Question to SL Frees & Offers group : Why are Gifts sold at 75 -90L?

Second Life Residents who are in SL frees & Offers Group have been complaining about the attitude of this group and the use of the word “gift” to lure residents to items that are actually sold for a certain amount as against been free. Some days ago Sun HC Quillian posted the below comments on her Facebook. It is obvious designers,event organizer as well as group owners are beginning to get on the nerves of Residents.. Be warned!!

SL FREES & OFFERS once again forbids people to have a simple conversation, as to WARN other residents of gifts that are chagred 75 and 90 L at the Garage Fair. “The First Amendment (Amendment I) no prohibition on the freedom of speech”. Yes they do think they are godly above the law. And rude on top of that. I do not like to have a harness on my mouth on littlerally anyting I say. I am out of that group. Keep your gifts. Other groups have kindness, that is far more important. The gifts are getting worse by the day anyway. And people who post gifts, sorry but the group has such a bad reputation overall, not sure why you bother. I am not stepping into a store with that logo anywhere anymore.


18 thoughts on “Question to SL Frees & Offers group : Why are Gifts sold at 75 -90L?

  1. I encountered the owner of the group as well. And yes, I use “encountered” to tell you all that she is not a good news. I used to be a manager of one known fashion group and we have over 80 designers. Now, I asked this SL frees and Offers group to be one of our media sponsors. Of course they told us about their terms and what not and we actually provided what they were requiring at the time. By the way, Managers of this group are really nice its just the owner is a bitch. Once we completed the necessary requirements, one manager gave us the go signal, sent us their logo, kiosk, even gave me a notice right to the group. Now, when this owner of the group came online, she kicked me out of the group and said a lot of mean things to me that you wouldn’t imagine hearing from what I thought a good, respected, established group (I thought wrong). Bottomline: owner wants a little “extra” requirements and “group giftSSSSSSS” to be set out 1st. So unprofessional and super rude to be honest. LOL now, actually I can relate to this post and I told that to myself as well “I am not stepping into a store with that logo anywhere anymore” kthxbye


  2. How are yall still members of that group it is embarassing to advertise there. I would not want my brand associated with rude bitches particularly Astrid Veriander.


  3. I am not sure that any of you people actually read what was going on in that chat other than what the person who published it wanted you to believe. Also, some of you have VERY wrong ideas about the group which is named SL FREES AND OFFERS……meaning free things and things being offered at a discount or even new things being offered for the first time. We designers do not have to pay anything to be in the group and the group helps us to promote our items to a huge amount of people that we might not otherwise meet. The chat that was posted above is getting a lot of attention for group owners and moderators who merely were asking people to stick to the rules which they placed in order to keep such a HUGE group as drama free as possible. Unless you have managed a group this size, you really can’t criticize anything. And let’s be frank. You can’t criticize anyway because it is a free to join group which you can choose to join or not and if you do not like the rules, you just don’t join. You don’t join and then fight the owners about their rules. If you don’t like it, make your own group with your own rules. It only costs 100L! In the chat above, Astrid was saying that she does not determine what a designer calls a gift. As you well know, a lot of people in SL think it is okay to charge for “gifts”. I, myself, was in The Whisperer last week because I removed my items from The Chapter 4 after I found out that they were charging 50L for a gift I made to be given for free. (Yes, I am one of the owners of Entice). If you have a problem with someone charging for a gift, bring it up to the person selling it. We are HUMANS. We make mistakes. I once accidentally had a demo set for 200L. No one took to the Whisperer to talk about it. Someone IMmed me and I fixed it. So it could have been that. Or it could have been someone seeing what Pupito did at The Chapter 4 and decided that it is okay to suddenly charge for gifts. The point is, no one in a group can do anything about it. If you don’t like it, talk to the creator about it. Regardless, the real issue in the whole chat above is the way that Aaronn Hifeng decided to turn a conversation into a tantrum by using foul language when none was called for. Speaking that way never solves any problems. It only causes more. If you join a group, at least be respectful. I mean, come on people! You are not entitled to do as you like and speak as you like no matter where you are from. There are always rules. Even in the US where we have freedom of speech, there are rules that can not be broken unless you want jail time. Life is full of rules. You either follow them or you quietly leave and go somewhere else that has rules you prefer. So instead of wasting time name calling a person who brings joy to nearly 90K people per day (her group must be doing something right!) How about you take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. And if you still can’t see why she was right, then I suggest you just move on. Life is too short to be so upset over a freaking 90L item. That is worth less than 50C in USD. Would you be this upset if you were getting a gift for 50C in real life after getting tons of items for free? You have to have perspective.


