Owners of The Chapter Four event makes money from designers Anniversary free gift😂🤣😜

We got whispered designers for this round of The Chapter Four were asked to provide a ‘free’ gift for the anniversary round.Information showed that 82 designers gladly took part and set their items to the normally free TCF group while TCF management changed the “join group” fee from free to 50L without any notification or information the participating designers.

Calculation from the group (if information is accurate) says over 800 people already joined since the group fee change and while the designers are struggling to make their event cost back, TCF owners already have made over 41,000 linden without the designers knowing about their ‘free’ gifts actually being paid for 😳The question on every one lips : Will this unannounced profit/ earning be split with the designers who actually gave out free gift/participated? 

See below group chat clips for your reading pleasure😊

[17:17] Silas Merlin: Will they come back to buy, after they have opened all the gifts ? ;'(

[17:17] SlackGirl: lmao

[17:18] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise) keeps her fingers crossed and hopes the sales continue!

[17:18] Ellle (ele.brandi): i was wondering same

[17:18] Ellle (ele.brandi): lool

[17:18] Entice (enticestore): mostly no. Too many events are doing gifts this month

[17:18] SlackGirl: are a lot of gifts so they are taking a day to enjoy them but then i hope and i think they will come back to shopping too !

[17:18] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): Though I have not had much luck with gifts. It seems to attract a certain kind of crowd that has not too much money

[17:19] SlackGirl: ^

[17:19] Silas Merlin: nervous laughter then

[17:19] SlackGirl: XD

[17:19] SlackGirl: ♥

[17:19] Silas Merlin: 😥

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): people don’t buy much when they can get oodles of gifts free. One gift or a few….yes, people buy….tons and at tons of different events……no one will be buying much this month from any event, I am afraid.

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): I can think of 4 events at least that are doing their Anniversary rounds with free gifts from everyone

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: *waves to Entice

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: agreed

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): Hhiya Phedre!

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: halloooo

[17:22] Silas Merlin: I managed to get in, so I’m clicking on all the gifts, it’s quite a tremendous task in itself, and when you do that, you don’t even bother to look at the goods for sale. the good thing though, is that it does give time for things to rez so maybe I’ll take another look when I’m done. let’s see 😀

[17:22] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): good point

[17:23] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): but maybe it will be better since people need to pay to join the group to get the gifts

[17:23] Silas Merlin: they need to pay to join the group ?

[17:23] SlackGirl: 50l

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): We haven’t even made back this months entry fee yet…..which is lower than usual…..let alone make back anything toward our mesh. But this is how it usually is when so many places are giving things free.

[17:24] Queeи oF Iиk (monasax95): Hello people 🙂

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): I didn’t know anyone had to pay to get the gitfs. <_<

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): We are giving them for free……

[17:24] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): they paid to join the group

[17:24] Silas Merlin: hello your highness

[17:24] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): without the group they don’t get the gifts. That’s why we had to set them to the right group

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): But isn’t the group usually free to join?

[17:25] Silas Merlin: I think the reason for the fee to join the group is to make people reluctant to leave it

[17:25] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): it was, but he made it 50L to stop people from coming just for the gifts too

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): Sorry, but when I make a free gift, it should be free. And a group owner should not make money from that free thing.

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): I don’t agree with that

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): at all

[17:27] Silas Merlin: I’m all done clicking your gifts. I see all the store logos now, and some of the goods, but not all

[17:29] SlackGirl: i tought the gift was free too but well ..

[17:29] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise) nods: that was his rationale. To discourage total freeloaders. The other way to go would be that gifts are for a low cost .. say L$5 or L$10

[17:29] Phedre Rexie: yes that would have worked too

[17:30] Silas Merlin: what about setting up the gift only after the even has been opened for, say, a week.

[17:30] Silas Merlin: event*

[17:31] Entice (enticestore): When I make a gift, it is a gift, regardless of whether or not someone will be buying something. If you don’t want freeloaders, you do not do an event full of gifts. You ask for a gift here and there all year long and space it out. That keeps people in groups. Not a 50L fee.

[17:31] Entice (enticestore): I am just frustrated to hear that people are being charged for a gift.

