Cassandra Rain -Owner of enVOGUE – needs hair inspiration AGAIN!!😜🙄

Exactly February 24th, Cassandra Rain – Owner of enVOGUE hair was in need of inspiration to create new hair styles and she posted on Facebook ” Today I have no inspiration about what hairstyle to model… any IDEA ?”.  After all the inspiration been spilled to her post she only produced one of the hair one months later which was even a selection from the first comment on that post.
One would think after months she should be more than inspired, but again she is need of inspiration as she recently posted on her Facebook ” I need your help again with some Hairstyles IDEAS that you want to model ” It is clearly obvious she is not inspired to search for her own hairstyle maybe we need to name her brand Second life’s Resident inspiration hair style 😜🙄


8 thoughts on “Cassandra Rain -Owner of enVOGUE – needs hair inspiration AGAIN!!😜🙄

  1. Um. Asking for tips doesn’t mean you fancy all or feel like using all (might feel in the mood for something else thus asking few times). Unless the designer was commisioned or signed up for various events – they have no obligation to do anything in any time period. Sure, will make people forget them or abandon them but it is both shop’s and client’s choice.

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  2. I like that she asks what customers like to see. That’s when companies do well. You on the other hand are just sad. lol I’ll continue to be a customer and you’ll continue to bitch without any real result other than your own stress and misery.

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  3. Eh, no big deal.

    It’s rare for someone to possess both the technical skill and the creative mind to create brilliant items. It’s why so many big names in SL have teams working on products.

    I think it’s nice getting suggestions from your clients – and her hairs are always really high quality.

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    • When she is busy poking her head in copybotter stories and with herves and company,when will she have time to be inspired.


      • She finds time to create beautiful, bento-rigged hairs – so I’m sure we can forgive her for taking an interest in things relevant to her as a creator, lol.

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  4. I’m sure you have better things to do with your life than posting all these non-sense things that only people which don’t have a brain to think what to do with their life watch your blog. Remember that one day you will die and maybe you will be begging for one more minute and thinking about all the time you had, but wasting with non-sense like these. You can do better with your life 😉

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    • Exactly a brainless one like you who also watch the blog, without a life come here and insult others who read it and also post it. You too will surely die and more gossip will move on. Move on and die in a corner brainless fool like you.


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