REIGNxFLITE- ROMPIM Coming soon and suddenly the Ladies have a word to say🙈

Reign posted on facebook and Flickr about a new release called the rompim which is more like romper for men and it seems the capture or the post or picture seem to create a lot of controversy in the mind of some of the Residents which says “Whether you hate it or love it… It had to be done!Is it a Mens Romper?,,,Well yes it is…. And it May just be a Fashion Revolution!The One Piece Outfit to Rule them all.”

The women seem more agitated and dramatic about this news than their fellow men and the association of this simple clothing with gay, femboy etc is crazy for a second life item.


Ladies relax he can still take off his clothes when having pixel sex with you and still pee if he even does pee 😂🤣😂. Kind of silly argument for a virtual world.

Reign sure has to release this item ASAP and ensure to put out a free gift rompim for the guys along with it 🙈😂 and guys better start to answer the questions asked below in either her flickr or facebook page😜

 (Which Bodies would you like to See this come in?? Drop a comment below)

Facebook and Flickrs

Step Aside, Catwa, Lelutka, Genesis etc., a New Bento Mesh Head is in town and so 99Ls Cheaphoe XD !!!

Lee Valentine’s latest male bento mesh head which is currently sold for 99Ls is making a huge wave in world. Majority of the guys have great feedback on this new bento head as seen on her Facebook page.

BentoMeshHead- Lee Valentine

This wave is gradually becoming a storm as work is currently on-going for the female version which will also be sold for 99Ls. This is massive as newbies and others who cannot afford the huge cost of getting the bento head currently available for big brand like Catwa, Lelutka,Genesis etc. can now afford a good head and still look cute.

Kudos to Lee for putting smiles on Resident Faces.


See more news and link to buy on Facebook

Question to SL Frees & Offers group : Why are Gifts sold at 75 -90L?

Second Life Residents who are in SL frees & Offers Group have been complaining about the attitude of this group and the use of the word “gift” to lure residents to items that are actually sold for a certain amount as against been free. Some days ago Sun HC Quillian posted the below comments on her Facebook. It is obvious designers,event organizer as well as group owners are beginning to get on the nerves of Residents.. Be warned!!

SL FREES & OFFERS once again forbids people to have a simple conversation, as to WARN other residents of gifts that are chagred 75 and 90 L at the Garage Fair. “The First Amendment (Amendment I) no prohibition on the freedom of speech”. Yes they do think they are godly above the law. And rude on top of that. I do not like to have a harness on my mouth on littlerally anyting I say. I am out of that group. Keep your gifts. Other groups have kindness, that is far more important. The gifts are getting worse by the day anyway. And people who post gifts, sorry but the group has such a bad reputation overall, not sure why you bother. I am not stepping into a store with that logo anywhere anymore.


Copybot Drama – FINA’s Store Selling Stolen/Copybotted items from Top SL Designer.

Athena Crimson Wolf posted on Facebook about Delfinah – owner FINA’s  who sells stolen/copybotted items from Top Second Life designers such as Blueberry. Addams, Kitja etc.

This store is just..i cant..
WHY!?!? why is she still able to post things to mp,she is stealing/copybotting,and getting money from people !
for things she didnt even make…
no,she didnt buy templates from big creators,thats b.s.
if you care. don’t buy,report,and get into contact with the people who really made these things.
I hope the store owners get this person banned.

(tagging gizem,cause she is the only person i am friends with.)

FINA - Copybot.jpg


See Facebook post below for more information and comments.

Move over Ladies, sexy swimsuit in town😜

Ladies go topless and most times pantless in their swimsuit outfit, Heth just made sure the guys are not left behind with this new group gift Lucus Men’s Swimsuit gift 😂 😂🤣
Now for the big question? what is attached to the swim trunks? Is it a tie?or a floaty devise? Does anyone see a face in the print? oh my .. one can’t unsee this, 😂.

HHC - Lucas Swimsuit Poster

Owners of The Chapter Four event makes money from designers Anniversary free gift😂🤣😜

We got whispered designers for this round of The Chapter Four were asked to provide a ‘free’ gift for the anniversary round.Information showed that 82 designers gladly took part and set their items to the normally free TCF group while TCF management changed the “join group” fee from free to 50L without any notification or information the participating designers.

Calculation from the group (if information is accurate) says over 800 people already joined since the group fee change and while the designers are struggling to make their event cost back, TCF owners already have made over 41,000 linden without the designers knowing about their ‘free’ gifts actually being paid for 😳The question on every one lips : Will this unannounced profit/ earning be split with the designers who actually gave out free gift/participated? 

See below group chat clips for your reading pleasure😊

[17:17] Silas Merlin: Will they come back to buy, after they have opened all the gifts ? ;'(

[17:17] SlackGirl: lmao

[17:18] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise) keeps her fingers crossed and hopes the sales continue!

[17:18] Ellle (ele.brandi): i was wondering same

[17:18] Ellle (ele.brandi): lool

[17:18] Entice (enticestore): mostly no. Too many events are doing gifts this month

[17:18] SlackGirl: are a lot of gifts so they are taking a day to enjoy them but then i hope and i think they will come back to shopping too !

