26 thoughts on “Wendy Starfall is paranoid again and bans Resident for asking questions in the Fire Flower Group

  1. This is a perfect example of the things Wendy has to deal with all the time. I just wished this stuff wouldn’t get to her so much. Providing some background:

    Wendy Starfall is a community persona in the Second Life virtual world. She creates a popular role play gadget that SL residents wear on the game character’s necks as chokers or necklaces.

    A few years ago Wendy gained some popularity when creating YouTube clips for this gadget and some other in game fetish items. Sadly this also attracted misogynists and haters and most of these videos were taken down because of the awful comment section.

    Most people know and appreciate Wendy as the fun and cheerful person she is.

    You guys can’t hurt her 🙂


  2. Wendy needs to get professional help. She is very unstable and it’s just one of the reasons I walked away. She recently got talking with a someone, then we he blocked her, she banned him from OpenCollar.at and then got the (opinionated much?) Tonya Souther on his a$$


    • Well I’ve had enough internet for today after re reading her profile. It wasn’t that bad before, but now i’m just done today gonna log off and try to think happy thoughts.


  3. Everything in this post is true. I help Wendy and She has become paranoid and insane. It’s time I spoke out. She also has an alt in the OpenCollar R&D taking ideas from them and putting them into her collars trying to get them out first in hopes of converting people away from OpenCollar and to Peanut instead.


  4. Hate to say it, because I hate being mean – especially in this shit between OC and Flower, but Seriously, OC people had every right to take back their group – it was their group to begin with. Just because Wendy scripted for them and held down the fort while the original owners took a *much needed break* means absolutely fucking nothing. They never stood down from their positions, they simply took a break. Real life and other stuff happens to us all and even in real life work we need a break every now and again.

    As for Wendy constantly booting people from the group for asking questions – she does it purely for being in the OC group too! You don’t even have to have said a single word. I personally joined flower group to check out their new release… only to be banned within half an hour of joining, and I hadn’t spoken a single fucking word in their group. Though Wendy did call me out in group chat and stated I was being banned for “spying” on her group. SPYING?! LOL Give me a fucking break. Nothing worth spying on with their piece of shit releases and piece of shit staff.

    There is room in secondlife for both “companies”… OpenCollar was the first and original OC on grid, and I am proud to say I was there from the beginning (No not an owner. I was one of the Creators, and also Staff). I am not bias at all, I use 4 different kinds of collar systems all have their ups and downs, even OC.

    Wendy needs to get off her fucking high horse and quit being a precious little fucking snowflake. People prefer Opencollar purely because the ‘best’ features aren’t locked behind a fucking paywall like Wendy’s is. The latest is also that Wendy is taking the OC AO into a buy only – not for free anymore.

    Either way I’m glad to not be part of that fucking group. Almost weekly notice rants about one bullshit or another. Whiny little bitch.


    • She is super paranoid that everyone is out to get her. I used to think it was horrible that she was overthrown in the OC group and now I realize it was necessary. She can script, but other than that she’s out of control at times. If you try to change the subject when she’s on a rant she gets upset also. It’s almost comical to watch her self destruct.


    • She banned my friend just because she didn’t agreed with her and didn’t want to kiss her fat ass ! Wendy is nothing else than very sick person, who use, i bet drugs and alcohol together and gets very weird very fast. Everyone hates her , because of that ! If and when you don’t please her , do excatly as she wants….you find yourself faster than you breath from blocked list !


    • [08:18] Gem M.M.: tell wendy that… im banned right now for asking about a roadmap for peanuts after gushing my heart out about how my entire family uses peanuts
      [08:18] Gem M.M.: im still in chats because i havnt closed the window.
      [08:18] Gem M.M.: all i wanted to know is where the collar is going, simple roadmap question
      [08:19] Wendy Starfall: you aren’t banned on my watch 🙂
      [08:19] Wendy Starfall: but I know now where you are coming from
      [08:19] Dina TalonKili: She maybe thought you was getting into developer secrets? I mean, where else new people going learn how to use a collar? Throw them under the bus?
      [08:20] Dina TalonKili: Morning, Wendy! Nice to see you up.
      [08:20] Gem M.M.: i just wanted to know where we’re going…. like… as a family…. but you kicked me instantly from the discord and im banned from fireflower right now….
      [08:20] Wendy Starfall: do you have any last words?
      [08:20] Gem M.M.: or at least kicked and cant re-join

      says it all lol


  5. Wendy thinks her word is god, just join the group and discord and watch for a day for shit and giggles, say a few thing’s that she doesn’t like you’ll be kick, yet she gets drunk online, acts the living fool she is, that’s fine, but say a thing wrong in her eyes, you kicked, banned, whatever her little god mode lets her do.


  6. Omfg she realy realy us and even more ghan paranoid . Incredible rude , harsh and without any understanding what so ever . She banns without any reason and realy lets Residents hear how sick they’re without any mercy . Don’t know how much drugs she use or what pills but thatt woman is complete out of control . Wendy Starfall is a woman who needs some hospital care and fast .


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