Owner of Colivati Beauty – CGRose in nasty RP / Racist conversation gone wrong



3 thoughts on “Owner of Colivati Beauty – CGRose in nasty RP / Racist conversation gone wrong

  1. Wow, and to think I bought a few skins and makeup from he/she’s racist ass.. Never again.
    I am so tired of these ugly mfs talking shit when black people be the main ones buying their shit.


    1. And it’s a shame that Paris Colivati apologizes on CGRose and Reily’s behalf. Those two are grown women and they’ve done it to more than one place. They’ve even attack other businesses in second life.


  2. From what it looks like in the conversation, is that Colivati and his/her partner are being racist trolls. Which a lot of racist trolls do this in roleplay sims. And this kind of behavior from a skin store owner can damage her reputation. She/He should know better. Being that she sells skin to many of second life residents of color. It is immature and disgusting behavior.

    I really wish people keep their racist bullshit out of second life. We need enough of it in real life and most go to second life to get away from the bullshit that goes on in the real world.


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