[17:18] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): Though I have not had much luck with gifts. It seems to attract a certain kind of crowd that has not too much money

[17:19] SlackGirl: ^

[17:19] Silas Merlin: nervous laughter then

[17:19] SlackGirl: XD

[17:19] SlackGirl: ♥

[17:19] Silas Merlin: 😥

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): people don’t buy much when they can get oodles of gifts free. One gift or a few….yes, people buy….tons and at tons of different events……no one will be buying much this month from any event, I am afraid.

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): I can think of 4 events at least that are doing their Anniversary rounds with free gifts from everyone

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: *waves to Entice

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: agreed

[17:20] Entice (enticestore): Hhiya Phedre!

[17:20] Phedre Rexie: halloooo

[17:22] Silas Merlin: I managed to get in, so I’m clicking on all the gifts, it’s quite a tremendous task in itself, and when you do that, you don’t even bother to look at the goods for sale. the good thing though, is that it does give time for things to rez so maybe I’ll take another look when I’m done. let’s see 😀

[17:22] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): good point

[17:23] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): but maybe it will be better since people need to pay to join the group to get the gifts

[17:23] Silas Merlin: they need to pay to join the group ?

[17:23] SlackGirl: 50l

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): We haven’t even made back this months entry fee yet…..which is lower than usual…..let alone make back anything toward our mesh. But this is how it usually is when so many places are giving things free.

[17:24] Queeи oF Iиk (monasax95): Hello people 🙂

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): I didn’t know anyone had to pay to get the gitfs. <_<

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): We are giving them for free……

[17:24] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): they paid to join the group

[17:24] Silas Merlin: hello your highness

[17:24] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): without the group they don’t get the gifts. That’s why we had to set them to the right group

[17:24] Entice (enticestore): But isn’t the group usually free to join?

[17:25] Silas Merlin: I think the reason for the fee to join the group is to make people reluctant to leave it

[17:25] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): it was, but he made it 50L to stop people from coming just for the gifts too

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): Sorry, but when I make a free gift, it should be free. And a group owner should not make money from that free thing.

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): I don’t agree with that

[17:26] Entice (enticestore): at all

[17:27] Silas Merlin: I’m all done clicking your gifts. I see all the store logos now, and some of the goods, but not all

[17:29] SlackGirl: i tought the gift was free too but well ..

[17:29] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise) nods: that was his rationale. To discourage total freeloaders. The other way to go would be that gifts are for a low cost .. say L$5 or L$10

[17:29] Phedre Rexie: yes that would have worked too

[17:30] Silas Merlin: what about setting up the gift only after the even has been opened for, say, a week.

[17:30] Silas Merlin: event*

[17:31] Entice (enticestore): When I make a gift, it is a gift, regardless of whether or not someone will be buying something. If you don’t want freeloaders, you do not do an event full of gifts. You ask for a gift here and there all year long and space it out. That keeps people in groups. Not a 50L fee.

[17:31] Entice (enticestore): I am just frustrated to hear that people are being charged for a gift.

[17:34] Ellle (ele.brandi): i don’t think is bad about the charge, Entice you didn’t deal with freebie addicts i guess these ppl will bring their 100 alts to get the free stuff and they will never come buy stuff not these guys

[17:37] SlackGirl: imo also who pay just 50L could do this

[17:37] SlackGirl: is not like 50L is much money

[17:37] Ellle (ele.brandi): honestly from my vast experience of SL business gifts do not encourage sales very tiny percentage of ppl return to store to buy something after a year or 2 lol, the gifts targets just the freebies hunters which they never shop, most of valuable customers would not even care about the freebies

[17:37] Entice (enticestore): Yeah, but when you make a gift, it is a gift. I do deal with freebie hunters all the time. If you make something a free gift, it brings freebie hunters. And making it 50L just makes them spend the little bit of money they have on that fee but that is still them having to pay to get gifts. I just do not agree with this at all. Maybe it is just me…..but I don’t think this is right. You can’t ask all of your designers to amke something to give for free when it takes our time and effort and then charge people 50L to get it and keep the money. Sorry…it is not right.

[17:38] Silas Merlin: there is probably a very good reason for the fee, maybe it is an experiment to bend past behaviours, or maybe it is a technique that has proven to work, the good thing, is that there are 10000 people in the group, you don’t see many groups like that do you ? it is understandable that you get angry because your principles are hurt, but maybe you will see differently tomorrow, Entice, sorry you got angry

[17:41] Silas Merlin: 822 people joined the group this week

[17:42] nodoka Vella: I have read the IMs about gifts. Normally the gifts means free. I also agree with Entice. but also understood the owner thinking. Free gifts are really great advertise and also many people have fun. If it is possible, I prefer free too.

[17:43] Stinky (anya.mcconach): I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not some technique to sway behavior but a way to make money. So they’ve made L$41k on everyone’s free gifts!

[17:44] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): perhaps the solution is for them to split that money with everyone who put out a gift

[17:44] nodoka Vella: However, 50L$ to join, it’s kind of understanding. We make gift for many people. I also would like to make customers happy with my gift.

