REIGNxFLITE- ROMPIM Coming soon and suddenly the Ladies have a word to say๐Ÿ™ˆ

Reign posted on facebook and Flickr about a new release called the rompim which is more like romper for men and it seems the capture or the post or picture seem to create a lot of controversy in the mind of some of the Residents which says “Whether you hate it or love it… It had to be done!Is it a Mens Romper?,,,Well yes it is…. And it May just be a Fashion Revolution!The One Piece Outfit to Rule them all.”

The women seem more agitated and dramatic about this news than their fellow men and the association of this simple clothing with gay, femboy etc is crazy for a second life item.


Ladies relax he can still take off his clothes when having pixel sex with you and still pee if he even does pee ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚. Kind of silly argument for a virtual world.

Reign sure has to release this item ASAP and ensure to put out a free gift rompim for the guys along with it ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚ and guys better start to answer the questions asked below in either her flickr or facebook page๐Ÿ˜œ

 (Which Bodies would you like to See this come in?? Drop a comment below)

Facebook and Flickrs

34 thoughts on “REIGNxFLITE- ROMPIM Coming soon and suddenly the Ladies have a word to say๐Ÿ™ˆ

  1. Gosh Krys go look after your child, the one you yell at because he’s interfering with your SL….. as for making you famous? The only thing you and Arol are famous for are making crap sims …failing at them… making falorn photos … failing at them and making SL more important than your RL. Go check on your child he might need a hug.


    • Awww Jealousmuch there’s no need to be jealous.
      Myself and Krys know were are the best sim builders. We’re better than Neva and that Elvira woman. We’re also much better photographers than everyone on Flickr from SL. We’re also the best fashionistas – and do you you know how I know all this? It’s because Charly Keating told me and she tells me on every pic I make. At first I thought it was just me but then I noticed she tells other people too but she doesn’t really mean it when she tells them but she genuinely means it with me.
      She’s no longer with her bf Twat – I mean Twain. He’s sooooo very jealous of her success in stealing other peoples images and textures without credit and then overlaying them on hers using PicMonkey at least that’s what she told me.


    • @ Fanta/Mary
      I’ve waited quite a while for you to reply and it now seems you’re not going to.
      I find it quite funny that you say you live a quiet and peaceful life yet here you are replying to comments and stirring up drama with innocent people then not having the decency to explain yourself.
      When I was on Flickr I liked your work and your accompanying quotes as it seemed to me you were a caring person but how wrong I was.
      You show no compassion to someone with MS instead you accuse and ignore.
      I have enough to worry about every day without this sort of crap and that’s exactly why I deleted my Flickr and deactivated my avatar weeks ago. Silly me for even replying to this in the first place but I was directed back here by a friend.


    • There’s nothing here of much interest apart from Fanta being a drama queen.
      “I’m sorry if my lover dumped you because of your childish acts”
      Any REAL man will get off with a woman together physically in REAL life, not log on a game for a virtual jerk off!


      • Fanta’s a little Filipino gay boi who pretends he’s a woman in SL.
        Marcus is a lesbian who pretends she’s a man in SL.
        I LOL’d so loud when I read her talk about alts – OMG that person has more alts than I’ve had fuck buddies and that’s a lot I tell you.
        Hez was my best fuck but then he got with Lana or was he with Lana before me then then he got back with her. I can’t remember now. Hez was also with Yana too.
        I was with Krys’s ex too, we like sharing men. I just like men.


    • Let’s hope so, I think it’s more the case that Neva and other people this blogger stalks haven’t done anything noteworthy enough for his attention. Or maybe his mommy took him away for summer?
      Either way let’s hope he learns some proper English and can find some interesting things to report on instead of who’s fucking who on Flickr

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    • Massive ass kisser,
      fave giver to any old shit
      and clicker of names in groups to get people to follow her back and hopefully fave.
      Same old Flickr popularity game as played by many in a pathetic attempt to get noticed and get faves.
      Her finger must be sore from pressing the fave button me thinks RSI as she’s faved 12K!!
      Theres also a guy on there called Ali Laverock doing the exact same thing, he follows you and then unfollows to get his followers up he’s got 1.9K followers and only been on Flickr since March.


      • Add Brysen Miller to the desperate list, he awards you with awards from groups you’re not a member of in a sad effort to think he cares when all he really cares about is faves.
        Charly Keating and Twain Orfan also two of the THE biggest ass kissers and crap image makers on Flickr but with the highest faves.
        My Block list grows daily.


