CopyBot Drama : Nova – Owner Little Bones says I don’t want Drama, Fight or be Disrespected but Hervé Faenzo – Owner Murray wants that drama 🙄😳

Nova – owner of Little bones posted below comment on her Flickr page :

I understand why people support brands that copybot. Most of the times they’re packaged beautifully (great advertisement, boxed, textures, etc.) I understand that these brands are usually a mashup of the best things we have to offer.

But this demoralizes us. This makes us feel that we don’t matter. At this point, we’re creating for the intellectually lazy people to profit off of.

I’ve been stolen from recently. I won’t name names, because I feel that it’s a pretty obvious theft, alsi they don’t deserve attention.

I don’t want drama. I don’t want to start fight. I, above all don’t want to be disrespected.

Last note: Do you own work. Think and create for yourself. Enjoy your life, and what you do, and don’t let things like this get you down. You’re still better than any talentless, thieving, lazy botter sitting behind a computer screen wishing for YOUR talent.

Reading the comment, shows obviously that Nova really want that drama when Hervé Faenzo- owner of Murray makes a direct comment by calling out David Cooper  – owner L’Etre as the copybotter 🙄 Be rest assured we seem bored already with all these designers.

If someone stole your work, do the right thing and stop been so childish spreading and commenting in social media. Blueberry shared some tip on what store owners should do to protect their product.. seem designers are the lazy ones. If you make so much money off the residents who actually buy your products, respect them and protect the products they buy and don’t start some childish drama all over social media.

The copybot drama between some specific designer circle is really getting old fashioned and most of us don’t care anymore. Guess we should start boycotting designers who don’t want to Grow Up starting with Hervé Faenzo – owner Murray 😊

19 thoughts on “CopyBot Drama : Nova – Owner Little Bones says I don’t want Drama, Fight or be Disrespected but Hervé Faenzo – Owner Murray wants that drama 🙄😳

  1. Why post some people their photos in the comments, do they need so much attention?

    I think its ok, to buy meshes and make them fit for SL or takes design from rl and build them for SL.
    Other question is who owned the copyrights and is it allowed to use these things for sl!
    No question, just to copybot from others and selling these things is criminal!


    • jealous   ⇩ ⇩ ⇩

      No one is fucking jealous of you you big freak. You spend all day and night on SL, you’re fat and ugly and you think people are jealous yeah yeah, get over yourself Uma has moved on and she takes much better pictures than you do so go back to the saddos you hang with now.

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  2. First of all Murray stuff sucks and looks dated. Second, this is virtual stuff people! Getting upset and starting fights in barbie playland is foolish. I could care less who is copying who, wake up- this is not real life!


  3. What i want to know is how the hell does SL manage to attract so many dumb fools. If multiple stores who earns billions of lindens ,who has been up against bigger competion than David Copperbottoms botted trash , who has NO reason to involve themselves in drama to create attention around their store as they already MADE it , please ,you smart people of SL explain to me why do they want to acuse this man of this with out GOOD mudderfoking reason? Jealous of what ? You need to go get smart, learn about those brands you are accusing of being jealous . This is stores who changed the game in SL. These stores set the bar high and now they have all gone bat shit crazy and become jealous , is that what you want us to believe ? ehhehe.Did you think that maybe this botter is just smart and is stealing from the best ? Ooop . All that dick sucking you Botterfans are doing is erasing any brain you might have had.

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    • Dude, SL merchandise shit is not real, its to dress your dolly. Take a chill pill. I could not give a flying fuck who is copying who, its for a play escape so who cares


  4. Lol! Look at your blogger so many of them dating copy bot account. These bot account usually has empty profile, never change clothes, afk most of the time, log in just to fuck pixel, new flickr account. I am not surprise david the etre biatch has many alts aka his bot account and busy hunting bloggers.


  5. Little Bones certainly should not say anything in this debate unlesz she made hair textures that got stolen. All her models are from here:
    This designer’s hairs are customisable slider wise – some were edited by Little Bones and some like a short bob were not.

    I do not have anything against people using someone’s models with their consent or uploading creations you made everywhere but eh …

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