Step Aside, Catwa, Lelutka, Genesis etc., a New Bento Mesh Head is in town and so 99Ls Cheaphoe XD !!!

Lee Valentine’s latest male bento mesh head which is currently sold for 99Ls is making a huge wave in world. Majority of the guys have great feedback on this new bento head as seen on her Facebook page.

BentoMeshHead- Lee Valentine

This wave is gradually becoming a storm as work is currently on-going for the female version which will also be sold for 99Ls. This is massive as newbies and others who cannot afford the huge cost of getting the bento head currently available for big brand like Catwa, Lelutka,Genesis etc. can now afford a good head and still look cute.

Kudos to Lee for putting smiles on Resident Faces.


See more news and link to buy on Facebook

14 thoughts on “Step Aside, Catwa, Lelutka, Genesis etc., a New Bento Mesh Head is in town and so 99Ls Cheaphoe XD !!!

  1. I think a lot of people got an Akeruka Lulu for their “cheap bento head” because it’s Omega compatible and came with the AK skin appliers…when it was the group gift. No shade to AK, I like several of his heads but I’m already sick of seeing all the busted-ass Lulu shapes for sale on MP and the bad blogger photos of people wearing Omega skin and makeup appliers that really don’t look that great on the head.


  2. Well, it seems that the days of this head being only 99L is now over. The price has been adjusted and is now 500L. That is still way cheaper than the other mesh heads, so it’s a win on that. Could the 99L have been a promotional introductory price?


  3. You need to cut an arm and a leg to buy a bento head lol but selling at this price doesnt place that guy better than catwa or lelutka. this is just for revenge or for attention. cheap or expansive, they all suck at prices for bento heads.
    I would sell a bento head around 500 – 1000 LD because requires 2 weeks, a month of work to mesh , weight , animate and upload on sl.


  4. Not sure if Yabusaka’s mesh head studio done Bento well but it allows some fiddling with rigged heads (does not do animation if I am correct but never used it). It is 10k but if you sell as this person and do simple skin textures, add Omega compatibility and maybe do separate heads with other face static pose (assuming you do not plan to do you own animations due to time spent if operating in budget). You could probably afford to make those 100, add some 50s here and there and watch world burn.

    Although, I wish heads were a bit cheaper but I do like Catwa’s as you can do anything with those. Not sure how much would I price them as they do same animations, have huds ready, all have Omega and so on. They have a static range but forgot the price … 1-2kish?


      • Problem with Catwa heads, is every avatar looks the SAME, no matter what appliers they wear. Still better then Lelutka heads tho, those heads make women look very manly with the angular jawlines.


        • If the Catwa Bento heads “look the same”, it is because people are not spending enough time on their avatars and are wearing the shapes that come with the head. I know a couple ppl that have worn the same head, and skin but, look nothing alike.

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