45 thoughts on “Wendy Starfall is paranoid again and bans Resident for asking questions in the Fire Flower Group

  1. Basically, it comes down to this. If you upset Wendy, or get her into her ‘seeing red’ moods which come with being bi-polar, you’ll get bullied by her and her entourage, banned and griefed …


  2. Very helpful, even to silly newbies like me

    I picked up Wendy’s updater and was having trouble getting it to work. I asked in the support group and Wendy herself came over to help me since I had no idea what I was doing.

    Long story short, everything works- and it’s pretty clear Wendy cares about her users.


  3. Everything Wendy did and does is just great, it got better and better over the years.
    Thank you Wendy is all one can say about attempted drama like this.


  4. Well, I (and we all) cannot but should try to thank Wendy enough for what she did for all of us in the SL BDSM and roleplay community.
    Who cares about this made up stuff here anyway LOL.


  5. Interesting… well, not the post as this is rather making stuff up, even the shown screen-shot does not match with the title given here:
    1) It was only said to kick, never known if a kick happened and nobody even talked about a ban
    2) The paranoia was tried to prevented by Wendy because the offender in this chat tried to fire up paranoia (not a first time about this topic)

    But well, I guess that is what you expect on a tabloid website like this, make stuff up and try to create drama, some will join in…

    Now really interesting is the fact said in one of the commends by an obvious insider of the whole scene:

    2013-04-13 Athaliah Opus moved 1280 USD from the OpenCollar project donation fund. That money was never seen again.

    WOW, that would be worth a whisper for sure, that is serious stuff, unlike some silly group kick blown up for nothing.


  6. Thank you Wendy!
    You don’t give up and still provide us with the real deal, unlike other rip-offs of the work you and your team did the last years.


  7. Oh that Wendy!
    Wendy, your collaborators and your generosity, amazes me. You all labor so much for so long to give your community wonderful tools to help us enjoy our second lives. You are all wonderful, Thank you so very much for everything you do!!!


  8. Reading these haters here…
    I just want to thank Wemdy for all of this, I used by accident the “original” stuff and what a pain.
    SOOO HAPPY now as I switched so easily back to Wendy’s Peanut.
    Wendy for ever ❤


    • IKR!
      Wendy is a SL Rock Star, without her we would not have these awesome play thngs, she took care of it for all these years and made it all soo much better.
      You go Wendy!


  9. Wendy has outdone herself again. This is by far the best collar system I have used and this latest update is so much better. I have been able to update all of my collars from version 3 and up easily with this. Much love to you Wendy on your next adventure and thank you for all you have done.


  10. Wendy is an amazing person, dedicated as hell to her work, and I don’t understand at all why some people are dead set on hating her with every fiber of their pathetic beings. I can’t believe this worthless post and its comments deriding her (and even impersonating me) haven’t been taken down by now.


  11. This post about Wendy Starfall is defamatory and false.

    I wanted to know what Wendy was up to and found this mess when searching for her name.

    I’m feeling appalled when I read all these lies about one of Second Life’s greatest content creators and coders in the comments here.

    I was contributing to OpenCollar in the years 2008 to 2015 off and on.

    Let me share some insider info from the other side of the coin:

    1. On 2013-04-13 Athaliah Opus moved 1280 USD from the OpenCollar project donation fund. That money was never seen again. Athaliah claimed that she moved the money on Wendy’s request for ‘safe keeping’. Athaliah then disappeared for several years.

    2. Wendy Starfall has been well known for returning money donations when given personally. Everyone knew that. She paid much of the OC running cost for years. Everyone knew that too.

    3. Nandana Singh who appears to be using the handle nirea Resident now has been notorious for taking project donations for personal use. He would take large amounts of Linden Dollars from the donation fund to buy clothing, skins, hair and what have you for his dozens of female alt avatars.

    4. Nandana / nirea has also been notorious for wearing other people’s laurels. Nandana’s OC was a collection of full permission scripts he didn’t even write himself. The real OC that became popular in the years 2008 – 2012 was authored by people such as Cleo Collins, Garvin Twine and Satomi Ahn.

