Linden Labs tackles high profile complainer – Catwa

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7 thoughts on “Linden Labs tackles high profile complainer – Catwa

  1. As I understand it, if a DMCA claim is correctly filed, it’s valid and LL is required to take the content down. A counterclaim to fight the DMCA requires a lawyer and a lawsuit that few can afford. So most people filing the DMCA takedown requests know that they are pretty safe and I’m sure some people have abused it to stomp out competitors.

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    • A counterclaim doesn’t necessarily have to involve a lawyer but it does mean that the defendant has to submit their real life contact information and that LL may forward that information to the accuse, who submitted the original DMCA.
      On the other-hand, a DMCA notice should include the same real life contact information from the accuse and LL should provide the defendant access to the DMCA notice. The SL FAQ did not explicitly state whether or not that access also includes the contact information.
      Neither of these scenarios offer a guarantee that both parties submitted their actual information so the real problem is when false DMCA notices are used in an attempt to gain the defendant’s information.


      • So does ‘determine the validity’ in LL’s original post only mean that LL checks on RL contact information and if that checks out correctly (as a valid name and address)… the DMCA claim is considered valid and the content removed? It’s very nebulous and unclear.


        • By determine validity it means working with DMCA directly not LL. You submit the files,pieces in question in claim or counterclaim with all timestamps to prove who had what first. This can be videos, images, 3d meshes etc anything to prove you had it first and are the original owner to the product or piece. LL complies with DMCA but they dont have the authority to enforce it. DMCA forwards the complaint and any advancement afterwaeds to the case.


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