    • I would like to apologize for my blanket statement at the beginning. I see that some of you actually did read. When I started writing, I had just seen the top several comments. For those of you who actually read and understand what went on, I apologize for grouping you in the same category with those who obviously did not.


      • Typical reaction from this group run by nasty vile vindictive bitches, shoot first then actually read what’s been said …claps slowly… you are all a bunch of power fuel bitches and got named and shamed …maybe now you will watch what you say and how poorly you treat people !!


        • You don’t know the first thing about me. And I clearly don’t about you since you hide behind a fake name. At least I take responsibility for what I say and don’t call names because I have nothing better to do with my life than try to make others miserable. Say what you will about me. I live my life with integrity and don’t treat people badly or call names because I got butt-hurt over something as stupid as 90L. I challenge you to show me something I have done that is nasty and vindictive. As for power? I am a mom working from a computer in my living room. I don’t pretend to have power. I do what I like and instead of trying to hate on people so much, maybe you should too. Find something you like to do and do it without trying to hurt others or name-call. I wasn’t named or shamed. I responded to your rude comments and the comments of others. I named myself by using my actual name….as I said. I am not hiding like all of the people here who are giving negative comments. And as far as shame goes, I have none. I wrote, I read, and I re-wrote to apologize and correct myself. I didn’t require your help to do that. I did it on my own because I care and because that is the kind of person I am. If I make a mistake, I take responsibility for it. If anyone should be ashamed it should be you for acting the way you are. It is sad to see.

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  4. It’s about time this bunch of bitches were outted for their neo nazi attitude.
    They act like the SL police of some horrid feeebie group that advertises more sales than anything free and CHARGES shops to advertise- they remove you if you ask a question and are the biggest bunch of nasty hypocritical bitches on SL


      • You told people in youre group that if a designer calls something a gift Its a gift regardless of price? Realy is that how designers in youre group are allowed to cheat peoples? I think you realy need to check the defenition of gift because you screwing up on this one Let me be clear this is what the defenition of gift meens…..something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present. What you said in youre indeed sometimes very hostile unfriendly dictatorship group With a lot people that are sometimes starting a wich hunt against people they think are doing something wrong just because they think it makes them lovable to the mods Some almost crawl to lick the heels from the mods You gave with that stetement designers a freepass to trick/cheat people with a false advertisement about a gift while the product is set to whatever amount It can be even 1000 Linden thats the way you said it Regardless of price uh? I seen you so many times being rude to people in that group I realy dislike you on how you treaded people Youre ego and attitude is just awefull and you seem to have lost contact with earth after the group became bigger and bigger You enjoy putting people down and specialy if there are a bunch heel licking fans laughing with you They ofcourse only do that because they want to be on youre favo list its very sad The truth is so many people dislike you And if you didnt had some large group a lot people wouldnt even wanna be near you because of that attitude You only have a large group in a viritual world thats it! You arent a god or someting maybe its time for a reality check because youre flying way to high! I left the group allready long time ago and didnt regretted it for one moment There much more friendly freebie groups out there where owners and the people thread you with respect This group is ruled by dictatorship Oh and yes there where gifts set to payments up to 90L at the garage fair i was there also


  5. “Question to SL Frees & Offers group : Why are Gifts sold at 75 -90L?”

    Short Answer: We don’t know. Perhaps you should address the question to the organizers of the Garage Fair or other events?

