Seraphim educates Residents on the Epiphany and FaMESHed brouhaha 👏👍🏻


Seraphim Statement

11 thoughts on “Seraphim educates Residents on the Epiphany and FaMESHed brouhaha 👏👍🏻

  1. In RE gallery not being on Seraphim…y’all do know that Fameshed has their own website where they post the gallery, so you can still window shop beforehand…


    1. They have more than just fameshed though and having to go through many different sites instead of just the one is annoying.


    2. Yea…. it’s just not the same and all the loops you have to go through to check it out. Again…. the simplicity of Seraphim worked for me and the time I let myself spend on this this. Thanks anyway tho. Seraphim is a One stop Window shop place for me. Also…. if there is an event listed on Seraphim and no gallery….I dont even attempt to attend. Falls under my original post of window shopping vs tackling a laggy sim and making my way around.

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  2. I am thankful for the full info into what happened with the Fameshed event disappearing from Searphim. It was sudden. It has been missed. Was one of my fave events to look forward to each month. All I can say is that I will not be attending the Fameshed event here on out. As someone else stated I do not want to go to a laggy event especially if I am not certain there is anything there I want in the first place. Not going to wait for stuff to load and slowly make my way around the event. I would rather window shop and plan out my time in a better way. So long Fameshed, if you ever make it back on Seraphim maybe we will meet again!

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  3. Since the reaction of the owner of the event was like she didn’t know or was surprised about the procedures and timeline around blogging about events that Seraphim has been using for a long time I so got the feeling that the account was/is used by another person.


    1. How does this make sense? Someone hacked or stole her account to then proceed to promote her events? THAT seems like the logical conclusion to you?


  4. I hope the designers see this and start running away from these two event owners. Seraphim is what we’re used to using to see events. I rarely even go to Fameshed anymore because of no seraphim coverage. I don’t want to visit a laggy event to see if I may want something.


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