We don’t know if this is news anymore from The Mesh Project shop. Few days ago they release a new update on Blender kit been free for the entire community ๐Ÿ™„

The Shop

Lets rewind a few years back in  December 2015 this same shop assured the below update, that they are working with Linden Lab on a secret project and nothing showed up in 2015 and 2016.

The Shop3

August 2016 , they release only full mesh kits free for all and promised heaven on earth and now 2017 – we hear again Blender Kits.. Really TMP wake up from your sleeping beauty, even smaller designers are way ahead and nothing you bring out will make such a massive difference,release whatever you have been working secretly since forever ๐Ÿ™„

The Shop2

31 thoughts on “#TMP BLENDER KIT! ๐Ÿ™„ย 

    • Ok listen up you fckers. Who the fck were the people who faved this crap? Look at the woman? LOL I mean the shoulders seriously suck and don’t get me started on the head. Didn’t these two break up and then Twain became someone else but he wasn’t getting enough faves so he went back to being Twat, I mean Twain. These two are the king and queen of over processed crap photos. I’m outta here Thalia’s calling meds she wants me to fck her again. Ella was never this demanding.
      'Quiet Evening Out'


  1. There was a time when TMP was very popular. I still use the male deluxe body actively, but there could be improvements. Paying over 15,000 Lindens in that store only to get no sort of updates is sort of disheartening. The heads and body have been in beta since its release, and many have decided on moving on to other mesh heads and bodies that have more flexibility as far as customizing is concerned. That being said, I’m sure TMP could totally become popular again if they had updated their current heads as well as release something bento, but their promises shouldn’t be taken seriously.


  2. I don’t mean to be rude to the creators of those babies in any way…but the babies creepy me out (-.-) seriously why would you even have a baby in SL and treat it like it’s actually a human being.. What really bothers me is that I have heard of people who neglect their real kids and have a whole second life family where they seem to be more present than in their real one.. OK went a lil too much off topic here but I had to let it out lol


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