[17:34] Ellle (ele.brandi): i don’t think is bad about the charge, Entice you didn’t deal with freebie addicts i guess these ppl will bring their 100 alts to get the free stuff and they will never come buy stuff not these guys

[17:37] SlackGirl: imo also who pay just 50L could do this

[17:37] SlackGirl: is not like 50L is much money

[17:37] Ellle (ele.brandi): honestly from my vast experience of SL business gifts do not encourage sales very tiny percentage of ppl return to store to buy something after a year or 2 lol, the gifts targets just the freebies hunters which they never shop, most of valuable customers would not even care about the freebies

[17:37] Entice (enticestore): Yeah, but when you make a gift, it is a gift. I do deal with freebie hunters all the time. If you make something a free gift, it brings freebie hunters. And making it 50L just makes them spend the little bit of money they have on that fee but that is still them having to pay to get gifts. I just do not agree with this at all. Maybe it is just me…..but I don’t think this is right. You can’t ask all of your designers to amke something to give for free when it takes our time and effort and then charge people 50L to get it and keep the money. Sorry…it is not right.

[17:38] Silas Merlin: there is probably a very good reason for the fee, maybe it is an experiment to bend past behaviours, or maybe it is a technique that has proven to work, the good thing, is that there are 10000 people in the group, you don’t see many groups like that do you ? it is understandable that you get angry because your principles are hurt, but maybe you will see differently tomorrow, Entice, sorry you got angry

[17:41] Silas Merlin: 822 people joined the group this week

[17:42] nodoka Vella: I have read the IMs about gifts. Normally the gifts means free. I also agree with Entice. but also understood the owner thinking. Free gifts are really great advertise and also many people have fun. If it is possible, I prefer free too.

[17:43] Stinky (anya.mcconach): I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not some technique to sway behavior but a way to make money. So they’ve made L$41k on everyone’s free gifts!

[17:44] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): perhaps the solution is for them to split that money with everyone who put out a gift

[17:44] nodoka Vella: However, 50L$ to join, it’s kind of understanding. We make gift for many people. I also would like to make customers happy with my gift.

[17:45] Entice (enticestore): I normally just keep my mouth shut about these things. And honestly, if we had been told up front that there would be a charge I probably still would have given a gift. But to ask for a free gift from designers and then to tell our customers they have to pay to get it is just beyond me. I can not think of one single reason to do this except to hopefully make some extra cash….and not for us.

[17:46] nodoka Vella: Most of the customer and people don’t know the fee is going to pay linden lab, so they think fee is going to pay the chapter four owner. I guess one of my reason that I prefer is free is this reason. However, I also understood 50L$ to join.

[17:48] Entice (enticestore): The fee does go to the Chapter 4 Owner. If you charge for your group, you get the money from it.

[17:48] Entice (enticestore): And yes, thank you Stinky. So far our free gifts have brought $41.100L of profit.

[17:49] Phedre Rexie: yikes

[17:49] Stinky (anya.mcconach): The fee always goes to the group owner. If you were to charge for your group you will always get the money.

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): wow nice profit when we make zero sales

[17:49] Entice (enticestore): I can’t be the only one who thinks this is wrong

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): lol

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): no from this point of view i agree with you

[17:49] Entice (enticestore): Yeah, we have made 1500L and they have made over 41K

[17:49] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): it would be nice if at the end of the day he split that with us

[17:50] SlackGirl: yep well this would be nice 😮

[17:50] Entice (enticestore): it would at least be honest

[17:50] SlackGirl: but this is something that had to be said before

[17:50] Entice (enticestore): No one knew before. At least I was never told.

[17:51] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): I agree, SlackGirl

[17:54] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Where is the drama?! lol

[17:54] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098) jokes ❤ love u all

[17:54] Phedre Rexie: lol hey Thomaz

[17:55] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Phedrie ❤

[17:55] Phedre Rexie: =D

[18:01] Silas Merlin: To me this event is a blessing.

[18:01] Phedre Rexie: why’s that Silas?

[18:03] Silas Merlin: maybe you just logged in, Phedre, people were getting a bit angry just now. I don’t understand the decisions, but I’m not qualified to. All in all, it is a blessing, yes this round is a disaster, but usually it is not, and if it were not for TCF I would be selling nothing.

[18:04] Phedre Rexie: oh yep I”ve been listening, everyone has their opinions, I”m not in this round so I”m kinda just listening

[18:04] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): I am in this round and lost lol

[18:04] Phedre Rexie: lol

[18:05] Phedre Rexie: well it HAS just started

[18:05] Entice (enticestore): Thomaz, what you are missing is that we have all given free gifts and we just found out that people are paying 50L to get into the normally free group so they can get our free gifts….and so far, the 50L has added up to over 41K in group money.

[18:06] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): 41k wow that is a lot

[18:06] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Wish I was making that much

43 thoughts on “Owners of The Chapter Four event makes money from designers Anniversary free gift😂🤣😜

  1. I have been a member of TCF for a long time and must admit it annoys me when people just join to get the gifts so am in agreement with the group that they should have a fee to join for the duration of the event.


