6 thoughts on “Owner – REVOUL and fellow designer friends body shame in private

  1. I will list the people involved
    Virgil Geo aka Jerome
    Nikita Walker
    EvolMail aka Maliwali (owner of EVOL)
    Cardi’B Heather aka Oliver Header (owner of Pare)
    Ezekiel Revoul aka Ezekiel Revoul Middleton
    Quan Remi Martin ( Owner of Enviee}

    Ok so here’s how the story went.

    Quan and Jerome were in a relationship at one time and broke up.
    Mind you, Jerome is a bisexual man RL and SL. Quan is a homosexual male RL and SL he uses female avatars. After Quan and Jerome broke up, Jerome started a relationship with Nikita Walker. Quan found it disgusting at the fact that Nikita and Jerome were in a relationship. Showing complete disregard for Jerome’s bisexuality and the fact he like both men and women.

    Out of spite and jealously Quan ( along with his SL friends Ezekiel, Oliver Heather and Evol Mali) started to stalk Nikita and post her RL photos on facebook/Instagram body shamming Nikita.
    Making fun of her makeup and so forth. When Nikita brought it to the light. Quan and his friend decided to play the victim and blame Nikita for starting this drama ( with no receipts).
    So Nikita when on Facebook live an address the issues as well producing additional receipts proving that Quan was jealousy with Jerome and Nikita relationship. Calling it ” disgusting”.
    Thinking it was wrong for a man who is openly bisexual to be with a woman


  2. Body shaming regardless of RL or SL is a form of bullying. This is something that needs to stop across all lives. We need to be more empowering toward women and their bodies, self esteem and confidence. Body positivity needs to be more accepting towards all shapes and sizes as the the REAL world makes the motion for SL and SL Mirrors RL which is more beautiful. I’m a store owner in SL and I believe that you should have the freedom to look how you want to look even if its different and not a “norm”. The world regardless of SL or RL is built on diversity ie size, color etc. Be happy, be beautiful and most of all BE YOU AND FUCK THE HATERS. Besides, they are only hating because they are jealous that someone else can rock the look and they cant. #EmpowermentForAllWomen


  3. Now, these gay guys wouldn’t like people coming for them. The first thing they would do is cry LGBTQ bashing. But it’s ok for them to bash women? Body shame women? Make these skins for bodies just to profit from them and never support body positivity? All those involved are canceled. Bye bitches.


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