Egozy Owner – Rita Removes Bloggers if they Support David Cooper

After the shameful show down from last time when she claimed her skin was copybotted only to find they both were using real life inspirations, Rita – owner Egozy now forces second life residents especially the bloggers in her team to choose sides which is a NO NO and totally wrong.

Lets be clear here, even David Cooper – owner of L’etre has not been proven in the court of law to be guilty because no one has actually taken him to court. Each person settles with him and then continues to harass him. Good thing he is finally standing up for himself from all of these bullies.

19 thoughts on “Egozy Owner – Rita Removes Bloggers if they Support David Cooper

  1. Oh Someone’s petty….So what We all can support other creations If he is a copy-botter then why is he still around SL? Shouldn’t he be banned by now F


  2. as someone said letre botted littlebones which doesn’t do skins. i have never seen that good skins in sl, i don’t think l’etre is bot. 🙂

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  3. I think the Big Deal is that some of these designers actually make this their Real Life job. A DMCA will close down a designer. For days, weeks or months and if they don’t sell, they don’t, eat more or less.


  4. Ritamya is a worse botter than cooper the guy is a utter prick, i remember years ago i wouldn’t sell one of my buildings to him so he threatened to bot it anyways.


  5. Maybe because her skins are crap and L’etre are nice she feels the need to wipe out the competition?
    All I know is these so called designers need a fucking reality check!

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