  2. (sorry my english, i going to try explay what happen whit me)
    ………One time, when i was designer in this fuking event, Pupito sent me tp, i Open him Im, and said what happen?. He said me: do you have to pay the stand.
    This round i dont sent app because i was going to hollidays, and i aks, you be sure? if you be sure and you told me that i sent the app, i dont sleep to nigth and i made something.
    He was so rude, and dont answer. I told him, you can check please if my brother store join in this round too? (I sent all times the app for boths stores). And he said, no, this its your problem, not mine.
    I told him, its your problem too, i’m sure that i dont sent app, but you said me yes…., i cant check the app and wahct if i sent the app or not.
    he start be more rude, He started to disrespect me, and to tell me to leave the event if I wanted to. And i said yes? ok, your event not its very good all forms. He insult me. of course dont return me the money of stand..

    More later i ask the manager event and told the story, and you know? SHE TOLD ME THAT I DONT DROP THE APP.

    I’m sure that Pupito had a empty place and put me, he can said me, Hey, you want a stand?, but no, he lies and invent that i sent the app and was rude whit me.

    More later for this to my brother they sent notecards for invite his event.

    I know a lot of merchans that have problems whit him, he eject to evetn and dont answer ims or notecards or said…. Made me mesh! no? i eject in yout event and mute you. (this happend a friend )

    And whit this… eh dont made his mesh, they buy,Ohhh i see a lot of items in web for sale that put “can be use for ressel”, a lot of plants that Pupito sell in her store……..

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, all of the money went to Pupito. No participants were given anything. I would like to add that we were being harassed by Pupito a full month after we left. (I am one of the owners of Entice). We finally had to file a report with LL in the end. Pupito kept IMming us with rude and taunting messages.


  3. If someone feels the group owner is right in charging a group fee unbeknownst to the designers (who are struggling to make a profit), then you need to get your head right.

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  4. maybe everyone should stop all gift’s incl. group girft from every store across whole of SL, you small minded lane ass people, what the hell you want, get a job you bunch of hobos’…you all want something for free don’t you think of all the time the goes into everything…


    • 1. It is “beggars” not “beggers”.
      2. You meant “lame ass” not “lane ass” (unless you are into Lois Lane).
      3. You do not need an apostrophe after the s in “hobos” as the noun does not show possession, it is just a simple, plural noun: “hobos” as opposed to “hobos’ free gifts at Chapter 4”.
      4. Showing courtesy, appreciation and acknowledge the community never harmed anyone, bad spelling and grammar does.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Yes we actually do know how much time goes in creating items Thats why it sucks that the creators where asked to bring a free gift wich they But what they didnt knew was that the group owner would make a free group into a 50 linden fee group and is now fillng his or her pockets with the money the people pay to grab the designers gifts You clearly dont know what youre talking about

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah the owner is making a small fortune on the gifts the designers made and given for free they where cheated to I know its a struggle for some stores to earn back the entry fee and this person making thousands and thousands linden on the designers free gifts I will aviod this event I picked up the gift at Entice store she pulled out on the event and placed the gift in her store and to show my support i bought a nice outfit Maybe its an idea all designers place the gift in theire store it doesnt even has to be free they can make it a nice bargain or someting This might be good for the store traffic plus the money is going to the designers and not to some greedy event/group owner Anyway like i said me and some other friends avoid this event and prefere to wait till some designs are in store For sure not going to fill the pockets from this cheater unless there is an official statement he or she splits the money with all participating designers

      Liked by 2 people

  5. This was in the We ❤ Roleplay group. I removed other people's comments, but this is what is happening there now.

    [17:25] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): hey guys, just a little bit of info here. All of us designers were told that we had to give a gift at Chapter 4. I was fine with that. We made our gift. 24 hours later, after we advertised to our groups that they coudl come get a free gift, I found out that the owner of Chapter 4 had raised the price from 0L to 50L to join. By that time, over 800 people had joined and he had already made 40K off of our free gifts. When I dropped our of Chapter 4 last night because of the blatent lies, he had already made over 150K. So please I am asking you to not join if you haven;t
    [17:25] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): what he is doing is wrong on so many levels.
    [17:26] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): If you want the free gift from Entice, itis in our store now for 100% actual FREE
    [17:27] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): I am so sickened that so many people were scammed
    [17:28] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): I want everyone to know. I feel like both designers and customers were scammed.
    [17:29] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): ❤
    [17:29] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): I just want you all to know that if you spend that 50L you are supporting a thief, not the designers.
    [17:31] Kira Rinkitink (Kira Paderborn): lol, not sure about that but I think he has had his run of taking money from people to line his pockets. I know we have left both of his events adn won't be going back.