    5. The modern OpenCollar code base is authored by Wendy Starfall and Garvin Twine almost in its entirety with code reviews done by Romka Swallowtail. The database backed OpenCollar before 2013 has little to nothing to do with the OpenCollar that everyone uses nowadays. This can all be easily found at https://github.com/opencollar in the git repositories of the official project when looking at git blames, issues and milestones.

    Except for 2 other postings this commentary section consists of 100% lies and attacks against Wendy. Hopefully people will not be so naive to simply accept what others write here about her as the truth.

    I can’t imagine how much that must hurt after she has dedicated 9 years of her life to open source coding on SL in particular the collar projects.


  12. Just to show the shadiness of Wendy and her team – her and otto stole from those who unwittingly supported the project during her time with lindens!

    “In July 2016 I tried to log in to the OpenCollar Organiser account to check up on how finances were being distributed. I found that the password for OpenCollar Organiser had been changed and I had been locked out of the account. This was concerning. Imagine the feeling of coming home from vacation and seeing that your housesitter had locked you out of your own house and changed the locks. Without a view into the account’s transactions, I had no way of ensuring that funds were still going to the project’s stated mission. I asked Wendy about this, and she told me to talk to Otto/Garvin Twine. After some more discussion, she walked me through the systems then in use for distributing funds. I was satisfied that she was doing so honestly, with one exception. I saw that 50% of all tips to the “OpenCollar” tip boards at the temple were being paid to a single developer, Otto. This was very concerning. I was not comfortable with people thinking they were donating to tier and server costs but really having it go to an individual.”


    • All this shows is the shadiness of the person posting above who didn’t even mention the source of this absurd quote.

      I have searched for it and it is taken from a made up narrative on the fake OpenCollar GitHub project.

      Some research shows that Garvin Twine pays the region tier as he owns the region.

      Who else should get the donations for running cost then?

      Maybe Athaliah Opus who took 1280 US dollars in 2013 and then disappeared for four years?

      Or better Nandana / nirea who bragged about spending project donations on pretty dresses and hair so he could equip his dozens of girl avatars?


  13. This is a perfect example of the things Wendy has to deal with all the time. I just wished this stuff wouldn’t get to her so much. Providing some background:

    Wendy Starfall is a community persona in the Second Life virtual world. She creates a popular role play gadget that SL residents wear on the game character’s necks as chokers or necklaces.

    A few years ago Wendy gained some popularity when creating YouTube clips for this gadget and some other in game fetish items. Sadly this also attracted misogynists and haters and most of these videos were taken down because of the awful comment section.

    Most people know and appreciate Wendy as the fun and cheerful person she is.

    You guys can’t hurt her 🙂


    • Anna

      That popular roleplay gadget is a collar, the same sort of thing you place around the neck of a dog. It is used in domination/submission. In my chats with others at the place Wendy hangs out (the Temple of the Collar) it’s all about misogyny and taboos, I mean check out Wendy’s (not so politically correct) profile pick https://prnt.sc/m8mz8q


    • Wow. I didn’t realise that it was, essentially, a hostile takeover. Excerpt from that link BlackDog supplied “Nandana Singh (now Nirea Resident) Athaliah Opus Lulu Pink Doggy Core Alice Callaghan Khiara Kanto Summer Seale Velveteen Scribe Jayne Giano Lecina Enigma Eiko Zeffirelli Anika Mureaux Andria Babenco Ivald Huldasson Jenniferz Vita Cleo Collins Asami Imako Satomi Ahn Wendy Starfall Master Starship Romka Swallowtail Garvin Twine (aka Otto) Silkie Sabra littlemousy Sumi Perl Ray Zopf Toy Wylie Joy Stipe Kyrah Abattoir VirtualDisgrace Grey Mars

      (If you have contributed to the project and I left you out, please let me know! You deserve our gratitude.)

      Wendy has probably given more to OpenCollar than anyone, and for that we should all be extremely grateful. But contributing time to the project does not entitle anyone to ownership of it. OpenCollar remains about being free, open, and community-driven. It is not about any one person, whether that’s myself, Wendy, Athy, or anyone”


  14. Wendy needs to get professional help. She is very unstable and it’s just one of the reasons I walked away. She recently got talking with a someone, then we he blocked her, she banned him from OpenCollar.at and then got the (opinionated much?) Tonya Souther on his a$$


    • Well I’ve had enough internet for today after re reading her profile. It wasn’t that bad before, but now i’m just done today gonna log off and try to think happy thoughts.