          • Massive pile of shite and comments are all from desperate sad women.
            Next he’ll be photographing himself having sex with Arol or Krys or has that happened already? LOL


              • Yes Yawn!
                We know She is a SHE and FantaLoon used to be a Male avatar time before shut down her old Flickr account and reappearing as a female ๐Ÿ™‚
                Odd? LMAO


              • Dear,

                Thank you for making us “famous” — the word you exactly told me on the flickr mail you sent long time ago linking me to this site. This will be the first and last time I will speak. I’m sorry if my lover dumped you cos of your childish acts, I won’t drop names cos I’m pretty sure you know who you are and we know who you are. I have a proof of what I am talking about so you better be careful before your “sweet” image comes to a halt. I have never spoke bad of you and your ALTS (as we know and can confirm) in public but let this the first and last of it. I have no tolerance for your kind as we live our lives quiet and peaceful, not even craving for the fame you’re afraid to lose.

                Best of luck in your MS, hope to see you cure people’s illness instead of spreading more.

                Lots of Love,
                Your Fanta C


              • For Ms Loon
                Stop being cryptic and just name the name/s and give us the “proof”

                If someone is upset that Marcus is your “lover” then sadly they are obviously as deluded are you are. To be someones “lover” this would imply that you have sexual relations with said person, and as such having cyber sex, typing emotes or pleasuring yourselves on Skype doesn’t actually deem for him to be your “lover”
                It does seem that perhaps you are spending too much time in SL.


              • Fanta,
                Previously I said that I would’t comment on this website again, but after being directed to your reply I feel the need to say something, as I’m unsure if your comment is directed at me??
                When I was on Flickr I did send you a mail and I did direct you to this site, (in reply to an initial mail from you) as at the time someone on comments was inferring you and I were the same person and posting our Flickr images in their comments.

                I feel there’s an undercurrent of being threatening towards someone in your reply here. The talk of ALTS, “fame” and a “sweet image” and I have no clue what you are talking of, but more importantly I never got “dumped” by your “lover”
                I don’t have sexual relations on SL, I have a husband in RL who I am perfectly happy with and I get satisfaction from the human touch not cyber sexing.
                The reference to MS does however apply to me and is no secret nor a lie.
                I’d appreciate if you’d elaborate on your reply please as I’m very confused.


  2. We don’t care!
    Neva and Boo are coming back
    And Keon is dating Fanny Finney after she been trashed by Piruz and Richie! Poor Ugly fat wife
    Sl is seriously fake tv show!

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    • Neva is well rid of Keon the money stealer who stole all the Book of Daniel cash because he spends all his day on SL and has no job.
      He’s now with Fanny is he? Another sad biatch and while we talk of biatches lets talk of Belle, Ines and Jacky who are abusive bullying biatches along with their pathetic friend ILZ. Grown up women behaving like kids in the school yard and bullying ILZ’s ex by sending her abusive messages.


      • Hello dear Yawn,

        I’m happy you call me “Belle”, and not “Bridget”. It’s mean you are very intimate with me. I’m very happy about that. Because if we are so intimate, you know a lot of things about my SLfriends, my SLife… all… maybe also you know how much pubic hairs I have ๐Ÿ˜š

        But as some of people here, you stay hide behind your screen. It’s your choice to be coward. And it’s funny to see how some are so proud to be small and dastard (no, no, there not a “b” at the start at “dastard”). It’s why I love you so much โ™ฅ

        Just let me know that I’m happy to be a part of your life.
        I hope Neva, Ana, Keon, Ines, Jacky and Ilz are happy too. Because we love when people think about us. We need that. Each day i pray “please God, make Yawn have a thought about us”…. and look how this God listen to me.

        So it’s why I wanted to say thanks you. Thanks for your imagination that seems so creative and full of dreams.
        Thanks for spend time to talk about me and about some others (they really need you for that).
        Thanks for your integrity.
        Thanks for all this interesting things you share with us.
        Thanks for existing.

        With all my love ๐Ÿ˜‰

        (PS : you loose, i have more than 3 pubic hairs).
        Kiss kiss, hug hug !