[17:45] Entice (enticestore): I normally just keep my mouth shut about these things. And honestly, if we had been told up front that there would be a charge I probably still would have given a gift. But to ask for a free gift from designers and then to tell our customers they have to pay to get it is just beyond me. I can not think of one single reason to do this except to hopefully make some extra cash….and not for us.

[17:46] nodoka Vella: Most of the customer and people don’t know the fee is going to pay linden lab, so they think fee is going to pay the chapter four owner. I guess one of my reason that I prefer is free is this reason. However, I also understood 50L$ to join.

[17:48] Entice (enticestore): The fee does go to the Chapter 4 Owner. If you charge for your group, you get the money from it.

[17:48] Entice (enticestore): And yes, thank you Stinky. So far our free gifts have brought $41.100L of profit.

[17:49] Phedre Rexie: yikes

[17:49] Stinky (anya.mcconach): The fee always goes to the group owner. If you were to charge for your group you will always get the money.

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): wow nice profit when we make zero sales

[17:49] Entice (enticestore): I can’t be the only one who thinks this is wrong

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): lol

[17:49] Ellle (ele.brandi): no from this point of view i agree with you

[17:49] Entice (enticestore): Yeah, we have made 1500L and they have made over 41K

[17:49] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): it would be nice if at the end of the day he split that with us

[17:50] SlackGirl: yep well this would be nice 😮

[17:50] Entice (enticestore): it would at least be honest

[17:50] SlackGirl: but this is something that had to be said before

[17:50] Entice (enticestore): No one knew before. At least I was never told.

[17:51] Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise): I agree, SlackGirl

[17:54] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Where is the drama?! lol

[17:54] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098) jokes ❤ love u all

[17:54] Phedre Rexie: lol hey Thomaz

[17:55] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Phedrie ❤

[17:55] Phedre Rexie: =D

[18:01] Silas Merlin: To me this event is a blessing.

[18:01] Phedre Rexie: why’s that Silas?

[18:03] Silas Merlin: maybe you just logged in, Phedre, people were getting a bit angry just now. I don’t understand the decisions, but I’m not qualified to. All in all, it is a blessing, yes this round is a disaster, but usually it is not, and if it were not for TCF I would be selling nothing.

[18:04] Phedre Rexie: oh yep I”ve been listening, everyone has their opinions, I”m not in this round so I”m kinda just listening

[18:04] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): I am in this round and lost lol

[18:04] Phedre Rexie: lol

[18:05] Phedre Rexie: well it HAS just started

[18:05] Entice (enticestore): Thomaz, what you are missing is that we have all given free gifts and we just found out that people are paying 50L to get into the normally free group so they can get our free gifts….and so far, the 50L has added up to over 41K in group money.

[18:06] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): 41k wow that is a lot

[18:06] Thomaz Mulloy (cheltn098): Wish I was making that much

Audace Modeling School, A Total Unprofessional School

A whisper about Audace Modeling School.

Audace Modeling School is a basic modeling school that I knew before it was free to enter the school Given that the school have poor fashion taste, ultra low quality education, ultra lower than ultra lower taste of quality production. Now, the school is charging 5000L and of course, we would expect at least 50% of their bad school reviews will be changed. Yesterday, May 30, 2017, I saw an advertisement in one of the established modeling groups inworld about this Audace Modeling School Graduation show. I went there 30 minutes before the show starts. I landed in the landing point and immediately greeted everyone in sight. Nobody greeted me back, I wasn’t expecting to be greeted back as I know somehow I am irrelevant to the fashion industry but the people there were the school instructors, school managers, school hosts, basically, 99% of the audience are all from the school. 99% meaning everyone, it was just me who’s the outsider. 

At first, I thought the show has already started cause the models are all walking down the runway one by one and in by group. But no, they were just rehearsing. A final rehearsal 15 minutes before the actual show. How fun is that? 

The runway build is still low quality. I saw the builder with her “Audace Builder” tag and I thought, “girl, you should be ashamed wearing a tag like that”. The runway build was just a prim with bamboo-slapped textures with huts on both ends of the runway, again, with bamboo-slapped textures. Looks like a noobish nude beach, to be honest, not a modeling school that promises to give you higher quality education. 

This is not what you want from a modeling school. 5000L is still 5000L. 

Cassandra Rain -Owner of enVOGUE – needs hair inspiration AGAIN!!😜🙄

Exactly February 24th, Cassandra Rain – Owner of enVOGUE hair was in need of inspiration to create new hair styles and she posted on Facebook ” Today I have no inspiration about what hairstyle to model… any IDEA ?”.  After all the inspiration been spilled to her post she only produced one of the hair one months later which was even a selection from the first comment on that post.
One would think after months she should be more than inspired, but again she is need of inspiration as she recently posted on her Facebook ” I need your help again with some Hairstyles IDEAS that you want to model ” It is clearly obvious she is not inspired to search for her own hairstyle maybe we need to name her brand Second life’s Resident inspiration hair style 😜🙄