  15. Everything in this post is true. I help Wendy and She has become paranoid and insane. It’s time I spoke out. She also has an alt in the OpenCollar R&D taking ideas from them and putting them into her collars trying to get them out first in hopes of converting people away from OpenCollar and to Peanut instead.


  16. Hate to say it, because I hate being mean – especially in this shit between OC and Flower, but Seriously, OC people had every right to take back their group – it was their group to begin with. Just because Wendy scripted for them and held down the fort while the original owners took a *much needed break* means absolutely fucking nothing. They never stood down from their positions, they simply took a break. Real life and other stuff happens to us all and even in real life work we need a break every now and again.

    As for Wendy constantly booting people from the group for asking questions – she does it purely for being in the OC group too! You don’t even have to have said a single word. I personally joined flower group to check out their new release… only to be banned within half an hour of joining, and I hadn’t spoken a single fucking word in their group. Though Wendy did call me out in group chat and stated I was being banned for “spying” on her group. SPYING?! LOL Give me a fucking break. Nothing worth spying on with their piece of shit releases and piece of shit staff.

    There is room in secondlife for both “companies”… OpenCollar was the first and original OC on grid, and I am proud to say I was there from the beginning (No not an owner. I was one of the Creators, and also Staff). I am not bias at all, I use 4 different kinds of collar systems all have their ups and downs, even OC.

    Wendy needs to get off her fucking high horse and quit being a precious little fucking snowflake. People prefer Opencollar purely because the ‘best’ features aren’t locked behind a fucking paywall like Wendy’s is. The latest is also that Wendy is taking the OC AO into a buy only – not for free anymore.

    Either way I’m glad to not be part of that fucking group. Almost weekly notice rants about one bullshit or another. Whiny little bitch.


    • She is super paranoid that everyone is out to get her. I used to think it was horrible that she was overthrown in the OC group and now I realize it was necessary. She can script, but other than that she’s out of control at times. If you try to change the subject when she’s on a rant she gets upset also. It’s almost comical to watch her self destruct.


    • She banned my friend just because she didn’t agreed with her and didn’t want to kiss her fat ass ! Wendy is nothing else than very sick person, who use, i bet drugs and alcohol together and gets very weird very fast. Everyone hates her , because of that ! If and when you don’t please her , do excatly as she wants….you find yourself faster than you breath from blocked list !


    • [08:18] Gem M.M.: tell wendy that… im banned right now for asking about a roadmap for peanuts after gushing my heart out about how my entire family uses peanuts
      [08:18] Gem M.M.: im still in chats because i havnt closed the window.
      [08:18] Gem M.M.: all i wanted to know is where the collar is going, simple roadmap question
      [08:19] Wendy Starfall: you aren’t banned on my watch 🙂
      [08:19] Wendy Starfall: but I know now where you are coming from
      [08:19] Dina TalonKili: She maybe thought you was getting into developer secrets? I mean, where else new people going learn how to use a collar? Throw them under the bus?
      [08:20] Dina TalonKili: Morning, Wendy! Nice to see you up.
      [08:20] Gem M.M.: i just wanted to know where we’re going…. like… as a family…. but you kicked me instantly from the discord and im banned from fireflower right now….
      [08:20] Wendy Starfall: do you have any last words?
      [08:20] Gem M.M.: or at least kicked and cant re-join

      says it all lol


  17. Wendy thinks her word is god, just join the group and discord and watch for a day for shit and giggles, say a few thing’s that she doesn’t like you’ll be kick, yet she gets drunk online, acts the living fool she is, that’s fine, but say a thing wrong in her eyes, you kicked, banned, whatever her little god mode lets her do.


  18. Omfg she realy realy us and even more ghan paranoid . Incredible rude , harsh and without any understanding what so ever . She banns without any reason and realy lets Residents hear how sick they’re without any mercy . Don’t know how much drugs she use or what pills but thatt woman is complete out of control . Wendy Starfall is a woman who needs some hospital care and fast .


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