  a camp chair with surprise item-100L giftcard. Resident has been camping to collect balance to buy skin pack,which costs 860L. Resident also had 300 L giftcard from said store,which was group gift and added that to current balance.
Resident camped a couple of times,and due to lag sometime crashed when it just 4 mins left on chair, and re log and sit again to camp. Said Resident does not disturbed anyone to camp and doesn’t camp 24/7.
2 days ago, Resident was banned from group and store. Resident tried to contact with friend,who is also mod there she ignored him ,but later answered and talked to Resident, like Resident was the ugliest person in the world.
Conversation below :
[2019/08/15 01:37] mod : hey
[2019/08/15 01:37]me: why i was banned from skins store?
[2019/08/15 01:38] mod -: i think , that is something you might want to ask izara
[2019/08/15 01:39] me: you wanna say you don t know
[2019/08/15 01:39] mod – : I know .D but it is creator store and I didn’t do the ban
[2019/08/15 01:39] me: why you can t say when?
[2019/08/15 01:39] mod – : OK, what did u do in store?
[2019/08/15 01:40] me: em.i was camping sometimes,lol
[2019/08/15 01:40] mod – : how many giftcards did you take?
[2019/08/15 01:40] me: so it s because of giftcards?
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod: How many did you get?
[2019/08/15 01:41] me: maybe 14
[2019/08/15 01:41] me: or 16)
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod –  : nope,* creator name* can check that
[2019/08/15 01:41] mod: how many ppl we have in group?
[2019/08/15 01:42] me: idk
[2019/08/15 01:42]mod): over 60 k
[2019/08/15 01:42] mod: so, do you think it is nice to camp a giftcard out so many times, while others don’t get any?
[2019/08/15 01:43] me: 1) i don t camping 24/7. 2)i m not online 24/7. and  every time i sit, NO ONE was around.3) when i log off, i m offline for more than 10 hours, so i don t camp
[2019/08/15 01:44] me: 4)i m not only one who camped more than once.5) you saw me where and other mods,anyone said anything ?no
[2019/08/15 01:44] mod: well u did get lots of giftcards and that she didn’t put 1 for each only, wasn’t meaning, that it is nice to take all this lindens
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod): I had no idea what is in the chair, i didn’t camped at all so how can i know?
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod: we don’t get extra infos
[2019/08/15 01:45] mod: it only says surprise box to me, that’s it
In fact Resident did not disturbed anyone to take cards, and still Resident was treated by mod and owner,like they stole their store.
Store owner told Resident that he took 30 cards,which is not true, because i bought only 2 skin pack 1700Ls both together and body applier 450Ls, so maximum got 20-21 cards. and also bought shape from this creator at sale, and 2 skin colors appliers, spent there just 200Ls, but owner says Resident steal money from her.
If store owner bans you from store,will you pay 2000Ls to be back?

25 thoughts on “Store Owner bans Resident for camping, Resident to pay 2000Ls to get back

  1. NEWS:
    Today shop owner let shop assistant tell to group: “… Recently we learned that the owner of MD Labs invalidated ALL gift cards that ended with numbers, due to the possibility of them being illegally copied. …” and “… Since the majority of 7DS gift cards have been named with numbers at the end, they are no longer valid. We apologize for this inconvenience, please understand this is completely out of our control. …”
    Pretty sure I am not the ony one who lost all his collected store credit.


  2. IF you want any kind of customer-oriented service, simply avoid 7DS. Even the poor shop assistants are lost in the maze that is the shop ( her shop her rules, in their word ). Hud Attachments that go to the hand. Box-in-the-box need to be opened in order to get your stuff.
    Do you need a tone palette ? ( IT is such a weird idea when you think of it, if you shop for skins, now isn’t it ? ) Well, there are none in 7DS boxes. It would be too simple. Ask one to the shop assistant and then to the creator . ” There is one, go find it i in-store. ” Spend minutes finding it , and then ? Make a screenshot , because clicking on the thing will do nothing.
    And why do you need a palette when the names of the tones are so straightforward ? because where I live, the tone of caramel is darker than butter, for example. Yet 7DS Caramel skin tone is more fair than the Butter one. Go figure ?
    You’ve got it all figured in these comments.

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  3. Seriously, out of 7DS and Wow skin creators, I’m not sure which one is the pettiest of individuals. Asking for 2K to be able to go back, was a dick move on Izara’s part. The mods cover that store fairly decently, so I have to wonder why none of them said anything to this person. Seeing someone so often at the chairs, you would think that they would have noticed that and maybe said something if it was really wrong. As for Izara, bravo in showing a perfect example of how NOT to act. It was not the customer’s fault that you were sick and the chairs were out longer than you intended. That was all on her.


