Move over Ladies, sexy swimsuit in town😜

Ladies go topless and most times pantless in their swimsuit outfit, Heth just made sure the guys are not left behind with this new group gift Lucus Men’s Swimsuit gift 😂 😂🤣
Now for the big question? what is attached to the swim trunks? Is it a tie?or a floaty devise? Does anyone see a face in the print? oh my .. one can’t unsee this, 😂.

HHC - Lucas Swimsuit Poster

8 thoughts on “Move over Ladies, sexy swimsuit in town😜

  1. I don’t like his store, his stuff and he as a person. There is a lot of falsity in sl, and I think this is a fact but I have never seen so much as in MTV. The pageant’s auditions are ridiculous and only recommended people will pass so i suggest to everyone to don’t waste your time, money and energies for this because you will never be evaluated for what you are and for your skills so it’s useless and you will not pass. I’ve noticed that all models escaped from MTV and I wonder: how do you ever think you’re so famous and important when you’re really, completely alone and you don’t like to anyone as person or what you do? Maybe there is 1 reason. I would think if I was in your place.


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