Powder Pack mutes dissatisfied customer over missing items in this month round from designer – Mai Bilavo

This is the designers season :-). Someone whispered about the amazing subscription box: Powder Pack.
This month of the Powder Pack was dedicated to Lelukta’s Head cosmetics and items were delivered on time, the 17th. Instead of receiving a complete box for this round,a designer item was missing : Mai Bilavio.
Residents took to the Powder Pack’s group to ask why the missing item? The response was always same “items should arrive soon”, that apparently Mai Bilavio’s designer has a real life problem. Corridor rumors state that her laptop was stolen and her dog ate her homework etc.
Fast forward to the 6th day, customer who paid for this moth rounds already fuming took to the powder pack group chat to express their grievance, but this didn’t seem to play out well as the powder pack team obviously was on the side of their designer and apparently muting dissatisfied customers
Enjoy the read

Conversation with a Powder Pack Team’s member. A intern without a doubt ^^
Conversation with the PR. What a joke!PowderPack7

Residents protest – “Not everyone at The Epiphany respects the rules”

The Epiphany events as started and it seem some not all the designer respect the rules to the event . The Epiphany rules as per their Timeline & Reminders notecard included in the welcome package states that “Gacha items should remain in gacha form after the event is over”


On Blueberry’s Facebook post about her release for The Epiphany, she commented that “This set is NOT going to be sold in gacha form after the Epiphany Event ends” which is a contradiction to the stated rules above.Epi2_LI

Skye Everidge, owner of The Epiphany when explaining these rules about the exclusive item in group chat stated that “(fatpack) shouldn’t include the exclusive or VIP reward”


Yet Blueberry’s reply to a Facebook comment about her exclusive item say belowEpi4

as a matter of fact, the exclusive is inside the fatpack:


This is a slap in the face to all creators who stick to the rules and are forced to decline customers’ requests to obtain past gacha collections in non gacha form or have access to exclusive items along with the fatpack. If you don’t agree with events’ rules just refrain from participating.