    Liked by 5 people

    • It must be hard leaving an event that will no doubt bring in a decent share of your income.

      Major respect for her sticking to her principals.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I was at the event a while ago to look around I am very suprised not more designers left they are being scammed and someone else is making a huge profit from theire work i dont get why none else is opening theire mounth

      Liked by 1 person

      • Some may rely on events to get a bit extra money for real life so that maybe why. I don’t care for the fee and won’t even visit the event and I’m not even a designer!

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  6. I was disappointed that nothing was posted about this on SLsecrets, so I am glad to see it here.

    It’s a screwed up move, yet not surprising from Ionic (Pupito and Lakua). I used to be a big fan of Ionic, but it’s selfish/inconsiderate crap like this that made me finally steer clear of them.

    One minor example: A good while back they had a photo contest going in conjunction with their renting sim (ionic the spell, or something like that). It had some pretty good prizes for the top 3 winners and a prize for all entries. They (Pupito and Lakua) apparently decided there weren’t enough entries a day before the contest ended, so they deleted the flickr post with the contest rules and any other information about the contest. People who had already entered photos were ignored when they asked in group about what happened to the contest. I had planned to enter the contest, but thankfully waited until the last minute to work on my entry, so didn’t end up wasting my time.

    Good for Entice! I am glad that someone had enough guts to actually confront the situation and say what I am sure what most of the other creators were thinking.

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  7. Sure, the amount is not a lot and some designers could have had things ready for such purpose so did not need to polish anything but the point is not discussing it with the participants. Am certain they would agree to even the 50ls for event or would do a split or decline, however not informing anyone till after is shitty for event’s future PR.

    The freebie thing in general – yeah, some people new in SL use to binge on those but that still means they discover shops and save favourite ones and as soon as they wish to buy things – they would pop into one of those places. A gift is a gift – it is just nice, does not mean shops need to do those at all – never judged one on this … okay, in 2006 I did xD .

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  8. If they would have explained the reason to make it a payment group and shared the profit with the designers i wouldnt have mind paying the groupfee I know some are always very generous and 50 linden isnt to much But to let designers work on a free gift and make people pay for it while the designers themself dont get anything is wrong very greedy I respect Entice how she replied to all this

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  9. Engrama are trash of human. This is a old story! They rip our money and laugh about us, calling us cunts and having no RL.

    Btw, who wants a demo for 1L?


  10. It really irked me when I saw the comments about “Freeloaders” – I often go to events and take the gifts left out for us. Tableau Vivant’s gift at Fameshed worked with their hair that was for SALE – which I also bought. Sometimes I dont have a lot of cash so yes I look for a bargain or five, sometimes I spend heaps – but yet because I take gifts left out I am a “freeloader” ugh thats not nice to hear from designers – dont like “freeloaders” dont put out gifts .

    Liked by 2 people

    • I had the same reaction to that comment. Very thoughtless of the designer. I do spend a lot in sl but I also will take free gifts (assuming the gift is something I’d use). I guess I’m a freeloader too.


  11. I hate to jump to conclusions but this seems so underhanded.

    Why not communicate this to designers before they provide you with gifts?

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  12. Newsflash…Chapter 4 Sucks!!! It is one of the worst organized events and the merchandise is low quality. I would never buy Slackgirls makeup unless your avatar wants to look like a drag queen. Just a wasted event my friends and i stopped going to and a lagfest as well.


  13. The most amazing thing is to watch people actually defend the decision. Not to mention the one that said that he/she is not “qualified” to understand the decision of charging 50L to join a group to get free gifts… I mean… what kind of qualifications are needed to understand you have been robbed? Or would it go against the “ass kissing’ policy to voice own opinions?
    And then we wonder why SL has gone to hell.
    And before I forget… there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with “freeloaders” on a virtual game that visit an event just for the gifts. I always have on the back of my mind that not everyone has a full time job like I do and cannot buy the shinnies they might wish to. The “freeloaders” are part of our community, too and if I can help a fellow pixel to get in the “swag” of things, I gladly do.

    Liked by 7 people

    • 1. “ass kissing’ should be “ass kissing”,
      2. The “freeloaders” are part of our community, too and if I can help a fellow pixel to get in the “swag” of things, I gladly do. The comma should come after the word too.
      3. Your use of a question mark directly after words, unless it is a “period mark” one needs to hit the space key.
      4. If one feels the need to be the grammar police, they must be competent enough to do the job.


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