Owners of Superior Modeling Agency-Popper Tigerpaw and Lorelei Maggs in Huge Legal Brouhaha

We got whispered, Owners of Superior Modeling Agency – Popper Tigerpaw and Lorelei Maggs are both involved in a huge legal brouhaha of Intolerance, Fraud and Theft. This information /case was published in the website of Monday Beam -Attorney in Law who practices law in Chicago II. Good oneΒ Elita Wardell πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘Œ

Popper & LoreleiPopperLorelei3MondayBeam2

Source : Monday Beam on Popper and Monday Beam on Lorelei

13 thoughts on “Owners of Superior Modeling Agency-Popper Tigerpaw and Lorelei Maggs in Huge Legal Brouhaha

  1. What I see is, many of SL model agency owners are house wives or retired senior guys in RL. They have never run business in real life that is a problem. I I’m a successful business owner for more than 20 years in RL. SL people have trouble all the time for very little tiny matters. This is because they don’t know how to run business, how to treat people.
    My conclusion is SL is virtual game and fantasy, not more than that. We should just enjoy.


  2. Popper is horrible to people. Everyone knows it, no one says anything. The rest are never around. They let Popper call all the shots. maybe because she will attack you on FB and elsewhere if you say anything against her royal highness. How much drama can 1 agency have?


    • because they don’t have a business degree and couldn’t find their way out a paper bag. They want things handed to them and lack any respect for other people’s opinions. Funny how I was told I’m the mean one but I was also told I didn’t do anything and I stir shit up while I’m never in SL. Least I don’t steal from people….js. They were using the profits we were supposed to split to pay 4 peoples teir in which I paid my share out of pocket. Never saw a dime of profits or was reimbursed for the teir I paid in. Nice Huh?


  3. I am more curious on the lawyer’s blog – is it a Linden publishing official ruling? Is it a proper lawyer as those owners had a co-op irl? Or is it someone hiring a rl lawyer who also deals with sl? Weird as hell.

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    • The Lawyer is a licensed attorney and was hired by myself as he practices both in RL and SL. I hired him due to the fact if you tally up my losses its well over a few hundred dollars of RL money. That said some people actually make a killing in RL money from SL. I invested and became a co-owner of ascendent.


    • Its an attempt to mediation. The plaintiff filed the complaint and the complainants were given 5 days to either settle or pay the full amount or dispute. They did neither, therefore ruling is with the plaintiff in the full amount and they will remain in a database. Either way I don’t play games.


      • Having your own lawyer on an investment mediation is probably best as – website just seemed strange. Also – do Linden Labs even have a policy on co-owners leaving without a payout? I assume you can just log off forever without consequence.

        Goodluck anyway!


        • Co- owners left but there was 3 others left to run the company with all having equal shares in the company.. Because other owners were moving on with the company and getting things changed. One owner felt she should have all the say as to things she knew nothing about… while not respecting the fact that the 2 owners that choose to leave, By calling them back and bothering them everyday with foolishness… Then blaming others for what she was doing, and that was kicking out owners with out any compensation for all they put in… RL money as well as work… Then leaving the Vendor high and dry after taking down the whole build of a Mall… changing the bank password so the vendors could not be paid back, Until the ones that left had to come back on and tell her to pay them back she expected the mall manager to pay them out of his pocket.. Making them believe that the owners of the land kicked them off the land.. If you read the statements they were offered to stay…


  4. This whole bunch of people have a lot of problems. This is not the first time they have screwed people out of time, money, and caused more than a fair share of drama on the grid. Last time they where ‘gone for good’ as well but they came crawling back just to stir the pot again. Fuck them.


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