Something seem awkward with OSE and Willowdale Elementary School Reopening

Message from the Whisper:

Oceanside Elementary (OSE) announced it’s reopening on the 20th of August. Lisa Rhode announced she was also reopening her competing school Willowdale Elementary 4 days later claiming it’s because she missed teaching. It’s obviously nothing to do with that. The only reason Willowdale had gotten so popular was because Oceanside closed down. She saw they were coming back and decided to do the same because she’s petty as fuck.


4 thoughts on “Something seem awkward with OSE and Willowdale Elementary School Reopening

  1. I happen to know that WIllowdale was going to open long before that, long before OSE announced they were going to be reopening, and long before HKE announced they were closing. I know this as a fact because I was hired to build their building, and I did so, long before any of the other events took place. So perhaps before you start to spread rumors, it may be a fantastic idea to actually check your FACTS.


    1. Here is your proof on my end. And yes, you now know who I am. I am not attempting to hide anything, I am anonymous here cause I do not have an account, nor do I plan on making one. Before you look at the picture, ask yourself, how is it possible that i started to build Willowdale July 18th of this year, if OSE announced they are opening August 20th, if you are telling the truth? I started building WIllowdale a MONTH BEFORE OSE announced they were opening. If it were Lisa’s goal to reopen Willowdale just because OSE is reopening, then again, how is it that i started building Willowdale a month before the event took place? I am not a Time Lord, so I did not travel back in time. Nor is that possible. Instead you are here slinging names, where you have zero ideas on whatever it is you are talking about. Here is the proof. Then re-read what it is that you wrote, and ask yourself the question… “who is petty as fuck” ….. It is amazing that you are slinging names around, especially since no one else was. It’s equally amazing you are doing it while telling lies. Which, by the way, is slander because what you state is 100 percent false! And here is the proof!


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