Epiphany and Arcade Owners Skye and Pizza Go After Each Other Revealing How They Both REALLY Do Business


Source :  Plurk

Pdf : Ashur So Overnight the Arcade


15 thoughts on “Epiphany and Arcade Owners Skye and Pizza Go After Each Other Revealing How They Both REALLY Do Business

  1. This is like a scene in the Mean Girls movie. I felt like I was reading teenagers arguing. The adult thing would have been to compose a formal statement to the individual(s) then wait for a reply. If the reply is a lie, don’t start an immature fight. Speak with your legal team, share screen shots of your statement and reply received. Do not engage in further communications, unless directed by your attorney. | For the other event issue, speak to 1 person, being formal and polite. If their reply isn’t to your liking, then explain why you are choosing to drop them from your event, in a mature fashion. | If you want to partake in an event and you’re being refused, don’t regress into a child and act with immature behavior. You can say, I am disappointed, but I understand your decision. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this with me. || This helps you in any future events you want to participate in. Carry yourself professionally and people will want to work with you.


  2. Skye says to Octagons, “Go back to posting on SL Secrets as that’s all you know how to do.” Hmm, so they were using Sl Secrets to bully anyone that got in their way? Really mature ladies. Way to run an event. smh


  3. Pizza speaks in really manipulative tone and seems to not want to be exposed in public. This is alarming! The part in the Arcade statement that said Ashur was inappropriate was a lie and now has been removed and replaced with something about the handling of the other scripter. Which is the truth and which is the lie? Arcade seems to be very good at bending words in their favour.


  4. Looks pretty one sided by Arcade here especially seeing as how they removed the claim that Ashur was ‘inappropriate’ with Octogons from their website. Im glad people are finally taking a stand against these kind of reckless lies. Good for all the people standing up for some one who was being lied about in the worst possible way!!!!


  5. Seriously? This is why you never give car keys to junior high girls. Or events in SL for that matter. What a joke. These girls are so full of themselves and thank god for real adults in the room running other events. Such an embarrassment to Second Life and horrid for the creators that work hard for those events and get 14 year olds cat fighting in the school yard as their promoters. My pick as the worst shit show of the year and I hope events like Fameshed and Uber take over with maturity. Skye and Pizza need to hand back the keys to the car and get grounded for forever.

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    • agreed up until the uber part. they went waaaay down after switching owner, upped the price for participating and only inviting friends instead of quality designers. if you want to support someone who is doing well by designers and customers check out equal10 and as you said, fameshed.


      • why are you all forgeting cosmopolitan.. majority of designers are new ones, so why never mention them? and how much is the uber fee now compared to before?


      • Fameshed is the worst event when it comes to inviting talented original creators over friends and people who suck up to Elvi. Their line up is just awful and quality at that event has gone so down that it’s no longer considered one of the big sl events.

        Uber fee has not changed in years, they went from 1k to 3k way before any ownership was changed. It’s still 3k, which is the cheapest price for how much traffic they bring in.


        • I don´t understand so many always complaining.. there are many events that feature smaller creators, these events somehow never become a huge success neither are they well visited.. i wonder why?
          there is sanarae, senses event, level event, swank event, access, the original vogue event and so much more so what´s the tea … ?


          • Because everyone complains when an event does not allow smaller creators and calls it unfair BUT those events like you mention that do welcome small creators everyone complains that they are shite as they don’t have many big name designers. Seems like ya can’t win.


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