The Shops Legacy body Brouhaha – Real life names required to sign the Dev Kit agreement and partnership with Adobe πŸ€¬πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³πŸ€”.

20 thoughts on “The Shops Legacy body Brouhaha – Real life names required to sign the Dev Kit agreement and partnership with Adobe πŸ€¬πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³πŸ€”.

  1. I have my eyes blinking rapidly at sheer gal of theirs. It is true that if you wish to do business – you should be transparent and dependable BUT that is required of The Shops as well. If they are not binding the creator in question and sharing profits – in theory none of the sides needs to know such details. However, let’s say being over the top in security makes all better – Adobe definitely is not an identity processing service. They do exist and protect privacy of both owner and user plus delete data later on but …. The Shops should be after their own local authorities on that and if I recall Google had such service at one point but I might be wrong.


  2. Astrilia got a contract with Sanco,why can’t people get one with adobe? And did people forget how they ( The shops is this store. Look at the map.)scammed the last time? Half of SL is still banned . Let someone new make a body.ffs.


  3. Maitreya is the most imbecile. People bought and continue to buy her body mesh just because of Glam Affair appliers. Take the applier off and her sales and popularity will drop down to over 50 percent. When you decide to make a such product you have to be flexible and offer the possibility to all other developers to work on it otherwise you don”t do it. But she is a mentally reduced person.
    The only reliable out there are Signature and Slink. These are people who understood what they put on sale and know how to make business.


      • That’s NOT why people went with Maitreya. Are you really under the impression that Glam Affair has the best skins in SL? There are many great skin creators. Let me remind you that Maitreya was the FIRST body that had a free update to bento. The Maitreya body also has the best hands in feet in SL. Maitreya is popular for a reason. Every popular body in SL has its pros and cons. To me, the Slink body is the worst of the three. Maitreya is number 1, Belleza Freya is a close second, Slink is a distant third. But again, this is my preference. But this article is not about any of those bodies; it’s about TMP rebranded as “The Shops”.

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        • MAITREYA IS NUMBER ONE BECAUSE OF CLOTHING SUPPORT. NOTHING ELSE. ITS A FUCKING MONOPOLY. If there was a FAIR distribution of clothing between Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink like it SHOULD BE, consumers would be much more open to trying a different body. Both bodies are just as good as Maitreya as far as personal body preference goes, but both are far more superior in features than Maitreya will probably ever be. They had years to update their system and they haven’t! First to pump out bento hands, but yet to offer better control of your body. And STILL has tattoos on the gloves layer. Yeah that makes all kinds of sense doesn’t it?!! LOL


    • No no….Maitreya makes so much money because they have a monopoly now. Because they’re the most popular most of the clothing is for them and because most of the clothing is made for the body they stay the most popular.


  4. This post isn’t accurate, their official mesh kit application is on their website, and there is no application for applier kits or personal mesh kits, only for the mesh business kit. if you do business, you act like a business, you share your name. and they did better than maitreya by not asking for any personal information directly but went through Adobe, which to me shows that they care about our privacy.

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    • This post is from yesterday and today they updated their page and provided more info about their adobe partnership, adobe sign in detail lol they did NOT mention adobe sign anywhere yesterday

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  5. If we are required to provide our rl info, will they be providing us with their rl info? seems like a β€œreasonable and fair request for two businesses doing business together”

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    • are you giving them something? you’re asking for their raw files they made their body with. if they are to share with you then they ask you, are you going to send them something you worked for three years on? makes sense to me.

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  6. If this is true, it’s very unusual. I’m sure that this will not help their business, but I think The Shops Legacy body is doomed to fail anyway. Why would anyone support a store that has such terrible customer service? SL already has mesh/bento bodies. There is nothing that “The Shops” has that is not already offered. And yet, it’s the most expensive mesh/bento body in SL at $5,000L.


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