Audace Modeling School, A Total Unprofessional School

A whisper about Audace Modeling School.

Audace Modeling School is a basic modeling school that I knew before it was free to enter the school Given that the school have poor fashion taste, ultra low quality education, ultra lower than ultra lower taste of quality production. Now, the school is charging 5000L and of course, we would expect at least 50% of their bad school reviews will be changed. Yesterday, May 30, 2017, I saw an advertisement in one of the established modeling groups inworld about this Audace Modeling School Graduation show. I went there 30 minutes before the show starts. I landed in the landing point and immediately greeted everyone in sight. Nobody greeted me back, I wasn’t expecting to be greeted back as I know somehow I am irrelevant to the fashion industry but the people there were the school instructors, school managers, school hosts, basically, 99% of the audience are all from the school. 99% meaning everyone, it was just me who’s the outsider. 

At first, I thought the show has already started cause the models are all walking down the runway one by one and in by group. But no, they were just rehearsing. A final rehearsal 15 minutes before the actual show. How fun is that? 

The runway build is still low quality. I saw the builder with her “Audace Builder” tag and I thought, “girl, you should be ashamed wearing a tag like that”. The runway build was just a prim with bamboo-slapped textures with huts on both ends of the runway, again, with bamboo-slapped textures. Looks like a noobish nude beach, to be honest, not a modeling school that promises to give you higher quality education. 

This is not what you want from a modeling school. 5000L is still 5000L. 

7 thoughts on “Audace Modeling School, A Total Unprofessional School

  1. When you have that Sid woman running it, then you will get bad results. Her modeling is very dated, and audece students are not taught the most current modeling techniques. It was ok back when it was free. But to charge any amount of L’s for what they teach is not worth it at all. Models who come from that school and go to other agencies to be hired, are not well enough trained.
    From what I understand debbi has nothing to do with the school except to throw her money around to make everyone think she is rich. She tries to buy love and respect. Those things are earned not bought. To Debbi’s defense at least she does not claim to be a top model. And it’s good she doesn’t. But that school claims to train for top models. And it does not. I’m also told that Zee teaches there too. She/He is one of the worst models on the grid. Same profile picture for years now. Debbi claims they do it for fun. That is all nice and good. But don’t tell the models they are ready for the modeling world in SL when clearly they are not.
    The set in question I did not see, other than the pictures here. I’ve been to shows there before with some beautiful sets. Also been to some that looked horrible.
    Debbi is trying to stay in the modeling world from CWS. Which was a flop. Audece is also a flop. If she really wants to help these models she would send them to school that will teach them something.


    • ok a number of things I need to correct
      The school costs 5000 Lindens, that is something like $7 if I recall, and for a month or so of classes, that really isnt alot. I saw some silly post about Popper not paying 5000 and then some idiot pretending to sue her for damages. All very silly, so lets keep things in perspective please
      Each student has their money repaid as I am not comfortable with charging for something that really should be free. It is SL after all, and people do get ripped off, but not by me thankyou very much.
      Do I try to buy friends?..that is silly too. Sure I pay for the sims and pay models nicely, but simply because I can. There are loads of people on grid who are the same, Popper is one and I can list loads of others. Sure I fell out with Popper but that was over something silly and looking back I do regret it, however that is life.
      PLease done make assumptions about me too about why I stay in SL modeling.
      The answer is because it is fun, and I enjoy it.

      Now lets tackle some of your personal issues. Sid is a wonderful lady, and Zee is very loving. Now if you have issues with them, try keeping them to yourself. I really dont mind you criticising Audace, I am not forcing you to come to any shows, and sure dont want you wasting your precsious time at our school. I am curious as to why you make such personal attacks, yet you dont reveal your SL name. I find that pretty disturbing actually, and to the individuals involved who come to sl because it is fun, you are very spiteful.

      Audace is an entry level school, it doesnt pretend to be anything else. We take brand new models and give them a start, and once they have finished at the school provide them with guidance as to what they do next, with regard to learning. Wether that is to go to MVW or L’amour or any other school is up to them.

      I think you will find also a model will find out if they are ready for the SL modeling world, when they go castings, and find that they land nice roles, or discover that they have to work on areas where they may be weak. I am not in a positiion to tell them that, as I dont pretend to be an expert, I just happen to enjoy what I do though, it really is that simple

      Anyway I suspect I know who you are, so drop me a line in world, just so we can clear the air of any ill feeling you may have.



  2. any school or agency that is affiliated with that psycho debbiedo is NOT professional. she is a joke in the industry and has been for years since she defended the CW/S agency. RUN


  3. Wow how did you do it…to quote you “Yesterday, May 30, 2017” ..I didnt think that day had arrived yet. Maybe you can give me the lottery numbers for May 23rd.
    I think you might find that in most classes the 5000 lindens are waived. That models are very well paid and have something called fun doing shows.
    I am sorry you didnt feel welcome, and if you would kindly give me your name, I will make sure next time you come, that you will feel even less welcome
    SL modeling is about having fun.
    Maybe Audace isnt up to your high standards, so go somewhere else and moan about them.
    We are about having a fun time, not making money, our sim is funded 100% by me.
    I dont charge designers to hold shows on their behalf.
    We avoid drama, and dont forget that this is sl, none of us are really models, and in lots of cases our models are living a dream that they cannot fulfill in rl
    As for practice before a show, well you may find it was a graduation show, for one model
    All the models in the show were there for him.
    There was no designer designated for the show
    The graduate have a lovely time, and so did the models involved
    I dont care if you liked it or not.
    I dont care if you liked the runway, I do, and it was bullt by Mary out of the kindness of her heart

    If those are things you cannot comprehend, then maybe we dont want people like you at our shows.

    We have fun, we dont pretend to be something we are not.


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  4. This is … horribly funny as I feel as it were 2005 / 07 period where such schools charged 1k to 3k per course. They usually lasted few weeks and covered avatar making tips, pose making, AOs, photo editing and social media stuff (back then it was usually Flickr, Blogspot, Livejournal, Typepad or Typematter [Greymatter?] ).

    The goal was to be a style trendsetter and back then shops sent applications to models not other way around – if it was the models, they were shamed (not that any way should be glorified – each to their own). Yep, tutorials on graphic design, SEO, SL photoshoot existed back then – just not that organised (it is what people told me). In addition, the price did cover staff fees and made profit as interest was huge; shows themselves had about 20 to 50 people as a standard but the designer popularity and quality was average (more shops existed as it was easier to be popular within your SL target group).

    Why do I say that? Made those shows for one of most popular agency while scoping others and I remember one charging 2.5k for worse service and for this reason everyone made fun of them (Ewig or Ewing?) .

    Nowadays, I see no reason for such to exist and there is plethora of organised wikis, blogs and tutorials on modeling. I can see a need for a group that gathers a certain model group for hire but not one for training.

    And I still leave technical comments on silly drama blogs … feel free to mock :/ .


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