  4. The facs of the MD vendor store system don’t lie! its there black on white she took 30 cards. i can show the data no problem and ofc you can sit and camp that many times but another fact is when you never bought a skin in my store i reserve the right to ban you from my store. The chairs stayed in the store longer then expected because i got sick in RL. In the end Its all about manners.

    People seem to think they are entitled to everything in a store and behave however they want…
    Just remember we work hard to run a business in SL and i give away so much gifts already but there has to be a limit to my generosity!

    So don’t act like your the victim here!


    1. Your reputation in sl is well known and 7DS store’s skins are pretty old school and she has pointed out , she has spend a money as well .

      If you cannot handle the facts , remove your chairs then , but you’re nothing else than a Drama Queen with hilarious rules .


  5. If you make a camping chair, you want someone to sit there to generate traffic, so it doesnt matter if you camp 1, 10 of 100 times. And this store needs new templates, specially the male ones that look dated. Also her work is sloppy, with appliers that attatch to hand instead of screen. A chaos. Creator should focus on the quality of her products instead of creating drama over nothing.


  6. This designer is bat shit crazy…..Chair are to do exactly what this obvious purchaser of your skin did. Get a clue a good designer would of given her the skin……You ban someone that likes your skin, kinda of cutting off you nose to spite your skin arr arr arr.


  7. Any time a camping chair is put out, its sole purpose is to boost traffic. Rewards are offered to encourage people to camp. It shouldn’t matter if it’s one person camping 30 times, or 30 people camping 1 time. The end result is the same, and telling someone they need to repay 2/3 of what they EARNED for camping there is just insane.


  8. Dear Izara,

    If your skin cost 860L + 450L for the appliers.
    Then you have a camper for gift cards with a value of 300L?
    You cannot expect anyone to get skins to let alone detailed skins with 300L.
    It’s gonna take people a couple of camping times to get that skin + applier they want with the gift card.
    And you cannot tell someone what to buy with those gift cards. If they want to buy skins with it.
    And the value of the gift card is low.. you better expect them to sit there for a while to get the skin + applier they want.


  9. I think that someone who’s been camping to get as much as 30 gift cards has been abusing that store/designer’s generosity, and can’t really complain over being banned. I find it’s a fair reason to ban someone.

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  10. Hello dear blogger!thank you for posting ,owner contacted me and sent me screenshots about giftcards thing,I saw 24 cards on screenshots , she wanted to say that I collected around 3000l,but I bought 2 fatpacks 860+860 l and one body applier 450 l,also I used giftcard 300 l which was groupgift. Mod and owner treated me like I stole whole store. You can call me stupid,but I really wanted to get skins,because it fitted my new shape. Is that hard to write ‘do not get more than 4-5 cards’,I felt I am free to camp.also camp give more traffic,no?many mods saw me at store and they was free to tell me leave chair. Ir hurts me that they treated me like person who just wanted to ‘stole her lindens”.. like what was the point to place giftcard in surprise item?..why she don’t said anywhere about the limit?also I do not wanted to mention a store,mod name and my name,because I do not want owner to disturb me I wrong?


    1. There’s a difference between camping for a few gift cards and letting a store owner finance all your shopping in their store. Then you’re not being a traffic generator as much as you’re being a scrounger.


      1. @Teresa Matfield Well if the skin wasn’t too expensive he/she wouldn’t be sitting there for hours on end getting 300L gift cards for 860L skin + 450L appliers. Do the math. If you’re gonna do gift cards. At least make it to the amount to here people can spend the gift cards in Sim owner’s store for nice things! Skin is so damn expensive nowadays it hard for even the newbie of noobs to get freebies.


  11. It would have served Izara better to think about just how badly this resident wanted her skin. Instead of banning the resident she could have given the skin for free as a promotional gesture. The resident would have been happy and would have spread the word on how great Izara and her skins were. You can’t ask for easier advertising for Izara and the store. I mean really, sometimes you gotta give a little to get a little and giving away a skin as a promo wouldn’t have broken her bank roll. Now, she’s getting bad publicity instead. See how that works?


    1. Thank you for comment.yes,u loved her skins and mostly I was told newbies or friends how good her skins and how many gifts. Also her groupgifts was giftcards too but balance was not enough to buy anything,and when I realized that camp gives balance,I felt like it’s a chance!that’s all and I don’t wanted to steal any thing


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