        • Belle/Bridget
          I think of Keon because he hasn’t yet shown the receipts for a massive amount of money he and Neva took from people in the name of charity.
          I think of you and your friends as I know the hatred you have projected to a woman in SL who has done nothing wrong to you.
          You all move from one partner to the next proclaiming love for said person and then when it’s over it’s very quickly on to the next person.
          I know a lot about you all as you all choose to portray it on Flickr. I do not follow you or the others but I see your pics in groups and you are there on sims that I visit, there is no avoiding you and your posse.
          I’ll share with you my SL name if it’s so important to you? But if I do and I receive abuse I shall report you to LL.
          My imagination is not creative what I have said is the truth not a dream.
          Please let me know if you wish my identity and I shall provide it?


          • My darling, Yawn,

            If you talk about me, I answer about me. If you talk about others, I think the best is not to vomit here but to IM theim, if you need more informations. Everybody here (and me also) know that this site is just a site full of shits. And sometime, when I go to WC, I love read some shits. It’s same when i’m in the wait-room of my doctor : I read some shitty magazines.
            Sometimes, there are some articles about copybot…. why not.
            But articles about what people do, who people flirt with, when people visit a place, how people bla bla bla bla…. is just ininteresting (except, for wait, when you are in WC).

            Everybody can write here with a fake name and saying what they want about everybody. It’s just so very very very easy. It’s why it’s not interresting.

            If I say to you that XXX fuck with YYYYY, the ex of ZZZZZZ……. are you really interresting by that ??????

            If I say XXXX is not a real woman (or man)…… are you really interresting by that ??????

            Me, no. People do what they want with who they want. It’s not my problem.

            Now, you tell : “I think of you and your friends as I know the hatred you have projected to a woman in SL who has done nothing wrong to you.”

            – As I said, it’s easy to speak about all and nothing. So, I don’t really understand about what you talk ?? ? Give name. Give fact. Give something more than words.
            Because if you write here, it’s because you want a lot of people know what you want to say. So, please be direct. It’s always better.

            You say : “You all move from one partner to the next proclaiming love for said person and then when itโ€™s over itโ€™s very quickly on to the next person”

            – When you say “you”, you talk about me ? I’m so sad to tell you that I’m single since 2 years (in SL)….. it’s long, no ?
            So what ? You tell in the same time that : “I know a lot about you all as you all choose to portray it on Flickr”

            Yes this : “I know a lot about you all as you all choose to portray it on Flickr” is the mirror of lot of you, in this site.
            What you saw on Flickr picts make you have a lot of imagination, fantasme or…. stupidity.
            Taking a pict with a friend or with a contact in SL… no mean you jump to a guy (or girl) to a next.
            It’s just mean that… you take a pict with a friend or a contact.

            Is it so hard to understand that ?

            Lot of you, here, spend time to look at flickr and try to guess who fuck with who. Even if there nothing to understand behing a simply pict, you try and try and try to detect something you want see.
            I’m sorry to say that but you spend a lot of time to imagine.

            Even if some want jump to a partner to a next… where is the problem ? If XXXX want partner YYYYY or ZZZZZ or both….. why do you care about that, really ?

            Don’t you have nothing to do that create story in your head ? Maybe not and in fact, i don’t care too.

            If you love do that, it’s ok. Each people can find the hobby they want or they need.

            You tell : “Iโ€™ll share with you my SL name if itโ€™s so important to you? But if I do and I receive abuse I shall report you to LL.”

            – It’s really, really not important because I don’t care who you are. I was just mean that it’s just easy and coward to use fake name for talk, talk, talk, talk about others. Just that. But it’s a state of mind that I can’t change. It’s yours, not mine.
            Why I will send an abuse report to you ? Do you think you hurted me with your “imagination” ? Absolutely not. If i was a creator, I can understand that some send abuse to people who gossip like that. But I create nothing, so be free to imagine and say what you want.

            You tell : “My imagination is not creative what I have said is the truth not a dream.”

            – the truth is what is really. What you see in SL or what you see in flickr is YOUR truth, but not the real truth. Do you understand what I mean ?

            For example, YOUR truth is “OMG Belle speak english so well”.
            My real truth is “OMG how they doing for understand my shit english”.

            This is the difference.
            And it’s a big difference.

            With all my love โ™ฅ



            • A rather detailed and grand explanation for something which you regard as coming from “a site full of shits”
              I’d reply but I’m bored now and have things to do in RL.
              All my love,
              SafronMahogany Resident (Stella Blessed)


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