    Longer Answer: Given the great interest of the Whisperer and my natural curiosity, I went to visit the Garage Fair, which I would point out in passing is neither a member nor an authorised advertiser in SLF&O. I was unable to find any gifts being sold at either 75l or 90l. What I did find was nearly every participating designer in that event had at least one item in a specially indicated drum marked with the word “gift” available at their stands at a cost of either 0l or 1l.

    The fact of the matter is that when a member takes to our chat to complain or “warn” people about something or other, we have no way of verifying their information or intent, particularly when it involves organizations or events with no connection to our group. There are too many cases of people who will use open chat to attack a designer or event for personal motives or grudges or just to vent – without that designer or event being present to defend themselves. And the end result is always drama.

    It is why our chat rules listed on the group info screen specifically prohibit criticizing stores or gifts. And it is also why those types of discussions will generally be quickly stopped by a mod. After all, a legitimate complaint is best handled in private with someone who has the power to fix the problem.

    Roughly 60,000 of the 90,000 SLF&O members currently have access to the chat. Our goal with the chat is to provide a platform where members can get help with SL fashion related questions, share their enthusiasm for SL stores and designers and post information on gifts, sale items and new releases that they like. To the greatest extent possible we want to provide a stress/drama free environment in the chat for the majority of participants. That means that our chat is not meant to serve as a debate society, a place for challenging the business practices of SL merchants/events that rarely have any connection to us or for generalized venting. There are certainly other groups better suited for those types of discussions.

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  6. If I understand this right, then the issue is that the gifts have a price. The group owners then responded by not allowing this matter to be discussed. Of course groups have rules. Personally I respect that. However, when you send a bunch of people to an event for gifts, it seems reasonable to tell them that there is a “gift-not-gift” as well. Just in case anyway… I have a feeling that this is more about the group rules. They are public to read, but they do have a nag for inventing new rules daily. Maybe that is what gets people upset. Seeing as rules are opposite to freedom?


    • You clearly have never been a member in this group to watch these bullies be rude and nasty. They never explain they simply yell STFU ..basically


  7. Well, the thing about this group is it’s SL Frees and Offers. To be fair, something costing $75 – 90L would, I would assume, be categorized under the “Offers” section of this name, as it seems to indicate low-priced promotional items, rather than full-priced merchandise.

    That said, however, when it comes to gifts I am of one mind on this. A gift is something given with no expectation of anything in return. If a creator “gives” something and expects the customer to pay even so much as a single linden in order to receive it, the item is no longer a gift, but a dollarbie or promotional item. A gift does not, and should never, come with a pricetag.

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  8. Freedom of speech does not apply to groups in Second Life. Not that I do not agree with the fact that the group handled things pretty crappy, but they owners of said group can censor and forbid anything they do not want to be talked about in said group.

    “Think about it this way. If you host a dinner party at your home and one of the guests starts spewing profanity and creeping on every woman in sight, do you have the right to throw him out of your house? Of course. A private forum is no different. You are under no obligation to respect anyone’s First Amendment rights in your own private forum. You can run that forum like the Stasi if you want. It’s your house. You make the rules. If the guests don’t like the way you run things, they are free to leave. -Taken from

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    • Also – other countries’ constitutions do not apply to SL at all – other laws do – such as age of consent or taxing SL shops (just about every other one has different laws – EU pays VAT but you would need to be self-employed if you have a shop which brings you steady profit). However, no one is censoring Chinese users nor insisting man and women can only marry in SL like in Polish constitution.

      Still – group about free gifts and offers … should discuss those … and this is skeevy as hell.

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  9. I mentioned something similar to this after last year’s Hair Fair. Many vendors put out “gifts” that cost money. When I wrote about it in FB that technically a gift was free I got hit by some nasty remarks. One designer in particular accused me of being cheap. I won’t mention who, but I’ll never shop in her store or buy any of her clothes ever again and I haven’t for over a year now. So who are the real losers here? The people who don’t know the difference between a gift and something you pay for and people who are downright rude and insulting when you point that out to them.

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